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Training Log Archive: Mr Wonderful

In the 7 days ending May 22:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Walking11 4:22:17 14.17(18:31) 22.81(11:30)390.7
  Biking7 3:35:05 39.05(10.9/h) 62.85(17.5/h) 563c461.9
  Orienteering3 2:07:16 5.95(21:23) 9.57(13:17)5c381.8
  Canoeing1 47:00 2.95(15:56) 4.75(9:54)5c94.0
  Adventure Race1 1 4320.0
  Total20 10:51:39 62.12(10:29) 99.97(6:31) 48913c1328.4
  [1-5]19 10:33:49
averages - sleep:6.5 weight:232.2lbs

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Sunday May 22 #

2 PM

Walking 25:31 [1] 1.15 mi (22:11 / mi)
shoes: Ghost Teal Logo

5 PM

Biking 29:23 [1] 1.04 mi (2.1 mph)

Website claimed counter pickup. On arrival at the appointed time, all doors were locked, no numbers listed. So I took my bike through the drive through, +15 minutes naturally because they are slow and that's why I didn't want to do drive through pickup, and then they said I couldn't be on my bike in the drive through, probably because that's super duper dangerous, all of those people on bikes causing trouble, so then I got to wait 5 minutes out front, and then I caught a train on the way back.

I should have ridden to a store, bought food, and cooked it as quickly.

Saturday May 21 #

9 AM

Adventure Race 1 [3] 0.0 mi +432m null / mi

I had two goals going in: repeat the fall fastest coed we managed at Ludington, and be sufficiently fast enough that Angel wouldn't be too worried about my readiness progress for August.

The Klompracers pounded us down by seven minutes to claim first in 2p coed, so no luck there.

I will have to compare notes to see about Goal #2. :)

On the whole I felt strong enough...I didn't have any episodes on hills, ended up taking our single pack towards the end of the first trek and for the rest of them. I was able to make the draft on the bike legs, at what I hoped was a good enough pace - that is definitely not the usual case racing with Cris, who is a long time biker.

I used my touring bike, the Disc Trucker, with 45 mm Riddlers and it worked great - rolled fast enough on the pavement, didn't crash on the two seasonal/unimproved roads. It climbs pavement so much better than the mtb!

No real navigational errors, just a few sub optimal routes.

We did get to see the Prius after it was dropped off by a flatbed tow truck, but not during its foray onto the unimproved road that lead to it being stuck in a puddle.

Highlight for me, maybe not for Cris: Our second paddle point had waves coming in from the recent ferry that were breaking by shore. We paddled out a bit, then surfed them in. But to get out, we went right at them, and one ended up being big and soaked Cris, with a bit of paddling to go.

I longed for a lighter boat and a portage thwart for the pop over at 10.

We wanted trek shoes for the TA3 trek, but didn't want to lug them all around the bike leg, so we carried a spare pack with shoes up just past TA3 and stashed it for later retrieval.

Fun stuff as always - if you haven't done one of his coastal races, they are beautiful. If you don't want to paddle or bike, do flag pick up because the woods were world class. All runnable, NO BRIARS (I have...(1) total scratch from the race), massively undulating.

I will puzzle the needed 7 minutes for days to come. More trail jogging? Even faster biking? I suspect a combo.

Looking forward to Caberfae!

Orienteering 35:16 [3] 1.75 mi (20:09 / mi)
5c shoes: Topo Ultraventure II

First trek to the paddle
10 AM

Canoeing 47:00 [2] *** 2.95 mi (15:56 / mi)
5c shoes: Pirate Canoe


Biking 53:00 [3] *** 10.0 mi (11.3 mph)
3c shoes: Long Haul Trucker

Out to TA4 via 21, 23, and 25
11 AM

Orienteering 23:00 [3] 1.2 mi (19:10 / mi)

TA4 Trek, figure 8 (NW, SW, NE, SE)
12 PM

Biking 43:00 [3] 9.3 mi (13.0 mph)
shoes: Long Haul Trucker

TA4 to TA3 via 24 and 22, taking both season road options
1 PM

Orienteering 1:09:00 [3] 3.0 mi (23:00 / mi)
shoes: Topo Ultraventure II

2 PM

Biking 5:30 [3] 1.6 mi (17.5 mph)
shoes: Long Haul Trucker

Bike to F

Friday May 20 #

7 AM

Walking 25:58 [1] 1.47 mi (17:40 / mi)
shoes: Ghost Teal Logo

Thursday May 19 #

7 AM

Walking 28:23 [1] 1.47 mi (19:18 / mi)
shoes: Ghost Teal Logo

Time includes chat with crossing guard
3 PM

Walking 23:12 [1] 1.22 mi (19:01 / mi)
shoes: Ghost Teal Logo

Wednesday May 18 #

7 AM

Walking 23:49 [1] 1.59 mi (14:59 / mi)
shoes: Ghost Teal Logo

1 PM

Biking (Trainer) 29:10 [1] 7.27 mi (15.0 mph)
ahr:106 max:115 shoes: Jamis Dragon Sport 29er

Scrubs S01E01
4 PM

Walking 20:13 [1] 1.25 mi (16:10 / mi)
shoes: Ghost Teal Logo

Tuesday May 17 #

7 AM

Walking 22:30 [3] 1.42 mi (15:51 / mi)
shoes: Ghost Teal Logo

4 PM

Walking 24:14 [1] 1.25 mi (19:23 / mi)
shoes: Ghost Teal Logo

6 PM

Biking 5:57 [1] 0.54 mi (5.4 mph) +2m
shoes: WeeHoo

Biking 5:16 [1] 0.6 mi (6.8 mph)
shoes: WeeHoo

Monday May 16 #

7 AM

Walking 24:00 [3] 1.43 mi (16:47 / mi)
shoes: Ghost Teal Logo

3 PM

Biking 43:49 [2] 8.7 mi (11.9 mph) +55m
ahr:128 max:160 slept:6.5 weight:232.2lbs shoes: Long Haul Trucker

Bike test ride, over every reasonable nearby surface - concrete, asphalt, gravel, single track. In hindsight it seems I missed grass.

Walking 26:37 [3] 1.4 mi (19:01 / mi)
shoes: Ghost Teal Logo

6 PM

Walking 17:50 [0] 0.52 mi (34:17 / mi)
shoes: Ghost Teal Logo

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