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Training Log Archive: bishop22

In the 7 days ending Apr 4, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 1:43:00 7.36(13:59) 11.85(8:42) 69515 /18c83%
  Running3 1:19:19 8.81(9:00) 14.18(5:36)
  Swimming1 37:11 1.02(36:27) 1.64(22:39)
  Total4 3:39:30 17.2(12:46) 27.67(7:56) 69515 /18c83%
averages - sleep:6.2 rhr:47

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Saturday Apr 4, 2009 #

Orienteering race 43:59 [4] 5.4 km (8:09 / km) +375m 6:03 / km

US Relay Champs at Mt. Airy

Anchored ROC Bottom, the ROC 8-point team. We finished 2nd, well behind OKansas, and safely ahead of the next team, in the club category. We were 4th overall as I couldn't pass Nadim near the end.

Rick, Patty, Linda and Nate won the 12-point relay handily.

Orienteering race 20:16 [4] 2.25 km (9:00 / km) +60m 7:57 / km

OK, so I was slow and sloppy, but this distance must be a little shy (perhaps the route was measured as if we can walk on water).

During the whole race, in the back of my mind was the thought about having to still run the relay later today, so I could never push myself properly. And I made a couple of errors early that were just large enough to bum me out. I need to be able to rally in situations like that.

Running warm up/down 18:00 [2] 2.0 mi (9:00 / mi)

Limited warm-up before the Sprint because I was making sure Nate had a handle on his volunteer duties at the call-up line. Not his favorite thing to have to do: call out names loudly.

Warm-down was limited to walking (not logged). A more suitable w/up for the Relay, but that w/dn was limited to a jog to the car before awards - that was a mistake, since Sunday is another race.

Friday Apr 3, 2009 #

Orienteering race 38:45 [5] *** 4.2 km (9:14 / km) +260m 7:03 / km
spiked:15/18c slept:6.5

Short Pig at McFarlan Woods (a corner of Mt. Airy)

Well, what a way to celebrate my birthday: Luke won M-10, Zach won M-14, Nate won M-20 and I somehow managed to win M45+ by just one second!

The start was setup on a trail, and I started jogging along the trail while I located the start triangle. This was almost a disaster, since I almost panicked, but I realized I could see the reentrant, calmed down and recovered. C2 was a nice confidence builder - a long leg with a clear route. C3 wasn't bad, and I came over the hill to C4 knowing just where it would be. That was fun. I ended up going way left to C5, as the trail was so much more appealing than the hill. It looks like that probably cost me no more than 10 seconds. Pace count told me when to look for C6. Hustled down to the stream on the way to C7, but came down at a place that wasn't so friendly for the last 5-foot drop (a common occurrence over the weekend), so I lost a bit adjusting my route. Had to aim right when climbing the hill, to bounce of the trail. I saw Greg B here.

Heading to C8, I aimed left and hit the small trail, just before the main trail, giving me an easy attack. I think I caught Tori near C9 and had a nice bearing to C10 before I punched. I got a ways ahead of her on C11/C12, but then I blew C13 a bit, due to trouble seeing what was on the map. By the time I sorted things out, Tori had caught back up. Somewhere around C14/C15, Greg B reappeared. Leaving C15, I ran hard down the hill, but had to slow a bit after almost taking a tumble when things got slick. Started up the first trail on the other side, realized that I should be on the other trail, but when I started to slide over to switch trails I almost cut Greg off, so I continued up.

Leaving C16, I followed the line to the first clearing and failed to understand that I could following the clearings to the open area, and got hung up in some green stuff while going to the trail. I pitched my map and compass before punching C17 and contoured a bit to C18, while running very hard, allowing me to beat Nate on that split. My finish split was 2 seconds faster than Mark Voit, allowing me to slide past him (but I was still slower than Nate).

Patty was 3rn in F50+ and Walt picked up a rare medal, 2nd in M65+, so we all ended the day with medals.

Running warm up/down 25:00 [2] 2.78 mi (9:00 / mi)

Warm-up included going to the start, coming back and going there again, plus some jogging. I wisely went out for a 10 minute w/dn.

Thursday Apr 2, 2009 #

(rest day)

Our opening track meet was rescheduled from yesterday to today. I was expecting to have some time to run before, or perhaps during the meet, but the meet was looking very close, so I spent some extra time with the troops. I think that was especially important, being the first meet, and I don't think they were in the habit of a consistent warm-up routine.

Anyway, Rush-Henrietta is one of the top distance teams in the area, so we would have to perform well to grab any points. We did get some good news to the effect that 2 or 3 of their top guys weren't able to compete, coming off an extra long indoor season.

In the 1600, Nico took a valiant shot at the win with just under 800m to go, but couldn't quite hang on and settled for third. We went an amazing 1-2 in the 800m as Vanzo set the early pace and AJ had a blazing second lap to run 2 minutes flat (Vanzo was 2:02). Nate patiently sat in 3rd place during the first 5.5 laps of the 3200, then made a move which wasn't covered strongly, so he took off and ran away with the stunning win in a huge PR of 10:22. The other coach (whom I've known for over 20 years) had been expecting 8 or 9 points, but got just 4. I was chastised after the race for "illegally aiding the runner", but there was no grounds for that, since my movements were perpendicular to their line of travel only, as I crossed the infield to cheer on both straightaways. Nate's win meant we only needed 2 relay wins, which we got in the 4x100 and 4x400, but we added an exclamation point by winning the 4x800 by a huge margin.

No time for a run after the meet, since we had to hustle off to Buffalo ahead of tomorrow's drive to Pig territory.

Wednesday Apr 1, 2009 #

Running 36:19 [2] 4.04 mi (9:00 / mi)

Ellison Wetlands, from Empire. Some easy running, some not so easy. I ran out the White trail for 21 minutes, which only got me about 1.5 minutes past the small bridge over the small stream (to the tree down across the trail). Came back the Yellow trail, which I thought would be more of a shortcut than it was to White to Peach to the main trail. Finished up with a quick-ish 3:38 from the brick gate to the parking lot.

Tuesday Mar 31, 2009 #

Swimming 37:11 [3] 1.02 mi (36:27 / mi)
rhr:47 slept:6.0

1:28,30,31,31,32,32,31 (on 1:50)

I need to get back to consistent swimming before my form goes completely to pieces.

Monday Mar 30, 2009 #

slept:6.5 (rest day)

It was windy and cold for track practice, but I had to stand around and time the distance studs (the rest of the team stayed indoors), so I didn't run. And I found out when I arrived at practice, that it was WABO night, with the parent meeting afterward, so I was stuck at the school until after 8:30 and decided a day off would be acceptable.

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