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Training Log Archive: bl

In the 7 days ending Apr 18, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering4 3:01:32 8.02(22:38) 12.91(14:04) 273
  Road running2 2:04:00 10.24(12:07) 16.48(7:31) 367
  Walk-jog2 25:24 1.33(19:06) 2.14(11:52) 39
  Total7 5:30:56 19.59(16:54) 31.53(10:30) 679

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Monday Apr 18, 2016 #


Marathon Monday

How many random memories might come to fore - 48 yrs from my first; bill rogers’ '75 2:09.27, stopping to tie a shoe lace; ’76 95F; johnny kelly in latter years still out in the dark; rosie ruiz "subbing it", newton-wellesley internship/fire station/turn right to Heartbreak; Sara Mae this weekend at High Rock and many yesterdays ago at Boston; evolving from b&w to vivid color; 2013 blast; no wind, tail wind, head wind, motorcycles and helicopters announcing the head of the pack; disability classes; ’77 when hamstrung, I raced the 4th woman to the finish around 2:57 (with a qual of 2:44); last turn to Copley; now security check points; but mostly the competition-endeavor; and legions of people participating/contributing in one manner or another, even "street" musicians, magicians, panhandlers - all adding to an anthropological panoply. How could I forget Amby Burfoot, '68 winner.

There was a woman with “Heart” artfully painted on her right cheek. She was using an iPhone with a shattered screen so "broken heart” came to mind. I wanted to take a photo but the press of people & rubbing of elbows proved too much. Flags from all countries, many we could not make out. A downtown breeze that revved to chilly as the 2 runners I spoke to told me the course was hot. Times reflected that. How long a thin line trickled in initially and even an unfamiliar quiet spell when little happened. We left before the real show, the peoples’ story. We had Mocha in the car in the Commons garage. She’d already had 2 nights in the back and we’d had our time on the road with the A meet and boatyard. With marathon memories bolstering, it was time to leave Boston and this lovely but brief marathon day. Though as I put our Commons garage ticket in the meter, I held back. It was hard to leave such a splendid April moment behind - they come once a year and are now gone - again. But still some more await ahead.

Sunday Apr 17, 2016 #

9 AM

Orienteering race 51:43 [3] 3.12 mi (16:35 / mi) +85m 15:17 / mi

Sunday Classic long, 4k. One bonafide mistake approaching #8 that cost approx a minute and several other small issues - total lost may have been 2.5’. Tops for me around 48.5’. Steve Tarry was the fastest Brown Y all three days. He's got more fuel in his tank. Ken Walker & I were close in Saturday middle final and Sunday long runs.

It’s both pleasing and important to perform to capability at these meets. I don’t always do it but pretty much did so this weekend. No mp’s and no significant loss of map contact are starting points. And w/o loss of map contact, there should be no mistakes to speak of.

A really fine weekend. Beth walked Mocha both days in the park & put in some see-how-it-goes miles for summer UK hiking with sciatica. We spent Sat & Sun night aboard the boat in Mattapoisett, and visited with Jim & Colleen in S. Dartmouth Sunday eve.

Saturday Apr 16, 2016 #

10 AM

Orienteering race 22:52 [3] 1.31 mi (17:27 / mi) +45m 15:46 / mi

NEOC Troll Cup at Gilbert Hills SF aka High Rock. Perfect weather - bright sunshine both days yet cool. Prelim Brown Y, clean run - somewhat pedantic, and usual Metro Boston vegetation for the most part to scratch & slow one down. A tiny map/course - 9 points in about 4 "squinches" (square inches).
2 PM

Orienteering race 21:54 [3] 1.21 mi (18:06 / mi) +50m 16:03 / mi

Middle final, 1.8k. Went directly to all points. Definite concern at the first, a pit.
Maybe 2 legs for better route choice - other than that, needed more hustle.

Thursday Apr 14, 2016 #

2 PM

Road running 55:38 [2] 4.43 mi (12:34 / mi) +197m 11:02 / mi

Rollins-Patch cw. Another fine day. Note that right thigh gets fatigued, slightly knotted after "too much" use. Seems "deterioration" is doing more than looking over my shoulder. Walked the big hills. Can't believe I covered 29 (pedestrian) mi in past 7 days - had to go back & look.

Wednesday Apr 13, 2016 #

3 PM

Road running 1:08:22 intensity: (38:22 @2) + (30:00 @3) 5.81 mi (11:46 / mi) +170m 10:47 / mi

Bog loop - perfect day weatherize, as fine a day as a year can offer. Tired, walked a lot of hills. Had WP maps from 4/82, Lake Stillwell and 2 from Oct., ’98, Long Mt. & Bull Pond, 1/15. Cause for pause, esp. the Stillwell maps, 34 yrs past. Could not recall any of the actual points. Stopped to read as well as read notes. Peepers were deafening at one point.

Tuesday Apr 12, 2016 #

2 PM

Orienteering 1:25:03 [2] 2.38 mi (35:44 / mi) +93m 31:52 / mi

Pawtuckaway O, taken slow. Waited for skies to clear but they did not until I was leaving. No rain, anyway but drippy boughs. Took an old course available from the entrance. Whenever taking it slow there, I see contour deficiencies but given canopy cover over so much, as well as terrain complexity, that’s par for the course. Lots of streamers and blue dots on tree trunks, evidently slated for the chopping block with some logging I understand that will take place. . What will that part look like from an O point of view after....

Called Garmin to see if data could be downloaded from the 310 w/o the ANT stick. Answer was no - the cable (w/ 2 contacts) is only for charging, unlike the 305. They have since rectified that design flaw. And generously offered to send me another ANT stick for free. I was most impressed w/ no wait time on the call & the degree of response. The ant stick should be larger as well as most carefully kept track of...thought I was doing that but it disappeared between cracks.

Walk-jog 15:24 [1] 0.83 mi (18:33 / mi) +39m 16:11 / mi

Back to lot.

Whiling away time
3 PM

Walk-jog 10:00 [1] 0.5 mi (20:00 / mi)

To start point.

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