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Training Log Archive: Timato

In the 9 days ending Jun 4, 2006:

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  Adventure Racing3 44:10:00
  Total3 44:10:00

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Friday Jun 2, 2006 #

Adventure Racing 4:20:00 [5]

Stage #3
We decided after the disappointment of stage 2 we had to come back and race the final stage. We'd paid the money so why not come enjoy it. This race involved navigating using a old black and white aerial photo of Timmons to navigate a 42 k course. This was interesting as I'd find that things I thought were roads turned out some times to be rail roads tracks or hydro lines.

We biked up to Hershey lake and dropped the bike to hit 3 orienteering points. Then we got back on the bikes and did 5 more points on the bike. Then a bike around the top of Timmons and down to the gold mine tour. This was pretty fun as we pulled into the mine and had to go underground to get four more points. You can imagine 4 people stumbling around underground in our race clothes and rubber boots looking for the checkpoints. Pop up and then a quick bike ride to the finish.

The end of the day felt amazing. Sure we hadn't finished stage 2, but we pulled off a second place in this final stage and that helped us feel a bit better about the whole week. Overall the most amazing adventure I've been on to date and already on the ride home Eddie, Tyson and myself are talking about the next one we're going to be doing.

Tuesday May 30, 2006 #

Adventure Racing 32:00:00 [3]

Stage #2 of the CARA race. We finished the maps the night before, and I'll be honest I was sacred stiff about this race. The trek was 42K+ and consisted of a checkpoint in the middle of the course, followed by another one really close by and then no other checkpoints until you came to the TA. The river paddle was longer then anything we'd done before as well, I knew if we could get out of the paddle then we could do this race (little did I know we'd never get to the paddle).

The race start was pretty crazy we're out in the middle of this open area and the sun is beating down already. There's a few film crews there including CBC interviewing all the fast teams and I'm just staring at the maps to make sure we don't make any mistakes.

Race starts, we jog down the road followed by the trail and head into the bush to CP1. The bush is crazy tough really thick everywhere and no breaks at all. We move slow as we'd come to learn we would be after the sprint, but we progress. Thunderstorm hits, but we keep going. We hit the trail we were looking for, speed walk and run the down hills. We're not fast, but we're progressing. Jump into the bush again, and we're off to the trail for CP 1. We get there around 10 pm and then have hook up the 3 person tow line and we climb to Ontarios highest peak. We arrived there some time around midnight to meet up with the Endurance Junkies. Apparently we just missed Adidas Canada and Subaru Canada.

Down the side of the hill and off to CP 2. We find this with only a bit of confusion at a huge swamp right before the river. We come into CP 2 and Adidas is sleeping there. Nigel is having problems so they're bedding down for the night before they decide what to do. Mistake #1, we should have caught some sleep here instead we push on. Day 2 comes and we're moving slower. I'm exhausted from leading the whole way because the bush is so tough. I ask Tyson to lead and this really helps me get some energy back because he's breaking trail. Then the wheels fall off the bus. First Sophia starts feeling light headed. We give her some salt and food and sit for a bit to make her rest. After a few minutes she feels better and has calmed down, so we continue on. We slowing down though because we're tired.

A few hours later Tyson tells us we'd better watch him because he doesn't feel well. Sophia also tells us she's over heating and isn't feeling good. We really slow down and have to talk to Tyson constantly to keep him moving (Sophia was awesome here to make sure Tyson just kept walking and didn't fall off). We probably covered the final 4 k in 8 hours. My feet were chewed up just aweful, Tyson was really out of it and Sophia had lost her bug net. I hand her my bug net because she's bleeding from all the bug bites. Finally we're out of the woods after 32 hours.

So what happens next.....

Well they're pretty sure Tyson has an infection of some kind and needs to go to the hospital in the morning. My face swelled up so much that the term elephant man was used more then once. Sophia spends some time in the ambulance getting various things taken care of. We sleep for 5 hours, and then are told that Tyson can't go on. After talking about it a bit more I have to admit I also can't handle walking any of the portages (next stage had 6 k of portages) so we make the decision as a team that we're going to drop out here.

After the race it turns out that only 5 teams still continued from here as a ranked team. 2 others continued on unranked.

Sunday May 28, 2006 #

Adventure Racing race 7:50:00 [4]

Day 1 of CARA. A pretty interesting sprint race. It basically consisted of a bike start down some fire roads to the canoe put-in. Then a canoe that involved crossing a rail road track, a class I rapid, portaging around a crazy rapid and another class I. This was followed by a 7km trek that consisted of climbing to one peak, then treking 7k to another fire tower. The race finished with a bike back to the start.

We started out pretty well. Not sure what place we were in during the bike but we were battling during the whole ride with Adidas Canada and SRS, so I was pretty pleased with this. Canoe also went pretty well. We made one mistake running to the canoe putin, but otherwise no major problems. The trek was really were we lost it. No mistakes and I'd take the same route again without questioning it, but we were just slow moving through the woods. We worked as well as we could as a team to speed up the slower team mates, and ran out to the TA to hammer home. Overall ended up in 8th place in the sprint. A good finish for us, but we knew we could have been higher if we'd had a better trek.

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