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Training Log Archive: jtorranc

In the 7 days ending May 1, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cycling4 3:25:00
  Orienteering3 2:55:21 14.17(12:23) 22.8(7:41) 660
  Deep Water Running1 2:00:00
  Form exercises1 19:36
  Swimming1 18:00
  Running1 6:48
  Total7 9:04:45 14.17 22.8 660

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Friday May 1, 2009 #

Orienteering race 15:11 [5] 2.9 km (5:14 / km)

US Trials sprint - good race except for boneheadedly getting sucked over to the highly visible other course go control 50 meters beyond my go control and having to run back to mine.

Thursday Apr 30, 2009 #

Cycling 30:00 [3]

Cycling to work.

Wednesday Apr 29, 2009 #

Cycling 1:21:00 [3]

Cycling to work by way of Cardiovascular Consultants again. Directly home in the evening. Rained all day so didn't even attempt to do form exercises.

Tuesday Apr 28, 2009 #

Running 6:48 [1]


Form exercises 19:36 [4]

Silly walks and 7x100m strides.

Cycling 1:02:00 [3]

Cycling to work and home by way of the aquatic center.

Deep Water Running 2:00:00 [2]

Hungarian lesson 16 and more of The Rest is Noise covering music in Roosevelt's America and Hitler's Germany.

Monday Apr 27, 2009 #


I've got a weekend (two, in fact) of racing to log but first, I went in to Cardiovascular Consultants this morning for my bubble test and it seems I do have a patent foramen ovale ( a small hole in the wall separating the two atrial chambers of the heart - normal before birth; seals up completely after birth in on the order of 75-80% of the population). I've got another appointment with Dr Larca scheduled for Wednesday to discuss this but, pending that, it still doesn't seem to be anything worth getting very excited about. It sounds as though he's likely to ask me to start taking a daily baby aspirin and give up any aspirations to take up deep sea diving, both of which I can probably live with.

Cycling 32:00 [3]

Cycling home by way of the aquatic center.

Swimming 18:00 [3]

Short recovery workout. Mixture of breast stroke, front crawl and flutterkicking.

Sunday Apr 26, 2009 #

Orienteering race 1:24:51 [4] 9.8 km (8:39 / km) +415m 7:09 / km

CSU A meet - classic distance. 415 m of climb? Really? Even with the heat, significant even with me being one of the earliest starters, I can't say it felt like I climbed anything like that much. A very good day technically and a good day physically as well resulted in easily the best race relative to my peers I can remember having in rocky glacial terrain. Not sure why this was so much better than West Point, though better recovery between races, better acclimation to heat, and being able to relax somewhat on the many parts of legs on which it made sense to use the trail network rather than having to maintain continuous focus from start to end of long legs are some candidate explanations. The results are quite reminescent of the long at last fall's Ontario Champs - me in the mid 80s, second around 90 and the rest of the field starting another four or five minutes back of that - but it's much easier to be happy now since the results look like that because I ran a good race rather than because I underperformed what should have been possible by much less than the rest of the field. Though it is hard to say just how much of an advantage my relatively early start may have been on this occasion. I tend to think it might account for a few minutes compared to later starters on purely physical grounds but the extent to which heat stress may have induced technical errors strikes me as unknowable.

Saturday Apr 25, 2009 #

Orienteering race 30:54 [4] 4.3 km (7:11 / km) +95m 6:28 / km

CSU A meet - middle preliminary. Not bad aside from 3 controls. I believe clean would have been fast enough for second but not even close to Boris' winning time.

Orienteering race 44:25 [4] 5.8 km (7:39 / km) +150m 6:47 / km

CSU A meet - middle final. Fumbled about somewhat on 3 and 4 and then enormously on 5, getting caught by both Clem and Ken so we could fumble a bit more together. Just had Clem in sight as I left 6 and chased him down en route to 7. Tried to run away from him for the rest of the race. Might have finally succeeded in getting out of sight if I hadn't been a bit low on control 14, first looking at the foot of the larger cliff below the control feature, though I had no chance of getting further ahead of him than he'd started behind me unless I both got away and he then made a big mistake. Still, managed to navigate well enough and run well enough despite the heat to manage third place.

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