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Race Splits


Orienteers usually take their intermediate times (splits) at each control point, and compare them with other runners after the race in order to get an idea of how well they ran each leg of the course, or where they lost time.

Attackpoint makes it easy to compare splits in table or graphical formats.

Splits are for finished races. For upcoming stuff, see events

Get Started

Use this page to browse to the race/course you have splits from.

You may need to add the race if it is not already listed.

Then you may enter your splits from the race, or claim them if event organizers have already uploaded e-punch results.

Recent Races

Mar 3Hale TrainingMar 3 (2)
Feb 28GAOC Local Meet :: Mistletoe State ParkBrown (9) Green (8) Orange (7) Red (5) Silver (1) Yellow (9)
Feb 28Gosnells, NavDash 1Easy (4) Long Hard (37) Short Hard (21)
Feb 28QOC Seneca CreekBeige (18) Blue (19) Brown (26) Green (29) Orange (30) Red (23) White (1) Yellow (11)
Feb 27OCIN TROL WARS - Pyramid HillOCIN_Pyramid_Hill_TROL-WARS_Feb_2021_1 White (12) OCIN_Pyramid_Hill_TROL-WARS_Feb_2021_2 Yellow (21) OCIN_Pyramid_Hill_TROL-WARS_Feb_2021_3 Orange (21) OCIN_Pyramid_Hill_TROL-WARS_Feb_2021_4 Brown (21) OCIN_Pyramid_Hill_TROL-WARS_Feb_2021_5 Green (27) OCIN_Pyramid_Hill_TROL-WARS_Feb_2021_6 Red (17)
Feb 25Training Lorchkurz (1) lang (1) lang-multitechnik (1) mittel (1) mittel-multitechnik (1)
Feb 21GAOC Local Meet :: West PalisadesBROWN (8) GREEN (14) ORANGE (9) RED (10) SILVER (3) YELLOW (10)
Feb 21Perth Waldorf SprintEasy (2) Long (40) Short (23)
Feb 21QOC HemlockBlue (15) Brown (42) Green (38) Orange (41) Red (21) White (11) Yellow (20)
Feb 203. Winter-OLLang (5)

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