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Training Log Archive: Fanatic

In the 7 days ending May 12:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Walking8 5:26:03 120.49(2:42) 193.91(1:41) 975
  Orienteering2 5:04:00 13.49(22:32) 21.71(14:00) 1365
  Hiking1 1:16:25 4.07(18:47) 6.55(11:40) 390
  Trail Running2 1:13:13 6.03(12:09) 9.7(7:33) 125
  Total10 12:59:41 144.08(5:25) 231.87(3:22) 2854

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Sunday May 12 #

Event: Billygoat 41

Orienteering 3:32:00 [3] 9.3 mi (22:48 / mi) +1300ft 20:08 / mi

Considering that I haven't orienteered for four years, this attempt at the Billygoat didn't stand much of a chance at being stellar, but, nonetheless, I consider it a minor victory after all. Fact is that I may have DQ'ed by mispunching at #20, or by being overtime, so no success at getting a T-shirt.

But just moving for 3.5 hours is quite a good indicator of my recovery, and while my orienteering skills need considerable honing, I really did enjoy it. Of course, it helps to have company heading into almost every control. :-)

Saturday May 11 #

Orienteering 1:32:00 [3] 4.19 mi (21:57 / mi) +65ft 21:38 / mi

Out-and-back with Colette on the Fort Hill Branch Rail Trail in Hinsdale, N.H., which parallels Route 199 on the eastern side of the Connecticut River. We found 8 geocaches.

We were poking around Brattleboro while en route to the Billygoat tomorrow, so this little excursion was part of my day off.

Friday May 10 #

10 AM

Hiking 1:16:25 [3] 4.07 mi (18:47 / mi) +390ft 17:13 / mi

Hiking on the trails in, and near, Tivoli Bay. Still very wet and muddy in the low sections. Light drizzle to keep things cool, though.

Walking 19:27 [3] 1.05 mi (18:31 / mi) +90ft 17:08 / mi

After-dinner walk with Colette on the condo grounds. Sun finally broke through the clouds and the temperature climbed to 70°F.

Thursday May 9 #

11 AM

Walking 33:24 [3] 2.04 mi (16:22 / mi) +30ft 16:09 / mi

Walking at Woods Pond--an out and back from the dam at the southwest corner of the pond. Cool and crisp.

6 PM

Walking 43:52 [3] 2.6 mi (16:52 / mi) +205ft 15:42 / mi

After-dinner walk on the condo grounds.

Wednesday May 8 #

10 AM

Walking 1:03:25 [3] 4.03 mi (15:44 / mi) +230ft 14:56 / mi

Out to Woods Pond and back on a cool, sunny day with no bugs.

3 PM

Walking (trails, dirt/paved roads ) 12:55 [3] 0.77 mi (16:47 / mi) +20ft 16:22 / mi

Warm up walk before doing a couple of one-mile runs.

Trail Running 11:24 [3] 1.01 mi (11:17 / mi) +30ft 10:59 / mi

One-mile run on the rail trail to the east of Eastover in Lenox. Fairly flat, soft, but with a bit of blown down limbs and even a couple of trees, which were easily traversed.

Just trying to get the body to remember what running feels like.

Walking (trails, dirt/paved roads ) 11:20 [3] 0.75 mi (15:07 / mi) +10ft 14:56 / mi

Cool-down walk between runs.

Trail Running 10:30 [3] 1.0 mi (10:30 / mi) +30ft 10:13 / mi

Another one-mile run, but heading back toward the car, i.e., south. Put a little more effort into this one.

Trail Running 18:40 [3] 1.02 mi (18:18 / mi) +30ft 17:48 / mi

Cool-down walk to end the workout.

Tuesday May 7 #

Walking 1:20:42 [3] 5.06 mi (15:57 / mi) +265ft 15:12 / mi

Out past Woods Pond a bit and then back.

As I was coming back on Woodland Road, I saw a motorcycle coming, not an unusual sighting since the Hell's Angels have their clubhouse on Woodland Road, but rather than go by me, it pulled off into one of those Quonset-style garages on my left. I didn't think too much of it since I knew that a couple of guys had their cycles in there and were working on them occassionally as I walked past.

Still, I shot a glance over to see what kind of bike it was, and noticed the guy still on his bike, but the bike was leaning well past vertical onto his left leg. I hustled over to see if he needed help, which he surely did, only to realize that the bike was too heavy for me to pull off of his leg. So I scooted to the left side of the bike--his foot was stuck between the muffler and a bunch of gardening tools. It took me a while to pry the tools away so that he could free his leg, but I still couldn't push the bike vertical. What a weakling! :-)

He said he'd just leave it there and get a couple other guy's to help him later. As I was leaving he said it was a godsend that I showed up just as he needed some help.

Monday May 6 #

10 AM

Walking (on trails) 1:02 [3] 0.65 mi (1:35 / mi)

Drove to the Houstatonic Rail Trail, a soft, flat trail with some shade.

Plan was to try some running for a change, to see how the back and legs might feel.

First up was a walking warm-up, just and out-and-back on the southern portion of the trail starting from the cemetary.

Trail Running 17:07 [3] 1.5 mi (11:25 / mi) +35ft 11:10 / mi

Second portion was a run while trying to relax and take it easy; no heavy breathing, just concentrating on good posture, i.e., head up, back arched slightly. Felt OK, but no way I wanted to run another 1.5 miles beyond this.

Walking 8:26 [3] 0.5 mi (16:52 / mi)

A short walking break, to let the legs and lungs recover.

Trail Running 15:32 [3] 1.5 mi (10:21 / mi)

Another running segment, a bit easier since there was a 35' drop on the way back. Put a little more effort into this leg, but not so hard that I was hurting.

Walking 16:24 [3] 101.0 mi (10 / mi)

Cool-down walk.

3 PM

Walking 35:06 [3] 2.04 mi (17:12 / mi) +125ft 16:16 / mi

Walk with Colette out to the black cows and back.

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