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In the 1 days ending Jun 3, 2007:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  orienteering1 1:00:47 4.04(15:03) 6.5(9:21) 755
  Total1 1:00:47 4.04(15:03) 6.5(9:21) 755
averages - sleep:6 weight:130lbs

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Sunday Jun 3, 2007 #

orienteering 1:00:47 [3] 6.5 km (9:21 / km) +755ft 7:57 / km
slept:6.0 weight:130lbs shoes: integrators 2006

Awesome day.

Woke up obviously quite dehydrated as the G was down to a modern era low (and very close to the all-time post-college low of 129, achieved by dropping 23 pounds in the first 6 weeks at Officer Candidate School in 1968).

I had decided late yesterday that I wanted to go orienteering today, and by orienteering I was thinking running and navigating, not just walking and navigating. My hamstring had survived the Billygoat and the rogaine without any complaints, so it was time to see where things stood. But I didn't really want to drive by myself, so I called up Phil. He was out, I left a message, but heard nothing last night. So no idea if I was going, nor where, since there were meets in the Boston area (Nobscot), east of Hartford (Gay City), and southwestern Connecticut (Trout Brook Valley) to choose from. Just hoping I would go.

8:40 this morning he calls up, just got my message. I was at his place in 30 minutes, headed to Nobscot as it turned out. Just fine, had been there several times, nice area, but my last visit was probably in the late 70s.

Drive over, tape up the one remaining bad blister, warm up for a few minutes, the legs feel dead but pain free. Then out on the course. Total screw up to the first control, no idea what I'm doing, but I'm running, in the woods too, not fast, but it feels ok. And I slowly remember how to orienteer, and slowly start to run a little faster, and grit my teeth and run up a few hills, and then even towards the end start to run a little faster. And I'm sweating away, and getting tired. And it feels so good just to be moving through the forest at least moderately well, because it's been so long. And I run a little harder still in from the last control, taking a bit of a risk, and the legs still feel fine. Yippee!

It may not last. I may screw things up tomorrow. But when you go for a long time enjoying something and sort of taking it for granted that you'll always be able to do it, and then you can't, and the months drag on, then getting it back even just for a day is so sweet.

Three fine weekends in a row -- the Billygoat, gone to just at the last moment thanks to some prodding from JJ here on AP, a wonderful mix of the social and the competitive even if I was not competitive, certainly an event I should never again think of skipping; the rogaine, a wonderful weekend with a new team, thanks again to Barb for prodding me to do it, doing better and having more fun than could be imagined; and now this, a good trip over and back with my good friend Phil, and then feeling great in the woods. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Of course I will no have no excuse now not to do some training. But it is nice to have that option.

Oh, and I took two scalps (scalpettes?), the WOC stars Sam and Hilly. Excellent.... :-)


Today's map.


First time at a local non-sprint meet in a while, and with a 3-hour registration period, the old feeling of ships passing in the night, various people you knew might be there, but who knows if you would see them.

Did see all the Saeger/Karpinski's, most running multiple courses, I believe Hillary was heading out on her third course when I saw her.

Also Cristina's mom, looking very stylish in her USA top.


Finally got around to doing the numbers on last weeks rogaine --

Did 66 km as the crow flies, maybe 75 km actual distance?
Climb was 12,700 feet.
Away from the hash house the whole time, I consumed 2,500 calories, had about 600 left over in my pack, always felt like I had enough to eat and good energy.
Still working on removing grass seeds from my shoes and socks, total number estimated in the billions....

And tried out new and thicker socks today, felt good. Got to go investigae shoe options.

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