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Race Evaluation

US Team Trials: Blue


1. glasses today
2. contour to trail then up white toward bag
4. sse, then along below steep bank
5. +12:00do a big loop arriving back at #4 8:50 later, poor route too far s then past bag
6. straight
7. +07:00400m wsw up reentrant in broad spur, decide to run down shallow hillside nw across stream to trail - wrong! couldn't even walk down - trail sw then around near #2, nw through gap in green 250m e of bag
8. +04:00w of n to trail, decide not to go w of marsh, trails to ridgetop (feel blown here), into long valley to trail
9. +00:50bad route to road
10. appreciate cheering
11. it was all I could do to get back up near #9, road, trail, split green
12. read streams correctly
13. sw through white slot then left of yellow hilltop
14. left around green
15. ne to rocks in order to get right contour, left of small knob, see from 100m

Total Time Lost - 00:23:50

Split Analysis

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