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Training Log Archive: shanel

In the 7 days ending Mar 5, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Road Bike4 4:44:54 86.66(18.3/h) 139.47(29.4/h)
  Mtn Bike2 2:25:37 1063.88(438.4/h) 1712.15(705.5/h)
  Paddling2 2:24:19 11.52(4.8/h) 18.54(7.7/h)
  Running2 1:47:38 11.95(9:00) 19.23(5:36)
  Orienteering1 22:11 2.51(8:50) 4.04(5:29)
  Total11 11:44:39 1176.52(36) 1893.43(22)

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Saturday Mar 5, 2011 #

2 PM

Orienteering race (Nav Dash Curtin South) 22:11 [4] 4.04 km (5:29 / km)
ahr:168 max:183

Took a while to work out where I was on the map at the start, went to the obviously wrong corner of the building. Not too bad the next couple. Was looking on a possibly unmapped track for 4 wasting about a minute. Lost ground rapidly to GB going from 10 to 11.

Pity the only really familiar part of the course was the start area, which the cricket club used as their clubrooms when I first started playing over 20 years ago. Rest of the course was unfamiliar as a) I never lived on campus, and friends who did lived at guild house. b) never went to Canning College. c) CSIRO place never existed. d) arts don't count.

Friday Mar 4, 2011 #

6 AM

Road Bike (Commute) 1:29:12 [4] 47.28 km (31.8 kph)
ahr:164 shoes: Road Bike - Giant Defy2 (I thi

Darling Downs to Claremont

Before I'd even got the the end of my road another cyclist had pulled out from the western section of Rowley Rd up ahead of me. Pace seem pretty close approaching the corner and caught up whilst he waited at the Tonkin Hwy lights. This put me in the highly unusual position of having someone to work with through to the freeway, took a couple of turns on the front each. with being in behind making me a bit nervous because the road is pretty rough and there were heaps of cars flying past.

He went elsewhere at the freeway, so I pushed on, 37 mins to cockburn, which usually takes 40 mins no matter what the effort and conditions are like, so went all out to totally annihilate my record the rest of the way to work. Very little help from there but. Gained a couple of followers after Canning Bridge, went past Saz (which seems to be becoming a bad habit after Tues terrain loops), followers repassed me when someone faster went past, but when they couldn't hold him I couldn't get through the traffic, luckily he turned off before the narrows, so I didn't miss much.

Continued annihilation mode through to work, to knock another 98 seconds off the record.
5 PM

Road Bike (Commute) 1:38:26 [3] 47.84 km (29.2 kph)
ahr:159 max:176 shoes: Road Bike - Giant Defy2 (I thi

Claremont to Darling Downs

Pretty steaming outside leaving work. Saddle bag decided that not strapping it on properly would result in it dragging in my back wheel just as I was passing the old brewery.

Not much help around, but gained an extra shadow approaching Canning bridge. Let him stay there for a while, then sat up so he'd take the lead, then had a drink so he'd take the lead, and he finally did, then had to work really hard to hang on, kind of relieved when he turned off at the north end of Mt Henry.

Worked pretty hard all the rest of the way home.

Thursday Mar 3, 2011 #

5 AM

Running (Home med. loop) 53:56 [3] 10.05 km (5:22 / km)
ahr:153 max:171

Round the bridle trails from home.

Was dark when I was going to start, so I put the head strap back on my headlamp, got outside again and decided there was a smidge of light so left the headlamp at home.

Pace was a bit low but HR was in a good place so had to resist the temptation to up the pace several times.

Would have liked to fit in another couple of k's, but had to get back before Belinda left for work.
12 PM

Paddling (Champion Lakes) 1:07:03 [3] 9.16 km (8.2 kph)
ahr:134 max:150 shoes: Bashed up SRS

Another 2 laps, first in 30:08, 2nd in 29:55.

Very little wind, except a few gust from the NE.

When I finished a pair of very serious looking paddlers with a very flash looking double Nelo thingo, and a guy who looked like a coach (with a WAIS shirt), and another guy, had turned up. Warm up for one paddler with Aus. shirt and pants included skipping, swinging around what looked like a medicine ball on the end of a rope, and swinging legs really high. Glad I had to get going, cause these guys looked like they were planning on going supersonic.

Tuesday Mar 1, 2011 #

5 AM

Road Bike (Floreat Renegades - short) 1:24:19 [5] 39.09 km (27.8 kph)

Headed off, legs feeling very early on that they could probably do with a bit more rest as the weekends sessions.

Life got interesting when Jake and his bike decided to make like a speed bump heading round one of the early roundabouts. Nearly managed to stop before hitting him, so a very light impact.

Already struggling to keep up approaching WC Hwy, lucky the group stopped for traffic. Off the back well and truly up Challenger, too the shortcut at Leighton and managed to stay with the group a bit longer than previously. Maintained glimpsing dist. and eventually regrouped after CCGS. Got on the front for some stupid reason (maybe because I'm not use to being in the group at that point) and then dropped off the back again soon after. But maintained glimpsing dist through to Hackett Dve.

Got to work and discovered the screen on my phone had taken the impact of the fall and now all I get is black :( Strangely I was only wearing a backpack so I could take shoes to work, since the ones I normally leave there had a complete blow out on Fri, with the sole being held on by a couple of rubber bands, otherwise my phone would have probably been safe in my saddle bag.
4 PM

Road Bike (Commute) 12:57 [3] 5.26 km (24.4 kph)
shoes: Road Bike - Giant Defy2 (I thi

Claremont to Floreat

Tried really hard to avoid putting in any effort, pretty much succeed.
5 PM

Running intervals (Bold Park Terrain Loops) 53:42 [5] 9.18 km (5:51 / km)

One lap easy then 3 laps flat out, 5 mins rest between each, with last rest longer to allow reverse start order.


Legs pretty dead to start with, thought the first fast one would finish off my legs, but held in to avoid a big blow out for the last two.

Legs don't seem to burn so much lately, maybe I'm lacking cardio wise lately, maybe it's just the heat.

Monday Feb 28, 2011 #

9 AM

Paddling intervals (Champion Lakes) 1:17:16 [3] 9.38 km (7.3 kph)

First lap at normal speed

100m intervals with 100m slow recovery
Very slight tail wind for the outward half
0:35 0:34 0:35 0:36
0:35 0:36 0:34 0:33
Very slight headwind and zigzagging across the rowing course on the diagonal between the lane markers (cause I'm bored, but don't really have time to get somewhere more interesting).
0:37 0:35 0:35 0:38
0:35 0:38 0:36 0:37
0:36 0:36 0:35 0:36
Last one back down wind

I think it's time to do some research and come up with a better intervals plan.

HRM seems to have died just after half an hour

Sunday Feb 27, 2011 #

8 AM

Mtn Bike (Langford Park) 1:33:02 [3] 1704.0 km (1099.0 kph)
ahr:136 max:168 shoes: Mtn Bike - Avanti something

Rerun of last years middle dist champs course.

Started off badly, couldn't see the track heading west from the start, so went the long way round. Then completely stuffed the first control, very easy to overshoot when there aren't any controls out there, ended up going a long way around to the north. Andre had caught me by 2 and tRicky was already heading out of 2.

Took the track next to the railway to 4 again, instead of the main road. Main road to 5, which Andre was just heading into from the railway. Passed Andre heading back to the railway, then he passed me again at the railway. Doubled back from the imaginary location of 6 sooner than Andre, so was in front again, then he shortcutted the roundabout, then I must have passed him again on the road towards 7. Heading out of 7 Andre was coming in from the wrong direction so must have missed the turn in, giving me a good break.

Pretty easy from there, looking out carefully for a couple of tracks that I'd missed during the champs.
10 AM

Mtn Bike (Langford Park) 52:35 [3] 8.15 km (9.3 kph)
ahr:130 max:161 shoes: Mtn Bike - Avanti something

Route selection exercise, riding in pairs. Dalto and I together, Andre and tRicky together. Taking different routes on each leg.

Major failure on one leg, when I missed the track for the easier route and ended up riding the same route as Dalto.

Legs starting to burn on some of the hills towards the end, made me think is this what KillaMetro will feel like after doing the 6hr Rogaine the day before.

Very liquified by the end.

Thanks Dalto.

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