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Race Evaluation

US Team Fundraiser: Red M


1. Along the trail about 150m, and then diagonally up the hill.
2. Over the hill, very steep on the way down (a warning of things to come !).
6. Confused parallel features
Went up a re-entrant too far north (and much smaller) so then went along the ridge.
9. The first real route choice. I went up the hill opposite 8 (veryt steep), and down the re-entrant to the path junction. Then up another very steep hill to the ruined cabins, and along the dirt road. Dylan Theis caught me at the control.
10. Trying to get away from Dylan.
12. Dylan gets ahead - I can't keep up with these youngsters !
13. Hesitated
I tried to reduce the amount of climb by taking the re-entrant to the SE of the one on the line (near no 9), and cross the two re-entrant systems higher up. It worked although I wasn't exactly sure where I was all of the time, and hesitating lost me about 20 s. Hit the trail just W of the road/path junction about 200m SE of the control.
14. Over the hill. Very steep drop down to the control.
15. +00:20First challenge - to get down to the creek safely. DIdn't event think about looking at the map until I was safely down. Missed the trail leading to the control, hit the one behind (realised my mistake quickly).

Total Time Lost - 00:01:00

Split Analysis

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