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Training Log Archive: PG

In the 7 days ending Sep 9, 2012:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  trail running7 3:25:54 20.7(9:57) 33.32(6:11) 2175
  orienteering2 1:22:02 5.03(16:19) 8.09(10:08) 417
  mountain biking1 1:02:55 4.64(13:34) 7.47(8:26) 627
  Total10 5:50:51 30.37(11:33) 48.88(7:11) 3219
averages - weight:138lbs

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Sunday Sep 9, 2012 #


The Blue middle course.

My route from Saturday.

And my route from Sunday also, where Sundays route is a wider line with no black edges.

9 AM

trail running 5:00 [2] 0.5 mi (10:00 / mi)
shoes: x-talon 212 #2

A little warm-up, including once around the string course.

10 AM

orienteering 37:45 intensity: (22 @1) + (30 @2) + (17:51 @3) + (17:35 @4) + (1:27 @5) 2.46 mi (15:21 / mi) +200ft 14:15 / mi
ahr:153 max:164 shoes: x-talon 212 #2

Cooler and less humid. I did the same course as yesterday, mainly just to see if I could do better physically with cooler weather. Certainly better, though also certainly still a struggle.

Over all about 6:30 faster. I figure that's about 1:30 of mistakes yesterday, maybe 1 to 2 minutes less slowing or stopping to look at the map, and maybe 3 to 4 minutes faster physically. Pleased enough, but have to do a lot better.

Saturday Sep 8, 2012 #

trail running 5:00 [1] 0.5 mi (10:00 / mi)
shoes: x-talon 212 #2

A little bit of warm-up. Warm, very humid, feeling very sluggish.

1 PM

orienteering 44:17 intensity: (39 @1) + (35 @2) + (39:38 @3) + (3:02 @4) + (23 @5) 2.57 mi (17:15 / mi) +217ft 15:58 / mi
ahr:145 max:167 shoes: x-talon 212 #2

Short blue course at Pawtuckaway, part of UNO's camping weekend. Very nice course, 3.9 km, 19 controls. Navigated fine, zero energy. Very glad I wasn't doing anything longer as this was already too long.

Would be nice to try this again when it was cooler (and I was fitter). Would be really fun.

Spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening chatting with friends, and then, most importantly, heading off to a room reserved in Manchester instead of doing the wicked hard night-O and then climbing into a tent. Very wise decision as it is pouring here right now. Though I have done all the previous versions in their entireties, so there some sadness to bail, but not much.

Weather for the night-O --

Friday Sep 7, 2012 #


So I'm thinking of putting on next year's Billygoat at Earl's Trails -- unless someone else is really eager to do it -- and so of course, given the way my mind works, I'm thinking about what could be done differently.

One thing that seems to have happened over the years is that there are a number of people who have stopped doing the BG as they get older because it is too long for them. So why not have a shorter version too, something which is done at a bunch of other such events.

But what to call it. It seems the custom is that the shorter version has some sort of diminutive name, indicating its somewhat second-class status. That doesn't seem like the best PR. So on the way back from my run another name occurred to me -- instead of the short Goat, or the Nanny, or the Kid, it needs a fancier name, so how about the "Intense Billygoat" -- all the challenge and difficulty of the Billygoat packed into two-thirds the distance. Trim the time limit a little, maybe 3 hours. And see if we could get some of the old-timers to come back.

Just thinking....

1 PM

mountain biking 1:02:55 intensity: (41:57 @1) + (20:13 @2) + (45 @3) 4.64 mi (13:34 / mi) +627ft 12:01 / mi
ahr:105 max:133

Took my mountain bike down to Earl's Trails.

I am just not very good at this, though I suppose if I did more I might get a little better. Very very slow. See there are these roots, and a few rocks, and some sidehills and/or up and downs, much of which I can manage, and then a lot of trees just wanting to grab one of my handlebars, or sometimes two trees pretty close together that look they they are going to grab both. Slow on the ups, of course, but just as slow on the downs.

Not sure if I had the tires inflated right, had them about 35 psi? And I think next time, if there is a next time, I'll dispense with the toe clips. There seem to be more of a nuisance, given all the times I was getting in and out, than a help.

Sure seemed hard, for what I hear are beautiful single-track trails. Though I've never biked on narrow stuff before.

5 PM

trail running 37:35 intensity: (41 @1) + (8:51 @2) + (27:16 @3) + (47 @4) 3.2 mi (11:45 / mi) +715ft 9:42 / mi
ahr:136 max:159 shoes: pegasus #2

Bike trails on North Sugarloaf. Fell down 5 times. I can't believe it. Don't pick my feet up enough, catch a root or a rock, wham. Maybe mountain biking is the safer alternative.

Sweating a ton, as usual. But it will feel nice when the cool weather arrives.

Thursday Sep 6, 2012 #



6 PM

trail running 9:57 intensity: (1:32 @1) + (5:17 @2) + (3:08 @3) 1.05 mi (9:29 / mi) +3ft 9:27 / mi
ahr:123 max:137 weight:138lbs shoes: pegasus #2

It's always interesting what serves as motivation.

Ever since WMOC in early July, I've been expecting to pick out an event or two -- maybe orienteering, or running, or biking, or.... -- sometime this fall that would get me excited, both about doing it, and also about training to do it. But it hasn't really happened.

Then I was reading this last night. And it generated an almost immediate reaction that (1) the North Americans suddenly mattered, and (2) I had best get myself into shape. Fortunately there are still about 6 weeks to go.

So it was a very easy decision to head down to Holyoke this evening for the 5K, just to see how bad the news was. First race since February, that's a long time.

Warmed up a little, temp about 80F and humid, dew point upper 60s.

trail running 22:48 intensity: (26 @1) + (24 @2) + (7:02 @3) + (10:41 @4) + (4:15 @5) 3.13 mi (7:17 / mi) +20ft 7:14 / mi
ahr:154 max:168 shoes: pegasus #2

Didn't know what to expect, haven't tried to run fast or do any sort of speed work since trashing my Achilles and hamstring in Georgia in April. Not that this was fast, but everything is relative. Wanted to be under 8-minute miles, though 7:30 was about the best I could hope for.

At least I still know how to pace myself -- can still find what's hard enough so the heart rate slowly creeps up, but not so hard that my legs crap out. Tonight, if anything, I was a bit on the conservative side, but 5-10 seconds per mile quicker would have had me in trouble. Splits were 7:19, 7:19, 7:21, 49. Not bad.

But I sure need to get quicker and stronger.

trail running 10:09 intensity: (25 @1) + (2:52 @2) + (6:52 @3) 1.01 mi (10:03 / mi) +7ft 9:59 / mi
ahr:131 max:148 shoes: pegasus #2

And a little afterwards, easy pace, light fading, not the slightest breeze so the reservoir was a mirror reflecting bits of pink and red, all serene and gorgeous. Really wanted to go for a while, but it was dark 5 minutes later, and the legs had had enough too.

Quite content driving home.

Wednesday Sep 5, 2012 #



5 PM

trail running 50:42 intensity: (1:12 @1) + (8:36 @2) + (38:54 @3) + (1:46 @4) + (14 @5) 5.35 mi (9:29 / mi) +640ft 8:31 / mi
ahr:138 max:165 shoes: Brooks something-or-others

Over to and up South Sugarloaf and back. Not great joy in doing it, but glad to have done it.

Tuesday Sep 4, 2012 #

4 PM

trail running 38:36 intensity: (56 @1) + (4:48 @2) + (28:41 @3) + (4:09 @4) + (2 @5) 3.74 mi (10:19 / mi) +515ft 9:07 / mi
ahr:140 max:163 shoes: Brooks something-or-others

A couple of loops of the middle and upper trails at Poet Seat. Got it done. :-)


Monday Sep 3, 2012 #

10 AM

trail running 26:07 intensity: (56 @1) + (10:19 @2) + (14:52 @3) 2.22 mi (11:45 / mi) +276ft 10:31 / mi
ahr:130 max:151 shoes: Brooks something-or-others

A very short run on the way home, just to try to remember what running is like. Seemed a real struggle on the way out, though on the way back I discovered it had mostly been uphill on the way out. So maybe not quite so pathetic.

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