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Training Log Archive: cmorse

In the 7 days ending Oct 4, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Run - Trail1 2:07:12 12.43(10:14) 20.0(6:22)76.3
  Run - Road3 1:26:05 11.71(7:21) 18.84(4:34) 15045.8
  Hiking1 1:08:00 2.92(23:17) 4.7(14:28)20.4
  Total4 4:41:17 27.05(10:24) 43.54(6:28) 150142.5
averages - rhr:44 weight:170lbs

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Sunday Oct 4, 2009 #

Run - Trail race (Breakneck) 2:07:12 [4] 20.0 km (6:22 / km)
shoes: NB 790 {green}

Was planning on just going for an easy run this AM, but Scott commented on my Facebook page after Cidermill if they'd see me at Breakneck - I had forgotten it was this weekend so decided to wander up there to get my long run in.

Foggy and 60's upon arrival, opted for the contacts as I suspect my glasses would have fogged and been useless. Went off course right off the bat as I missed a quick turn and followed a couple other folks who obviously didn't know the course - quickly back on track but running in the back of the pack - not such a bad spot actually.

4.2 miles out on the ridge trail I gradually passed folks eventually catching Ed Alibozek near the north end of Breakneck pond. Runners were allowed to go either direction around the pond and I went with Ed CW heading down the east side first. Appears most runners went the other way. Moved ahead and set my sights on the next person ahead - Amy Lane - daughter of Pete Lane who runs many of the NEOC scout O's - we chatted a while and she said she had done quite a bit of O when younger, but had a disastrous outing at the Nickerson A-meet and hasn't been back out since. We ran together for a few miles as she seemed to think we were on a 2 hour pace, though I thought we were more likely in the 2:15-2:20 range. About a half mile up the west side she zigged when she should have zagged and slipped on a muddy side slope, I skampered past but expected her to rejoin shortly, after a couple minutes she did not reappear and I was just cruising solo passing runners coming the other way on a CCW loop. Decided to push a bit and see if I could go under 2 hours - running felt really fine, legs were a bit sore from Saturdays 5K, but the cardio and such felt fine. Got into a really fine groove running many of the uphills and only walking the steep stuff.

All alone on the 4.2 mile return on the Ridge Trail and pushed hard as I approached the 2 hour mark, not sure how far off the finish was. 2 hours came and went and I backed off the pace a little bit - just cruising comfortably. A while later Farmer Ed came cruising up behind me and I started to step aside to let him pass and he said the finish was right over the next hill and he wasn't going to pass. Knowing the end was near, I gunned it up and over and into the finish.

A fine run, saw a lot of folks I hadn't seen in a while and quite happy with 11th place (of 75) in just over 2 hours. But legs WILL be sore tomorrow.... Bruce wants me to join him for a 20 miler in the morning, but I don't think so... not this time...

4 down, 21 to go

Hiking (Goecaching) 1:08:00 [3] 4.7 km (14:28 / km)
shoes: Adidas Response Trail 14

went geocaching with Jackson - nice day. A series of 6 micros up on the Shenipsit Trail behind our house - first one was only 400m from the back door - however new landowners have barricaded the trails and they're horribly overgrown with brambles and other nasties. Only found 2 of the 6, but we didn't have any 'clues' with us and since micros tend to be pill bottles wrapped in camo duct tape and shoved down some chipmunk hole we didn't spend a lot of time searching.

Saturday Oct 3, 2009 #

Run - Road race (Cider Mill 5K) 19:52 [5] 5.0 km (3:58 / km)
shoes: NB 790 {orange}

Perfect running weather - 60ish, cloudy, intermittent showers.

Wasn't sure what to expect, started back mid pack, first 800m had a lot of slowing down and stutter stepping as young kids weaved and bobbed in the masses, finally broke free of the crowd on an uphill and quickly began passing folks. Opened up over the top of the hill and gradually just began picking bodies off up to the first mile in 6:22. Feeling very good, not pushing too hard, but a nice sustainable pace.

Picked a few more scalps off approaching 2miles which was on top of a slight rise 6:10 for the second mile as called by a timer at the 2mi mark. Still feeling strong, leaders long since out of sight, set my mark on a group of 4 perhaps 40m ahead. Slowly reeled them in, passing the latter runner near the cemetary. I could feel my form starting to falter a bit in the last 1000m and although I got close to the other three, they dug deep and kicked it up a notch just before the 3 mile mark (no timer) so I stayed perhaps 10-12m behind them but not enough in me to catch them.

Timing clock at the finish was whacked - it read 1873 and not changing when I crossed the line, but they were using chip timing so hopefully I got recorded ok - I did hear a loud beep as I crossed the mat.

I'm guessing I might have broken 20 minutes which I haven't done in a very long time - so very happy with the run - but we'll see what CoolRunning has to say about my exact time...

3 down, 22 to go...

- update: 16th of 359 overall, 4th of 63 age group
- 18s slower than my 5K pr set on this course in 2005

Run - Road warm up/down (warmups) 15:00 [2] 2.5 km (6:00 / km)
shoes: NB 790 {orange}

random jogging around before the races as a warmup

Friday Oct 2, 2009 #

Run - Road (Library Run) 28:28 [4] 6.34 km (4:29 / km) +150m 4:01 / km
weight:170lbs shoes: Adidas Response Trail 14

Met Ellen and the kids at the library before heading off for afternoon errands. Rather than go back and fetch the car, we went straight home - forcing me out the door to go fetch the car later on. Good plan huh?

A little slow out the door, then pushed it up the 1600m hill from Peter Green to Bald Hill, then flew down the back side into town. Quite winded and a bit asthmatic..

2 down, 23 to go. Cider Mill 5K tomorrow, not sure if I'm running it at my pace, or merely shadowing the boys. We'll see...


Well the boys have decided to run the 1 mile run instead of the 5K, so looks like I'll give it a go and see what kind of time I can turn in. Legs are pleasantly spent from this evenings run.

Wednesday Sep 30, 2009 #

Run - Road (Hare 5K) 22:45 [3] 5.0 km (4:33 / km)
rhr:44 weight:170lbs shoes: Adidas Response Trail 14

Woohoo! Training Entry...

Snuck out of work a bit early and ran out to the 2.5k mark on Hare Rd and back getting back about a minute before the bus. Decent pace, but not pushing it on the way out, pushed a little harder on the way back to try for even splits - 11:22, 11:23. Slight net uphill on the way back usually results in slower 2nd half splits.

G is back to where it was in the spring - feel pretty good - will be interesting to see how much things improve if I can drop the next 5# that I'd like to rid myself of. So far so good.

I'll try Peters method of aiming for a set # of runs between now and Stone Cat - arbritrarily set at 25 (37 days to go). We'll see if that motivates me to get out most days. 1 down, 24 to go....

Tuesday Sep 29, 2009 #


still nothing... but I've managed to rid 5# from my portly old self... Another 5 to go...

might try doing the Ross thing and running to work - or rather driving to the commuter lot and running the 7 miles from there (and back in the afternoon). Gotta try something... Need new shoes too, mine are beat...

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