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Training Log Archive: cmorse

In the 7 days ending Dec 9, 2012:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Rogaine1 5:25:00 23.85(13:38) 38.38(8:28) 49040c195.0
  Run - Mixed2 1:33:00 9.89(9:24) 15.92(5:51) 36035.7
  Run - Trail1 1:07:20 8.14(8:16) 13.1(5:08)20.2
  Total4 8:05:20 41.88(11:35) 67.4(7:12) 85040c250.9
averages - sleep:6.9 rhr:47 weight:171.7lbs

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Sunday Dec 9, 2012 #


Post mortem analysis:

Although it seems the top teams went a different direction from us, I think our overall plan was a solid one. There were some issues however. Let's start with control #11 - the first one...

#11 - Left with the crowd, as we approached the road I asked Ernst where the punch card was - in his pocket. He checked his pockets and damn, no punch card... Crap, must have dropped it on bus. Beat a hasty back to the start... buses gone... Grant still there though so we begged a replacement and had to attest that we weren't pulling some sort of scam.. 2 minutes lost before the first control...

#21 - fine but had we noted that #22 was very close by we should have grabbed it here, but being on a different map sheet we didn't pick up on that and the overview didn't show control spacing. Ben's Frankenmap shows just how close that was - like 200m each way. Oh well, the perils of dealing with multiple maps in differing scales...

#20 - hit it fine, but trails leaving felt wonky - not an issue as we were going XC.
#14 - got off a bit east in the marshy bit between mapped streams, realized the error when we got close enough to stream bend to see it turn W, back down the hill.. 2 minutes
#15 out through fields to road

#23 - snack break
#27 - headed S through open, then woods, hit trail & river, followed along river and felt like we had gone too far - backtracked to find flag strapped tightly to back side of tree, we must have been within 5 feet of the damn thing. 4 minutes gone
#28 - left maybe 90s as we hopped up over hill to get a view of river and verify position, saw distinct bend and continued on.

#51 - even ran up the hill.
#49 - cut in slightly early, minor hunting on unmapped knolls - 2 minutes
*** Should have cut down and grabbed #47 - not sure where the mental lapse was there
#48 - saw Bob L here
*** should have grabbed #41 here, but opted to leave it for the end
#42 - Ian & Ben at Nemo when we were - about 2:20pm? Kneeling down on floor caused a bit of hamstring cramping, but fine once we got going. Refilled water and snacked.

#40 - chilled after being indoors for the Nemo control, but warmed up quick enough.
*** Might have been advantageous to grab #35 here, but also left it for the return leg and turned east instead
#43 - slipping on hill
#45 - Mr Lux again...
#46 - shoreline looked like crap so our line went roughly between the words Upper and Narrows on the map and it was sheer hell in there - all nature of sharp, pointy vegetation, old garbage (glass, rocks, metal). Not a good time at all. Finally got to the powerline which was nasty, but nearly as bad as the white woods. 15 minutes shot
#44 - up powerlines and through fields
#34 - plan to go through to #37, but tall fence in the way so went N up rail trail and around - probably added 3 minutes
#37 upon leaving we hit more fences along highway access road so had to go all the way up to school and Silver street to get around to cloverleaf - +4 minutes
#29 - took a wrong turn on vaguish trails, probably cost 2 minutes
#31 - back along trails in dark now, crossed just before #30 - trails & contours didn't make much sense - hunted along fencelines for a bit - +2 minutes
#33 - on original plan but skipped it due to clock ticking down. back up and over the cloverleaf - hamstrings complaining, but pushing as hard as possible.
#39 - had to bail on this due to the clock as well
#54 - last one - got back up on rail trail with about 7 minutes on Ernst's watch. Opted to skip #41 on the way in just in case our watch wasn't perfectly sync'd with the race clock.

So it looks like we left about 34 minutes in errors & bobbles - but half of that was fighting the incredible crap enroute to #46. Could have saved some additional time (and gotten the point) by grabbing #22 early and a better control sequence late in the game transitioning between the northeast and southeast maps would have gained us some more time.

I think it was quite possible for Ernst & I to have cleared the course in the 5:30 allotted if we didn't get mired in the green and if we had a slightly better sequence in the southeast map.
7 AM

rhr:48 slept:6.0 weight:170lbs (rest day)

Sore legs, lots of pointy vegetation bits to extricate this AM. Day off me thinks...

Saturday Dec 8, 2012 #

11 AM

Rogaine race (Dover Raid) 5:25:00 [4] 38.38 km (8:28 / km) +490m 7:58 / km
40c weight:170lbs shoes: 285 Roclite C

Teamed up with Ernst Linder as UNO-DUO

Really only a 5:30 event as there was a 30 minute bus ride to remote start so we actually started at 11:32. Raining & 40ish thought the rain let up to just cold and damp by the end.

Cleaned the first map in a ccw fashion, moved to the nw map (overview map)

Cleaned the overview map segment, then on to the downtown map taking the northern section in a cw fashion. Brain fart led to missing #47 around 2pm. Took a lousy route from 45-46 and wound up ensnared in crappy, thorny vegetation and probably 15 minutes to get there. Double ouch... Clockwise along bottom of map.

Out on the southeast map as it was getting dim. Lost a little time trying to circumvent fence near highway and get over the cloverleaf. Out on the trail as far as 29, let 22 go as time was getting lean. Likewise cut #33 on account of time as well.

Back on the downtown map, dropped #39 on time, hit #35, #54 and had 7 minutes left on the clock at that point so just made a beeline back leaving out #41 which was close, but didn't want to risk a watch discrepancy and be overtime and start bleeding points.

So 57 points out of a total 62, Joe & Jeff cleaned the course, Ian & Ben plus Untamed New England both skipped #23. Not sure if anyone else was between us and the top three, but lots of strong teams so likely we wound up 5th or 6th.

Had a lot of fun, hamstrings pretty argumentative during the last hour or so. Thanks to Jeff & Joe for driving, nice to just chill in the back seat on the ride home..

distance from gmaps, climb from bgallup (our missed controls did not have any climb factor)

GMaps Pedometer Route - - for some reason I can't get the gpx file to load to AP at the moment. Too late to screw with it...

Ben's FrankenMap - a large 5Mb composite of the 4 different maps we were using (and 4 different map scales as well.)

Thursday Dec 6, 2012 #

4 AM

rhr:50 slept:7.5 weight:174.8lbs

5 AM

Run - Mixed (Horsebarn Hill) 21:07 [3] 3.37 km (6:16 / km) +60m 5:45 / km
shoes: 285 Roclite C

Cold & clear this AM. My usual AM running partner down with some sort of ailment, but I wanted to test/adjust new running vest that arrived yesterday before I use it in Saturday's rogaine. So out for a couple easy loops on Horsebarn Hill. But 25F and a moderate breeze up top convinced me that a single loop was sufficient for testing purposes. Vest rides very well (two 20oz bottles up front) and no appreciable bounce, just took a little getting used to the sound of fluids sloshing in the bottles. Big enough to carry rogaine essentials, but nothing more.

AOWN - flushed a couple red fox (might have been coyote, but I think fox more likely) going up horsebarn hill. Pretty close range but they were quickly into deeper grass so after quick initial glimpse I pretty much only saw their heads & glowing eyeballs.

Wednesday Dec 5, 2012 #

4 AM

rhr:46 slept:7.0 weight:172.8lbs

5 AM

Run - Trail tempo (Rockville Spur) 1:07:20 [3] 13.1 km (5:08 / km)
shoes: 212 X-Talon 2012

AM run with John & Dave. Speedy as usual. Raining but rather warm - 50ish. I had to back off the pace about halfway rather than overextend myself with a long race coming up Saturday.

Tuesday Dec 4, 2012 #

5 AM

Run - Mixed (campus) 1:11:53 intensity: (51:53 @3) + (15:00 @4) + (5:00 @5) 12.55 km (5:44 / km) +300m 5:07 / km
rhr:46 slept:6.0 shoes: 285 Roclite C

Similar to last week, warmup loop on front lawn, then 6 shorter loops with a short hard hill, drills and on the last two I added a 60m or so lawn sprint. Then we headed over the hill past Charter Oak apartments, down to Hunting Lodge and back on the pedestrian path at a pretty good clip.

Monday Dec 3, 2012 #

5 AM

rhr:44 slept:8.0 weight:170.8lbs

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