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Training Log Archive: kissy

In the 7 days ending Oct 22, 2018:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering4 2:41:11 8.95(18:00) 14.41(11:11) 82
  Strength Training1 1:00:00
  Running1 41:34 3.05(13:38) 4.91(8:28) 7
  Total6 4:22:45 12.0 19.32 89

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Monday Oct 22, 2018 #


My traveling companions for the weekend were Brooke and Cristina, and I have to say that it was the most fun I've had on an O-trip in a while. Lots of good conversation, gossip, food, and fun. Brooke and I stayed in a slightly weird Airbnb on Friday night in Niles, MI, and then we were all in a much nicer and cozier one in Howell, MI, on Saturday night.

Brooke and I went to the Crooked Ewe brewery in South Bend on Friday, which was perfect. And we had the best waitress. I would highly recommend that place.

On Saturday, after we had added Cristina after the second sprint, we made the drive across Michigan, in the rain, wind and then snow! By the time we got to our place, we were cold, tired, and still grimy from the race. So instead of heading back out for dinner, we took hot showers, got into comfy clothes, and ordered in pizza. It was perfect!

And since Brooke wasn't heading back to Denver until Monday morning, Cristina and I were able to clean up in her hotel room by the airport before catching our flights back home on Sunday. Heavenly!

Sunday Oct 21, 2018 #

10 AM

Orienteering 1:32:55 [3] 7.02 km (13:14 / km) +76m 12:34 / km

This was one of the weirdest races I've had. A little frustrating.

I love kettle moraine terrain. It is right up my alley, so I was very excited for today's race. As I headed off to #1, I looked at the two trail options, but decided to tackle it straight on. I used the intermittent trail to begin with, which went fine, and once that ended, I headed on my compass bearing. Soon, though, things weren't quite matching up, but I kept going, trying to make sense of it. Eventually, I came to a biggish marsh. It didn't look like any of the uncrossable marshes on the map near where I might have been, but I saw a smaller one on the map, way to the left of the control. I ran over to it to make sure, and ended up on a trail behind it, where I found a control on a root stock. Ok -- I know where I am but how the hell did I get way over here to the left??!!? Went to #1.

Headed off to #2, telling myself to pay closer attention to my compass and the terrain. I thought I had to climb, but my compass was pointing to contouring and even going a little down, again to the left. I was following it, with a lot of hesitation, and eventually nothing made sense. I relocated on a pair of depressions and, indeed, had to climb up to #2.

When I set my bearing for #3, I could immediately see something was wrong because my compass was pointing about 90˚ off, again to the left, from where I knew I needed to be heading. So, I decided something was wrong with my compass and put it away for the rest of the race. And after that, everything went fine. I drifted a little on one of the longer legs, but to the right, which is my natural tendency. I ended up back at that marsh I found when looking for #1 and thought, "Not you again!" But, at least it confirmed where I was, and I took the trails into #9.

When I got back to my car, I was telling some folks about my compass, and someone asked if I had anything metal that might have been influencing it. I did not, but then I realized I had been wearing my Apple watch during the race. We tested that with my compass, but it didn't appear to make a difference.

Fast forward to Brooke's hotel room, where Cristina and I were taking showers before heading to the airport. Cristina wanted to test the watch again and lo and behold, the needle definitely moved towards the watch. We tried it a few times with the same results. I'm not saying that that's what happened out on the course, but it seems possible. And it would explain why I kept drifting left. I do know that I won't be wearing my Apple watch again while orienteering.

Saturday Oct 20, 2018 #

9 AM

Orienteering 14:44 [3] 2.0 km (7:23 / km) +2m 7:21 / km

I just re-read my entry for Friday's middle race. I must have been very happy when I wrote that. :-) There was no #humblebrag about that one -- just straight out brag! Well, I guess you have to feel good about yourself every once in awhile.

For today's race, I do like sprints, but this was not exactly my cup of tea. There was next to no navigation needed -- for the first 6 controls, I could look up from the current control and either see my next control or see the feature it was on. You definitely needed speed, which I ain't got.

There were two controls later on, by the river, where a modicum of navigation was needed, and I hesitated at both. Oh well. C'est la vie.
12 PM

Orienteering 20:08 [3] 2.49 km (8:04 / km) +5m 8:00 / km

This was the controversial "second" sprint. Luckily, we had nice weather between the two sprints. The forecast had it as rainy, windy, and cold, but all of that held off until after the race. As I was heading to the start, I saw the bank of clouds at the head of the weather front moving in, and I thought, "I just need to run fast enough to beat that!"

This sprint went much better than the first one because there was more navigation involved. I managed to spike #4, which ended up vexing many others. There was still a lot of running, but I felt much better than I thought I would after the morning's race, which made me happy.

Only 30 secs. behind Peggy, who had been one of the vexed.

Friday Oct 19, 2018 #

Orienteering race 33:24 [3] 2.9 km (11:31 / km)

US Nationals. Middle Distance at St. Patrick's Park, South Bend, IN.

This was a fabulous race for me. I pretty much spiked each control, had great flow in and out of controls. I was also running well. And, I had so much fun and that's what counts.

Wednesday Oct 17, 2018 #

4 PM

Running 41:34 [3] 3.05 mi (13:38 / mi) +7m 13:32 / mi

So maybe I'm not 100% better, but good enough to try running. And it was such a beautiful evening. Cool weather and sunshine. I love this soooo much more than summer!

Tuesday Oct 16, 2018 #

Strength Training 1:00:00 [3]

I went to work yesterday, but came home early. Then I slept for 12 hours and woke up feeling much better. So I went to Body Pump tonight.

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