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Training Log Archive: cmorse

In the 7 days ending Oct 7, 2012:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Run - Mixed4 3:32:13 24.28(8:44) 39.07(5:26) 55082.6
  Run - Trail1 1:02:14 5.59(11:08) 9.0(6:55) 6056 /6c100%59.1
  Orienteering1 46:42 3.8(12:17) 6.12(7:38) 10011 /14c78%28.0
  Hiking1 15:00 0.99(15:05) 1.6(9:23)1.5
  Total7 5:36:09 34.67(9:42) 55.79(6:02) 125517 /20c85%171.2
averages - sleep:7 rhr:47 weight:169.4lbs

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Sunday Oct 7, 2012 #

7 AM

rhr:49 slept:9.0 weight:169lbs

9 AM

Orienteering (Gay City Foot-O) 46:42 [4] *** 6.12 km (7:38 / km) +100m 7:03 / km
spiked:11/14c weight:168.5lbs shoes: 340 ORoc 2010

Finally got out to run Becky's Foot-O course from a couple weeks ago. Opted to go with a single distance contact. Works ok for fell running, less so where trying to run fast in woods with junk on the ground - could read the map fine (R eye), could see distance well (L eye) but the mid distance area where I'm watching my footing was pretty blurry from either eye and thus running was not ideal.

Minor bobble on 4 where I got pushed a bit R by veg and saw trail come up in front of me - quick correction, also on 10 - went direct through the marsh, but wound up R a bit and confused hills - skirted spur on E edge of circle before coming back around. Otherwise everything felt clean, running in the woods good but slowed a bit by the vision issues.
2 PM


tops of quads quite stiff this afternoon - felt fine before the O outing. But I suspect its more due to the hill abuse yesterday.

Saturday Oct 6, 2012 #

5 AM

rhr:43 slept:5.5 weight:172lbs

11 AM

Run - Trail race (Devil's Den Fell Race) 1:02:14 [5] 9.0 km (6:55 / km) +605m 5:11 / km
spiked:6/6c weight:169.4lbs shoes: 340 ORoc 2010

Specs are from race literature. Seems like a lot more than 1988' of climbing going on.

Much farther than I'd normally drive for a 6 mile race, but since the Devil's Den is the only fell race (that I'm aware of) this side of the big pond, I decided what the heck and made a 4 hour rocket run to the White Mountains this AM.

Incredibly fun race, no marked course, just 6 checkpoints to pass through. The navigation was trivial, but there were a few spots where some route choice played into the game. Long slog up to West Mountain, but then managed to pick off a number of folks across the top of the ridge, then a long, fast straightshot under the quad lift to the finish back at the bottom. 1:02:14, 7th overall and good for first 50-59 scoring my choice of new Inov8 shoes for my efforts! (insert happy dance here).

CP-A Short Cut > Crawford Ridge >Avalon > Josephs Run
CP-B Josephs Run > Stillwater > Outer Bounds > High Ridge
CP-C Panorama > Two Miles Home (longer, but sweet running)
CP-D Mt Rd Traverse
CP-D McIntyres Ride > Two Miles Home (some folks went direct up Devil's Den, looked like a waste of 4-5 minutes - lots of boulder climbing and 15' drops)
CP-F Two Miles Home > Outer Bounds (CP-F was actually on Stillwater side of building, a bit misplaced, but most everyone should have realized that by seeing it on the way from CP-A to CP-B)
Finish Archies Alley > Rangeview > Shortcut

Strider Gary Hebert in attendance, also Tony Federer... Small field, but great event...

Friday Oct 5, 2012 #

5 AM

rhr:47 slept:7.0 weight:172.6lbs

Thursday Oct 4, 2012 #

5 AM

rhr:49 slept:7.5 weight:170.2lbs

bruised L shin with pressure washer at work. shouldn't be an issue but pretty sore right now. Will go light if anything today. weekend plans still up in the air

Wednesday Oct 3, 2012 #

4 AM

rhr:49 slept:6.25 weight:166.8lbs

5 AM

Run - Mixed (UConn / Horsebarn) 49:42 [3] 7.75 km (6:25 / km) +100m 6:01 / km
shoes: 212 X-Talon 2012

Morning run with Ken - drizzly fog, legs pretty tired still. Plan was for 90 minutes easy, I decided I was done about halfway through rather than push it...

Tuesday Oct 2, 2012 #

4 AM

rhr:49 slept:6.75 weight:169.4lbs

5 AM

Run - Mixed (Campus / Horsebarn) 1:06:14 [3] 10.75 km (6:10 / km) +200m 5:38 / km

Easy run with Ken, gorgeous sunrise from Horsebarn Hill
10 AM

Hiking (Morning Constitutional...) 15:00 [1] 1.6 km (9:22 / km)

brisk morning walk across campus to grab a sandwich. could have gotten one here in the building, but felt the need to get out and get a brisk walk in. Will try to do this on a regular basis...
5 PM

Run - Mixed tempo (MRC Tuesday Night Run) 1:03:07 [4] 13.27 km (4:45 / km) +150m 4:30 / km

Tuesday night workout in Manchester as I needed to get a new pair of Roclites that Tyler had ordered for me. Speedy group including Jake & Ashley Gurzler. Mostly roads including parts of the Manchester course plus quite a bit on the golf course. Generally running a bit beyond my usual capacity, but a very worthwhile run. Rainy & 58F - dark by the time we finished.

Monday Oct 1, 2012 #

5 AM

rhr:43 slept:7.0 weight:169.6lbs

restless night sleeping for some reason - even though I was dead tired from a long day RDing. But my weight has dropped under 170 for the first time since last Nov!
12 PM

Run - Mixed hills (Mansfield Supply) 33:10 [3] 7.3 km (4:33 / km) +100m 4:15 / km
shoes: 212 X-Talon 2012

Had to go pick up a new torx driver, so decided to just make a run of it - up to top of hill, xc through harvested cornfields and rough open to hardware store, buy tool, continue around on bike paths and grass, came back up hill behind dorms from hunting lodge. Good pace with a couple good climbs

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