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Training Log Archive: syd

In the 7 days ending May 21, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Adventure Race1 9:16:19 64.13(8:40) 103.21(5:23) 588
  Orienteering2 2:32:07 8.77(17:21) 14.11(10:47) 196
  Bike - Commute 3 1:15:00 16.5(13.2/h) 26.55(21.2/h)
  Bike - Mountain 1 1:00:33 11.35(11.2/h) 18.27(18.1/h) 71
  Climbing1 45:00
  Run1 36:20 3.81(9:32) 6.14(5:55) 27
  Total9 15:25:19 104.56 168.28 882

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Sunday May 21, 2017 #

1 PM

Orienteering race 1:41:37 [5] 6.11 mi (16:38 / mi) +165m 15:21 / mi
shoes: Salomon Sense Mantra - Blue

SMOC Monks Road - Red

Wasn't sure how my legs were going to feel after Ludington yesterday, but they felt surprisingly good. Navigation was tough, I made quite a few errors.

2 - As I was headed to 2 the terrain wasn't quite matching. Saw KFish running off a little ways ahead, so just continued on and ended up at 3...oops. Easily found 2 from there and then right back to 3.

4 - Ended up right next to the water. Didn't mean to go down that far, but easily found the reentrant.

7 - Major error, on possibly the easiest control... Planned to cut in from the trail crossing, thought I was there so I headed in to the woods, but I hadn't actually made it to the trail crossing yet. Very silly error, should've been so obvious based on the terrain.

9 - Went around on the trail. Those woods looked thick.

13 - Went W around the lake. It was mapped as green, but it was quick to travel through and following the marsh led right to the reentrant.

14 - Climbed the hill leaving 13 on the indistinct trail. Oof. Sooo steep!

16 - Drifted quite far S and ended up on the edge of the big N-S depression. Relocated quickly and headed N to the correct little depression.

Really fun course. Poured rain for the first half, but it was warm and kept the mosquitos away, so it was kind of nice. Thanks Igor!
3 PM

Orienteering 50:30 [3] 2.66 mi (18:59 / mi) +31m 18:19 / mi
shoes: Salomon Sense Mantra - Blue

Flag pick-up.

Saturday May 20, 2017 #

9 AM

Adventure Race race 9:16:19 [5] 64.13 mi (8:40 / mi) +588m 8:26 / mi

Michigan Adventure Racing: Ludington 12 hr

Raced as a 4 person team (Topo the Mountain) with KFish, W4J and Andy Brown. Started with a bus ride to the start which was pretty cool, this was my first linear AR. First section was a point to point trek with some tricky navigation. Everyone started out in a big pack, but by the 3rd control only the top 6-7 teams were still going back and forth. We were with other teams for the majority of this trek, which isn't my favorite, but it was fine. No errors, got lucky with one when Andy spotted the flag as I was just stopping to study the map.

Got to the TA where they had dropped all the bikes. All ~150 bikes were laying upside down in a field and we had to find ours...only took a few frantic minutes. Headed out to grab one CP on our way to the paddle put in. After punching CP9 we took the southern route, which turned out to be quite a bit slower than going north. Oh well. Our way was more fun. Went back and forth with MRA on this section. They would miss a turn, we'd go the right way and a few minutes later they would pass us again.

At the paddle put-in we were given the location of 2 additional paddle points. Went a short ways upstream to grab those 2 and then the bulk of the paddle was downstream to the next TA with just 1 more point along the way. Paddling downstream with a tailwind was quite nice.

Next section was a longer bike back to the park with 2 sections of singletrack. Large sections were pavement with a strong tailwind and we were flying. W4J did a great job out front. Hit the first section of single track and we were just told there were 2 flags in there somewhere. The first was near the entrance and it sounded like the trail would be easy to follow, so we just zoomed off along the blue marked bike trail. Turned out there were a few different colored loops. We did the wrong one twice, then a hiking trail? before finally figuring out the loop thing. So frustrating. Should've stopped to look at a posted map earlier, that was my fault. Only complaint was lack of instruction here - without a map of the trails it would have been nice if we had been told which color trails to ride. Headed to the next section of single track which had 2 CPs. Stopped to look at the map this time. Hit the first one and then Andy got a flat... stopped to fix it and his spare tube also had a hole... I gave him my tube which worked. Whew. Somehow during this process his disk brake bent, so it was clicking for the rest of the bike. Luckily we just had a short section of single track to finish and a quick bike into the park.

Last section was a score-o style foot section. Points made a nice loop so it was just deciding which direction to go. I picked CW to do most of the off trail points on the way out and then have an easy trail run on the way back. Navigation was smooth throughout, saw Mr. W's team about half way through so we pushed it in on the way back.

Overall, our transition times were awesome. Navigation was pretty solid. I did a great job eating/drinking, I've never felt so good during/after a race. Looking at our time we lost 15? min taking the southern bike route, 20 min at the singletrack and another 20 min for the bike considering all that we could've been about an hour faster, which is pretty awesome. Just wasn't our day. One day we will have the perfect race :)

Finished 6th overall. 3rd 3-4 person co-ed.

Thursday May 18, 2017 #

Bike - Commute 25:00 [1] 5.5 mi (13.2 mph)

Wednesday May 17, 2017 #

Bike - Commute 25:00 [1] 5.5 mi (13.2 mph)

7 PM

Bike - Mountain 1:00:33 [3] 11.35 mi (11.2 mph) +71m
shoes: Trek Superfly

Spin over to Olsen for some last minute gear checks. I think everything is ready for this weekend!!

Tuesday May 16, 2017 #

8 PM

Climbing 45:00 [3]

Started with bouldering and then switched to top rope.

Monday May 15, 2017 #

Bike - Commute 25:00 [1] 5.5 mi (13.2 mph)

7 PM

Run 36:20 [3] 3.81 mi (9:32 / mi) +27m 9:19 / mi
shoes: Salomon Sense Mantra - Blue

Nice trot around the neighborhood. Trails were all dry.

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