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Training Log Archive: bgallup

In the 7 days ending Oct 9, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Climbing (Gym)1 2:00:00
  Cycling2 1:40:38 25.01(4:01) 40.24(2:30) 1070
  Orienteering1 1:28:29 4.6(19:15) 7.4(11:58) 91112 /15c80%
  Corn Mazing1 1:26:55 1.9(45:48) 3.05(28:28) 83
  Total5 6:36:02 31.5 50.7 206412 /15c80%

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Sunday Oct 9, 2011 #

9 AM

Orienteering 1:28:29 intensity: (13 @1) + (9:37 @2) + (18:43 @3) + (44:51 @4) + (15:05 @5) 7.4 km (11:58 / km) +911ft 10:04 / km
ahr:170 max:189 spiked:12/15c

oof. i can only sugarcoat that first control as a display of persistence. turns out i'm pretty dependent on nearby linear features. eventually stumbled across that double boulder just to the north and then lined it right up. the rest of the course was decent, especially by comparison. mostly just (attempted) straightlining.

started the watch late. what a doofus. chopped up the file to get attackpoint's automagic split-link to work, but all the controls all show about 10s early. feh.

oh geez, i expected bad, and it looks even worse. i don't know what planet i was on. and there were some other pretty poor splits, but i guess they just felt good, relatively speaking. time to hang up the compass. until this weekend, at least.

and (and! and allow me to wallow in coulda woulda shoulda a bit longer) if i had gotten the slow-to-typical five minutes on the first control, i would've been in the top ten! and been within spittin' range of sub 1-hour. bah!

Saturday Oct 8, 2011 #

8 AM

Cycling 1:10:38 intensity: (2:36 @1) + (16:07 @2) + (32:32 @3) + (18:41 @4) + (42 @5) 28.17 km (2:30 / km) +1070ft 2:22 / km
ahr:148 max:183

biking around the fells with greg at a conversational pace. the roads on the west side are primo. east side's good too. 28 down the middle sucks
6 PM

Corn Mazing 1:26:55 [1] 3.05 km (28:28 / km) +83ft 27:20 / km

nighttime corn mazin' at the marini corn maze in ipswitch, ma with alicia and rebecca.
0-20min: fun wandering. high morale
20-30min: helping people who had been in the maze for four hours, allegedly, try to find their way out. they assume i'm canadian because i'm helping, for some reason. their distress damages morale. food, water low.
30-50min: fun wandering moderate morale. signs of 'maze madness' starting to take root in the more susceptible team members
50-55min: desperate attempt to convince crossover bridge attend to let us drop down onto path leading out. hope those people i directed here had better luck. morale low
55-1.10min: direct retreat obeying local ordinances. we eat rebecca.
1:10-1:12min: course evaluation at final map decoder. morale takes a hit in the mud fields
1:12-1:26min: rapid victory/psychological trauma
spiked 3/4c

you get a map at the beginning, but it's obscured with that old-school cereal box trick - it's written in blue, but covered with random red noise. at four points in the maze there were stands with transparent red acrylic that would could temporarily read the map. fortunately, they also gave you crayon to write out left-right directions at each point. one valuable lesson learned - call every intersection either left or right, not straight. unless it's a 4-way intersection, it just complicates things to figure out what past-you meant by straight.

also, headlamps apparently aren't normal to normal people. definitely heard someone say 'follow that miner, he sounds like he knows what he's doing'.

it's a touch on the linear side, but it would make for some totally bitchin' (dare i say, cornmazin') night o. quickroute to follow. bam!

Friday Oct 7, 2011 #

Cycling 30:00 [3] 7.5 mi (4:00 / mi)

to work and back, the adventure continues.
had two back to back idiot cager moments. nothing happened, but a good reminder that incidents don't just come in ones

Wednesday Oct 5, 2011 #

8 PM

Climbing (Gym) 2:00:00 [3]

traverse the line first (and second try), and successfully lapped a jump start, sit start, and 180.

Tuesday Oct 4, 2011 #


forerunner + commute = fun commute! just finished the latest version of ben vs ben vs ben, and this seems like a good place to store it. green's ben on a bike, red is ben on a motorcycle, and blue is ben in a car. it ought to even be playable. and right side up! check it out here (5MB .avi)

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