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Training Log Archive: cmorse

In the 7 days ending Jul 15, 2007:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Bike - Slipstream1 2:29:40 38.04(3:56) 61.22(2:27) 12044.9
  Trail Run - Long / Easy2 57:53 5.97(9:42) 9.6(6:02) 10015.4
  Run - Trail1 56:29 5.25(10:45) 8.45(6:41) 60033.9
  Hiking1 35:00
  Orienteering1 16:46 1.56(10:45) 2.51(6:41) 5010.1
  Trainer1 15:00 3.73(4:01) 6.0(2:30)3.0
  Run - Mixed1 8:001.6
  Total4 5:38:48 54.54 87.78 870108.8
  [1-5]3 5:03:48

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Sunday Jul 15, 2007 #

Trail Run - Long / Easy (warmup) 20:00 [2] 3.5 km (5:43 / km)
shoes: Salomon TR2

Ran the trail around the base with Peter & Phil to familiarize them with the various turns for the assault course.

Run - Trail race (Soapstone Assault) 56:29 [4] 8.45 km (6:41 / km) +600m 4:56 / km
shoes: Salomon TR2

Warm while running - didn't push 100%, walked at least part of all the uphills, ran the downhills pretty decent, moderate pace on base trail. Never saw Peter (but never really thought I would) and by the third climb I was pretty sure no one was going to catch him. Deb was chasing him pretty hard, but had a sizable deficit to make up due to the handicap start. Phil was moving along pretty well despite his various ailments. Wanted to stay ahead of Ken Forrest who started two groups (1:34) behind me. Managed to do that but not by much. Caught Bruce enroute to the Quarry Trail climb. Bettered my race time on the course by about 1:40 which isn't bad considering I really haven't run aggressively lately and this is the first year its been held in the summer - not my best time of year to run. A fun day overall.

A not so endearing shot of me hitting the top of the tower

Run - Mixed (warmdown) 8:00 [2]
shoes: Salomon TR2

Easy jog down the road with Deb after the race...


Realized when I had the bike on the trainer yesterday that I managed to break a couple spokes off at the hub on my ride to Monson last week. At one point near the state line outbound I thought I heard something fall off the bike, stopped but everything was secure. Continued on.... Must have been one of the two spoke popping. Wheel was a bit out of true, but with disk brakes I didn't notice it until I had it on the trainer and was adjusting the tension.

Oh well, guess I'll drop the wheel off at the bike shop tomorrow for repairs as I don't have the requisite tools to get the cassette off, nor to properly retrue it. So I guess I won't be riding until at least Wednesday.

A couple people mentioned the Monday night Wickham series started last week, perhaps I'll see if the kids want to do a couple of them and go to those. Its not riding (which is what I should be doing) but it is something.....

Saturday Jul 14, 2007 #

Trail Run - Long / Easy (Sampler) 37:53 [3] 6.1 km (6:13 / km) +100m 5:44 / km
shoes: Salomon TR2

Easy run w/ Ginny, gorgeous morning to be out, very few folks at the forest.

Trainer (garage) 15:00 [2] 6.0 km (2:30 / km)
shoes: Slipstream

watching Hayden ride his bike in the driveway, decided I might as well make some use of the time so stuck the bike in the trainer and watched him from there...

Thursday Jul 12, 2007 #

Bike - Slipstream (Monson & back) 2:29:40 [3] 61.22 km (2:27 / km) +120m 2:25 / km
shoes: Slipstream

early afternoon ride out to center of Monson, MA and then back via the same route. No killer hills and average pace seems to have benefited from that. Was running out of gas toward the end - only drinking water again. Had lunch before I left but apparently that didn't help much...

Orienteering (Sprint A) 16:46 [4] 2.51 km (6:41 / km) +50m 6:04 / km
shoes: Salomon TR2

Kids wanted to go swimming at Crandalls after I got back, so headed off to the park, while Ellen watched them I opted to dump all the junk from my pockets and go out and run Sprint A as best I could - no map or compass needed. Definitely lacking in speed and took a few more trail routes than I previously had. Wound up cutting nearly a minute off my previous best and even a few seconds faster than Greg Balters winning time. Go figure - maybe I ought to ride a couple hours before major races to 'warm up'....

Swam for about 10 minutes after the run, quite refreshing...

Wednesday Jul 11, 2007 #

Hiking (walk w/ Jackson) 35:00 [0]
shoes: Adidas Response Trail XI

afternoon walk with Jackson (Hayden walked with us for a bit)

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