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Training Log Archive: marie

In the 7 days ending Mar 27, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+m
  orienteering3 4:36:47 19.53(14:10) 31.44(8:48) 718106c
  zumba2 2:00:00
  trail run1 1:04:03 7.73(8:17) 12.44(5:09) 138
  strength1 1:00:00
  run1 5:00
  Total6 8:45:50 27.26 43.88 856106c

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Sunday Mar 27, 2011 #

orienteering 1:21:04 [1] *** 5.92 km (13:41 / km) +128m 12:21 / km

Hanging controls with Madde. We had a few iffy ones where we had to go back and forth to make sure we were right. And as we were about to hang our last one, we went off of a trail that didn't exist on the map.. so we wandered around the wrong hill and couldn't understand a thing until Becky rescued us :)

orienteering 57:30 [3] *** 7.5 km (7:40 / km) +198m 6:46 / km

Mass-start at Ansonia. Boris had designed us each an unique course that was supposed to take ~1 hour to finish. Mine was 7,5km and I thought "there's no way I'll do that in an hour". But I did! :) So much fun running with lots of people around, relay feeling. I don't think hanging controls before this race helped me that much, while I came at them from a different direction.
Could have done better on my long leg, climbed too much leaving my #6 and hesitated. Took trails to the right from 9 to 10, not sure if that was the best way, lost height. Got a bit distracted by Balter going from 12 to 13. Stopped early for 16 and felt like I took a slow path to 17. FR 8.485km

Saturday Mar 26, 2011 #

orienteering 22:55 [2] *** 2.65 km (8:39 / km) +124m 7:01 / km

Control-pick at Osbornedale. Started out together with Madde and we verbalized our plans on how to attack the controls.

orienteering 36:10 [2] *** 3.86 km (9:22 / km) +123m 8:05 / km

Line-orienteering at Osbornedale. Very good exercise, I went very slow and tried to really read the contours.

orienteering 18:22 [2] *** 2.02 km (9:04 / km) +56m 7:58 / km

Compass-course at Osbornedale. Another great exercise. A little piece of paper with only the north lines and controls (map erased). I realized I have a tendency to drift to the right.

orienteering 23:24 [3] *** 3.0 km (7:48 / km) +30m 7:26 / km

Sprint at Yale campus. Well, I didn't visit 2 of the controls, 2 & 9. I was at the wrong side of the building wall, together with other people at both and we just said that it must have been ripped off (controls were marked with neon tape). People with more sprint experience knew that controls like those are always placed in the trickiest to get to spot.
Looking for something that small forces you to be in the exact right place to find it which made the exercise even better. FR 4.31km

Thanks Becky for an awesome day of orienteering!!

Thursday Mar 24, 2011 #

zumba 1:00:00 [3]

Jose's class. FUN!

orienteering 37:22 [2] *** 6.49 km (5:46 / km) +59m 5:31 / km

Test-run of Becky's sprint training course at Yale campus. Really cool! She's done an awesome job with the map.

I was having some back spasms after zumba and it was getting dark. After 2/3s of the course I had to be under a street light to be able to read the map, so went to pick up the head lamp in the car.

Wednesday Mar 23, 2011 #

trail run warm up/down 20:05 [2] 3.91 km (5:08 / km) +74m 4:41 / km

at Maltby lakes. Miserable weather.

trail run intervals 28:00 intensity: (12:00 @1) + (16:00 @4) 5.68 km (4:56 / km) +29m 4:48 / km

4 x 4min with 3min rest
ugh, I haven't done intervals in a long time, thinking that doing something more intense would make the injury more painful..
Don't know if it was my speed or my loud breathing that scared the deer the most ;-)

trail run warm up/down 15:58 [1] 2.85 km (5:37 / km) +35m 5:17 / km

Tuesday Mar 22, 2011 #

run (elliptical) 5:00 [1]

strength 1:00:00 [2]

Monday Mar 21, 2011 #

zumba 1:00:00 [3]


PT visit

It's getting to a point where Karen cannot help me anymore, she has given me lots of tricks, exercises & stretches that makes the injury manageable. Although the symptoms are not going away :(

She's explaining how it's a "hen or the egg" situation and the only way to find out more would be to do an MRI.

Possible reasons for the nerve being pinched, causing pain:

- a bulging disc
- facet joint disorder
- the cramping muscles

Got a few new things to work on: a stretch for my left glute, back traction positions and a way to increase the mobility in my right hipflexor.
Karen wants me to take 2 ibuprofen every morning & evening for 2 weeks - see if it helps with the possible muscle inflammation causing soreness. I should also try going for a 2-3min walk every 30min at work.

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