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Training Log Archive: cedarcreek

In the 7 days ending Jul 26, 2014:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cycling1 1:46:30 18.14(5:52) 29.19(3:39) 12
  Orienteering1 52:10 2.84(18:21) 4.57(11:24) 95
  Walking1 47:54 2.23(21:28) 3.59(13:20) 15
  Total3 3:26:34 23.21(8:54) 37.36(5:32) 122
averages - sleep:14

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Saturday Jul 26, 2014 #

12 PM

Orienteering race 52:10 [3] **** 4.57 km (11:24 / km) +95m 10:20 / km

Holliday Park, in Indianapolis, set by Aragorn.

A really nice little sprint, although a bit long. I chose course 3 rather than 2 because Wangki said 3 was more difficult. It was prohibited to run through the woods---you had to take trails, which was a bit Mickey-Mousey, but still very interesting. The map was quite good, with very nice drafting of tricky areas. Mintore mentioned it could use some work in the OST areas by perhaps mapping more single trees.

The weird art project sculptural "ruins" kind of blew my mind. They were completely unexpected. They definitely need some improvements for weeds and clean-up---They're getting to be overgrown.

It's really cool to get out on a new map and get confused for more than a few seconds at a time. It would be really cool to use this in the winter, and get approval to go off-trail. It's a really nice small map.
4 PM

Cycling 1:46:30 [3] 29.19 km (3:39 / km) +12m 3:38 / km
shoes: Pearl Izumi w SPD

A ride down the Central Canal Towpath to the north side of Indianapolis, then east along the "Cultural Trail", and then north on the Monon trail to Broad Ripple.

I started the GPS a bit late. It's a loop that starts at the finish point.

I was disappointed that the towpath was gravel. I expected it to be paved. I was glad I had my Trek 930 mountain bike rather than my skinny-tire bike.

The Cultural Trail was a gem. It's discontinuous and bendy, but it just seems like a really cool area for restaurants and stores. Hopefully the trail helps the area.

The Monon is pretty boring, although it's convenient and quick. The crossings are a bit weird, with fake stop signs (Many are not red and octagonal---I mean wtf?).

It's been many years since I walked around the Broad Ripple area. Probably 1988 or so. I didn't walk this time. I just stopped for a Shaved Ice that was glorious.

The Central Canal is really pretty, with lots of greenspace. I hope they improve the trail.

Also---I photographed "The Waller Bridge". It looks pretty old.

Monday Jul 21, 2014 #

9 AM


Just got told I would be released in a few hours. Eating breakfast. Redness is almost all gone, but the discoloration is still there, and it's slightly more puffy than the other leg , which is very skinny compared to normal.
11 AM


1040 Released! Yay!
8 PM

Walking 47:54 [1] 3.59 km (13:20 / km) +15m 13:04 / km
ahr:110 max:125

After dinner walk around Sharon Woods. Just thinking that since I've got 7 days of antibiotics, I might as well pump them through my legs *somewhat* more than just sitting around.

It was a good walk. I'm definitely weaker than normal. My normal zones gave 44 minutes of this as zone 0, but I'm calling it level 1. I totally earned the 1.

Now. Sitting down to watch Grand Budapest Hotel!

Sunday Jul 20, 2014 #

2 AM



First, I'm okay. No big worries.

Wednesday, I did an hour on the bike in Huntsville, AL. Showered, met two classmates (work class), ate in an expensive restaurant, had a couple drinks. Dropped off at my hotel. Walked into room and almost immediately felt bad. Cold. Shivers. Got under covers. Above the waist, hot and sweaty. Legs and hands, frozen. Slept really bad. Got up a few times, and just immediately broke into violent shivers. Struggled into class, but was cold all day. I had to drink warm stuff to be comfortable.

Had planned a trip to NC and VA, but after waking up in a completely soaking wet bed on Friday, decided to cancel. Still had to get home. 7 hour drive. It wasn't fun. I never vomited, but I was close. All the way I sipped water and soda. In addition, my left leg had two sore spots. One near the groin, and one on the front of my shin just above the ankle. I googled DVT, which will wake you right up. It didn't feel too bad.

I got home last night (Friday) at 9pm and went immediately to bed. Drank some water overnight. Got up at 2pm; bed soaking wet. But, I really felt better. Head was clear. I felt like eating for the first time in two days. My groin bump had gone down. The shin was weird. The original area seemed almost okay, but above it there was a new area of swelling, and it was red. Okay, no problem.

A few hours later I called the nurse help line for my insurance. They recommended urgent care. I'm not a big fan. So, I took a shower, put on clean clothes, and packed my little backpack with a few books, some water, and most importantly, my phone charger. And I went to the ER at Jewish Hospital Kenwood, which is very nice, and, most importantly, in my provider network.

They listened to me, poked at it for a few minutes, and said "Cellulitis", which is what I was hoping it was. The biggest reason I went to the ER was the rapid progression of swelling and redness. At 2pm it wasn't even red, and now (8pm Sat) it's almost the size of a tyvek race number. They say this could explain all of the last few days.

Originally they said, "Some IV antibiotics, and a couple hours of observation." But after they started the IV, it changed to "We want to keep you for the night." And I was okay with that. Embarrassed, because it seems so minor, and I haven't even been in a lot of pain. But, they're completely right. They drew a line around the red, and not an hour later the redness had spread well beyond it.

So, I'm in a hospital room, watching "The Matrix", and typing on Attackpoint.

(Please don't make a big deal about this unless I get a lot worse. Seriously, I feel fine, and the only real worry is "will the antibiotics work?" And yeah yeah, I know about that worry too.)
5 AM


Completed 2nd IV Antibiotic. Redness and swelling noticeably reduced!
12 PM


Looks like one more night. The need for IV drugs means I have to stay. Leg is noticeably smaller and cooler, but the area of redness is still big.

I changed into street clothes and took a walk through the corridors. Found a map! next to the elevator. Found my room in about ten seconds. Did a couple loops and figure-eights. Just got really hungry for the first time in four days, and food atrived! Asian stir fry, vegetables with sesame ginger. w00t!

{edit: each IV takes two hours, but they're spaced 12 hours apart, so I can walk with no IV trolley.}
5 PM


Almost done with third IV antibiotic. Earlier today I said having my smartphone made it basically seem like a normal day. Well, that's over. Bored. I considered asking for my laptop, but I think I should just tough it out. Feeling a lot stronger. Just ordered dinner.

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