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Training Log Archive: BP

In the 7 days ending May 5, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Walking6 2:52:00 9.63(17:52) 15.5(11:06)
  Orienteering4 2:16:57 10.53(13:00) 16.94(8:05) 47747 /54c87%
  Jogging3 1:07:00 7.21(9:18) 11.6(5:47)
  Strength2 1:00:00
  Spin1 20:00 6.84(2:56) 11.0(1:49)
  Track1 8:14 1.49(5:31) 2.4(3:26)
  Total10 7:44:11 35.69 57.44 47747 /54c87%

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Thursday May 5, 2011 #

Walking 33:00 [1] 3.0 km (11:00 / km)

Change in routine this am- drove to Kendall Green station in Weston (only 1 mile from Cat rock park) so tonite I miss the Cambridge /Alewife snarl.
Anyhow beautiful morning and enjoyed buccolic setting of Walden pond ( no swimmers) and Codman Estate.

Jogging warm up/down 11:00 [2] 2.0 km (5:30 / km)

before O - not really enough as legs stiff and sluggish tonite
6 PM

Orienteering race (Cat Rock Park O) 22:53 [4] *** 3.58 km (6:24 / km) +52m 5:58 / km

Course and map updates courtesy of Ed. Weather was kind and nice little area for sprint- straight line 3.1k. Decent effort with a hesitation into control 3 (didn't realize map scale was 7500 not 5000) and not so good route choice from 7-8 going left around wall rather than to trail, so maybe 50 secs dropped.

Wednesday May 4, 2011 #

Walking 21:00 [1] 2.0 km (10:30 / km)

Somewhat cool and breezy this am

Jogging warm up/down 24:00 [2] 4.0 km (6:00 / km)

before core

Strength (legs and core) 30:00 [3]

3x15 routine squats, hams gluts, back and core (rollouts, bird dogs, planks)

Tuesday May 3, 2011 #

Walking 20:00 [1] 2.0 km (10:00 / km)

Very nice out- hopefully track today

Jogging warm up/down 32:00 [2] 5.6 km (5:43 / km)

Before and after track plus 2 sets 4x50m strides and stretching/drills

Track intervals (MIT) 8:14 intensity: (7:14 @4) + (1:00 @5) 2.4 km (3:26 / km)

Decided if legs were OK after weekend to do some longer intervals- plan was 4x600m @mile pace (42s per 200) and 200 walk recovery (about 2 mins). Stiff breeze blowing down home straight made its presence felt. Out of the wind 40sec per 200 was the pace. Went as follows:
2:04, 2:03, 2:04, 2:03

Monday May 2, 2011 #

Walking 21:00 [1] 2.0 km (10:30 / km)

Pleasant morning


WP PM - great maps and courses and super job by the cadets on the organization front - a pleasure and a privilege to be there.
On the personal O front some lessons learned and areas to focus on. Middle sucked but long achieved goal of 5% error rate.
1. Precision vs speed- doing fine with the running now need to ensure map contact in complex terrain.
2. Confidence vs compass - lost confidence in the middle early and relied way too much on compass which let me down. Didn't plan routes or anticipate well on the mid but did on the long. Was sketchy in the circle on several controls on mid.
Looking back-hmm-not dissimilar to WCOC A meet Saturday race last year followed by good run on the Sunday- need time to unwind from work maybe.

Spin warm up/down 20:00 [2] 11.0 km (1:49 / km)

Turing over the legs nicely

Strength (arms and core) 30:00 [3]

3x12-15 usual sequence with ham curls thrown in.

Sunday May 1, 2011 #

Walking warm up/down 20:00 [1] 1.6 km (12:30 / km)

To start with some strides and dynamic stretches

Walking 27:00 [1] 2.4 km (11:15 / km)

Home by 4- walk the dogs and put to work in the yard to earn extra credits for future A meets :-)
9 AM

Orienteering race (long green X) 55:42 intensity: (20:00 @3) + (30:00 @4) + (5:42 @5) **** 6.57 km (8:29 / km) +230m 7:13 / km

Ah a redeeming type race which I would give an A. baseplate compass and no metal any where near- good lines but better map reading today. Slow in 1, error on 2 going to 2 as I was looking for a knoll but could only see a boulder adn another boulder with another flag which I went to check out- about 1:15 dropped there. rest were pretty clean with only minor hesitations and speed/confidence picked up as race went along (maybe 2 mins dropped). Enjoyed this course and the runnability of the terrain. Could have seen sub 54 but for number 2. Route choice bobble on way10 =30sec.
So all told a good first time experience at WP- nice maps/area and organization.
Straigth line 5.9k

Saturday Apr 30, 2011 #

Walking warm up/down 30:00 [1] 2.5 km (12:00 / km)

To the start with some strides.


Very pleasant dinner in Highland Falls with Bob and Beth, Jim, Hans and Ernst. Then back to Fishkill for lights out and sleepybys by 8.30- life in the fast lane!!
9 AM

Orienteering race (middle green X) 41:08 intensity: (30:00 @3) + (11:08 @4) **** 4.43 km (9:17 / km) +147m 7:58 / km

Aagh- bad Dobby- C level race with about 7 mins dropped. Messed up 1 off to left, reasonable next few but confidence in circle not really there- then stupid error on 6 as I was standing on top of the right knoll and got lured to another flag- again lack of confidence- then messed up 12 and 13 - compass off to left for 12 and drifted too low before realizing- 13 was on line then got the jitters about which line of cliffs- eventually read the map and saw the indistinct trail. Oh well a wake up call.
Consoled myself with " oh well first time at West Point" stuff. Anyhow later realized the source of my poor compass lines - usually for middle and sprint I use a thumb compass and for long a baseplate (don't ask my why old habits i guess) - anyhow I used a baseplate for this race and also wore a whistle (don't usually although I should) with a substantial metal clip on the end - likely interference.
Straight line =3.5k
1 PM

Orienteering race (sprint OBGr) 17:14 [4] **** 2.37 km (7:16 / km) +48m 6:36 / km

Felt pretty fresh after middle and started well and should have been a 15min job overall B race but dropped an bout 1;15 on control 7 by running past the line of small cliffs near the trail and got confused around 13 (30secs). At least better than the morning :-) A very technical sprint with lots of room for error.
Straight line 2.1k

Friday Apr 29, 2011 #

(rest day)

Admission- especially given not being a royalist- got up early to watch the pageantry, pomp and circumstance of the Royal Wedding- by spousal decree (personal note- met Ros 30 years ago at an Aussie party for Lady Di's wedding)- so, the things we do for love! And just maybe emotional ties to the United Kingdom and Commonwealth run deeper than I care to admit.

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