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Training Log Archive: marie

In the 7 days ending May 9, 2010:

activity # timemileskm+m
  trail run3 2:43:37 17.24 27.75 96
  orienteering2 2:20:55 7.64 12.3 3958 /30c26%
  run3 1:28:11 9.39 15.12 20
  pilates1 50:00
  bike1 10:00
  Total5 7:32:43 34.28 55.17 5118 /30c26%
  [1-5]5 7:24:43

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Sunday May 9, 2010 #

trail run 15:00 [2] ***

warm up to start

orienteering 1:15:49 [4] *** 7.9 km (9:36 / km) +275m 8:10 / km

Fun and challenging course, thanks Joe! Nice terrain, perfect weather for running.

1 Trail to the left, over the hill, slowed down and read features

2 Bad route, very zig-zagy, should have gone straight

3 Went straight, but didn't pick an AP and ended up running around, seeing the stone wall, went back to locate the pond. When I finally found the control Cristina was there.

4 Rounded the marsh, easy to read contours

5 Felt chased, speeded it up, to the left of the line, seemed to be focusing better under pressure

6 Same to this control, rounded to the left, passed the grill/smoke stack(?)

7 Trail to the left (figured I would be able to look at the next leg), not so good, passed my junction had to turn around, no problem finding the control from the trail though. Saw Cristina again but lost her on the long leg.

8 Went right on the trail just to pass the thickest green, then straight, passed the yellow trail, followed the stonewall, was going well BUT then didn't pay attention to my compass and started climbing the hill to my left(!) Took a while before I discovered. Down to the trail, up the hill, into the reentrant, passed #16, passed big trail. THEN mistake number 2 on this leg, I had planned to take the small trail, but it was really slow AND I didn't get off it in time, through green, passed the pond(!). No problem once I got to the big trail, navigating to the control.

9 Straight, followed the trail to the junction, compass

10 Straight, beared too much right, wrong side of the streams, corrected

11 To the right of the line, used the nice big boulders as AP

12 Trail until bend after small boulder, compass to big trail, even if I was right I hesitated and ran to the left to see the junction, back down, compass along the green, got the control nicely

13 Went to the left of the line, down the reentrant, plan was to follow the marsh, but then I hesitated went up by the trail-turn with a boulder, over the hill.

14 Beared too much right, rounded the long cliff and then up

15 To the right of the line, not sharp

16 To the right of the line, ok

17 To the right of the line, up reentrant, trail

Hmm, me looking at the map during the race and after are two different things. While racing, it's kind of blurry, sometimes I have a hard time figuring out exactly how I got to the control.. Afterwards I see much clearer, can simplify, find good routes. Think I should give myself more time, even standing still if that's what it takes, to look at the map, chose how to go. I should also focus on picking APs, something that I can run really fast against and only paying attention to my compass and a few feautures along the way.

run 10:00 [1]

cool down jog with Becky

orienteering (/trail run) 20:00 [3] ***

control pick up


I agree on what was said this weekend: WCOC is a great, great club to be a member of! Everyone is so awesome. What a great event. Thank you! Very professional, really nice finish/start setup/areas, world class orienteering. Everyone involved should be proud!!

Saturday May 8, 2010 #

orienteering 45:06 [3] *** 4.4 km (10:15 / km) +120m 9:01 / km

Pre-run of Red Y. Early out in the woods, before the rain & thunder. Ansonia as beautiful as usual, Peter's course as fun & great as usual! Messed up 2 and 5. Hesitation slowed me down on a few.
FR 5.25 km

Got back and helped out in childcare. Three cute girls: one-hand-cart-wheeling Bryn, talkative Samantha & quiet Eliza. I have been tempted to explore the playground and now I had an excuse :-) Lyn and I also got a lesson in chinese jump rope.


I get a kick from what child care is called in Danish o-invitations: børneparkering = child parking

Thursday May 6, 2010 #

trail run 1:41:16 [2] 18.31 km (5:32 / km)

Nice day. West Rock had turned so green since last time I was there. Ran with Boris, company really makes the long runs more fun.

Knee doesn't hurt during run, dull pain after, still icing. All day today I was feeling my hamstring/butt though, not sure if I pulled something yesterday. Felt it during the whole run but pain wasn't getting worse, just felt like I had to work a little bit harder.

Wednesday May 5, 2010 #

trail run 47:21 [2] 9.44 km (5:01 / km) +96m 4:47 / km

Started out together with Mike. Saw a black squirrel. Met Jesse on his brand new mtb.

run 17:07 [2] 2.5 km (6:50 / km) +11m 6:41 / km

Löpskolning on a light inclined road then a lap around the fields as cool down.

Tuesday May 4, 2010 #

bike 10:00 [1]

to & from the gym

pilates 50:00 [2]

walking in to the gym I was walking behind a slow man with a cane, later I heard he was 96 years old (!)

Rosalee put on a great tough session as usual. Knee feels ok, just slight discomfort.

run 19:02 [2] 4.16 km (4:35 / km) +3m 4:34 / km

warm up

run 3:17 [2] 0.78 km (4:12 / km)

3 x 100m starting slow gradually running faster

run 18:19 intensity: (8:00 @0) + (10:19 @5) 3.62 km (5:04 / km)

8 x 400m with 1 min standing rest in between

It was really windy, I switched direction for the last 3 to get some wind protection from the bleachers. Also I've heard about people doing a lot of track running getting problems with hips etc so it's good to switch direction to even it out(?). Well, when I was done and ready to cool down it seemed like the wind had calmed down, guess it came with the thunderstorm.

run 20:26 [2] 4.06 km (5:02 / km) +6m 5:00 / km

cool down

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