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Training Log Archive: bl

In the 7 days ending May 24, 2010:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering1 3:15:04 6.9(28:15) 11.11(17:33) 680
  Road running4 3:03:59 17.93 28.86 245
  Walking3 1:12:00 2.0(35:59) 3.22(22:22)
  Total5 7:31:03 26.84 43.19 925

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Monday May 24, 2010 #

Walking 18:00 [1] 0.5 mi (35:59 / mi)

AM DP, not a lot worse, just some which is surprising considering all the climb etc. Warm day in the making.


Faraway series, photos from elsewhere, #17
Cliffs at Etretat, 1978*

a second photo from the summer of '78: one during which I sailed across the Atlantic to Falmouth, met old GF/orienteer Colleen Harrington in London, took a ferry across the Channel (including a spontaneous night on the LeHavre pier in a small 'cargo container'), then, by car, from Normandy to Switzerland for the Swiss '78 5 days; entered Colleen in F21A (or was it D21E?), not sure I was ever forgiven...however, she finished every the shadows lengthened.

*Inspired by Monet's "Cliffs at Etretat", 1885

Sedimentary rock deposited, compacted and likely shifted again and again (though it does not appear to be such) over the eons.

As I took a second look at Wikipedia, I noted the painting is owned by the Clark Institute in Williamstown. Didn't recall that. I was a Janson Art History 101-2 student at Williams '64-5. I do recall that Beth & I elected to sleep behind the Clark at my 25th graduation. It was an enticing June night...warm/dry, windy and spooky-to-be: some townies appeared, not 75 yards away, making a bonfire. They didn't see us hunkered in the grass. With the wind and the fire, it was a touch surreal. And surprising, perhaps, that the fire didn't get out of control.

Walking 20:00 [1] 0.5 mi (39:59 / mi)

PM DP, make these creatures happy.

Sunday May 23, 2010 #

Orienteering long 3:15:04 intensity: (2:25:00 @1) + (30:04 @2) + (20:00 @3) 11.11 km (17:33 / km) +680m 13:27 / km
shoes: Teva

BG at Mt. Tom, my worst but when one can't run that is to be expected. Came hoping I might be able to get by but it was apparent on the way to #1, after a few slips, that this hamstring was about strung*. I'd wanted to leap over tall buildings or at least make PG wear those ear plugs he showed me at the start or perhaps just jog along for most of the way but instead was reduced to largely a walkabout.

JJ lead a lot of us lemmings off in the wrong direction from the field. I ran some 200m before I decided to run back, find the path, taking the right hand route. Really blew #2 as did the Walkers (Ken more so, I think) - crossed a lot of terrain w/o positive ID; was so fed up with that corner & with time lost that I just skipped #3, smart or not. Quite a group appeared by #8, we were looking for it just a few meters away - well-placed or well-hidden. Saw a lot of Charlie on the 10-12 stretch then he got ahead. #13-15 were torture for me, even walking I managed some mistakes. #19 to 20 could have been fun under full power/effort - in places the hillside was very nice but one had to be careful with compass & what little feedback there was. It was absolutely gorgeous on the way to 21 & in departing it as well. Opted for the flat route in, just a bit faster than a walk (now I sound like PG:)). Many had been in for an hour - but there still was pizza!

Phil really did a remarkable job/amount of work. We were chatting for nearly an hour in his kitchen Saturday night, he was very much together! It was a quite the tour of the area, from the high & rocky to the low & marshy.

*did not wish to put an injury flag up for this but it's due

Road running 15:00 [2] +50m

To start, loosening up, wondering what was in store for a not-up-to-par left leg.

Road running 12:00 [2] 1.5 km (8:00 / km) +75m 6:24 / km
shoes: Teva

Jog to start, time/climb a guess.

Saturday May 22, 2010 #


A view of Mt. Tom from the Smith College campus (very lower left hand corner of the map)

PM drive to Northampton, arrived around 6pm. Visited Arcadia wildlife refuge,
Smith campus, Childs' park, old Northampton mental hospital grounds & country roads near by. Night at PB's, slept well in tent, only disturbance was the pleasant early morning birdsong (missed Adam's midnight return & early NYT delivery).

Ferns at Arcadia

Sunset color in Childs Park

Friday May 21, 2010 #

Road running 52:39 intensity: (35:00 @3) + (17:39 @4) 6.2 mi (8:30 / mi) +120m 8:01 / mi
shoes: New Balance 992

Fisk loop - needed something of a test since I've just been getting by &
being cautious for some 10 days. So started with a bit of energy. Ran less
than a mile & decided it was ok for a 64 y/o to run w/o tee shirt in Concord burbs/rural as it felt pretty hot (hi 70s) - more sun than shade. First split was around 14' - hard to tell - went uphill ok & high point in this direction is around 2 miles. First exact split was some 15" better than I expected. Couldn't
recall what the third should be - first thought 8.5'ish but when it was clear
it was going to be over 10', then I thought "over 10" but no bells rang.
Home under 14' for total of 52:39 which is completely encouraging. Constant
mild stiffness/soreness and a touch of dysfunctionality at the very end.
Stayed under a tree for a good 5' stretching. Reflected that the quads want
to work & readily bring the legs forward but the hams on the left aren't
willing to do their share pushing forward. Looked up sore area, distal
biceps femoris best correlates. Now to see if any fallout.

Thursday May 20, 2010 #


Long day with unexpected twists & turns. Off to Needham at 1245 for 2p meeting, over around 4:30. Not sure of distance to I 93, maybe 20 miles which took about 75' - formidable traffic, more vehicles than I thought possible & 'merge misery' at clover leaves. Finally 93 around 6:25 pm, ok to make Park O start but went N on 93.... When first exit was #37 and #'s went up, I realized I should have gone south. 93S traffic was bumper to bumper. Mighty disgusted, "go straight home, do not pass go". But maybe 5 miles later, cooled off as initial plan was to go to Carlisle, in part inspired by BP's post-O invite for a beer. The meet notwithstanding, we had a plan of our own to visit Carlisle for anniversary celebration since our relationship began in that area. First stop was a Conservation ponds walk with dogs, a mellow May evening, lots of red wing chatter. Then 251 Fiske (lived there '82-4 &'91-2). I was taking a photo when the owner appeared. We chatted & she invited us in. She was enlightened, amused, intrigued, curious by our account of the place before her time. Then over to BP's house, location only vaguely known, less than a mile away. A lady walking her dog gave us a lead. We spent a nice hour visiting with Bill (eventually returning from orienteering) & Ross. Interesting & memorable way to spend an anniversary eve. Asked Beth just this morning how come I didn't remember what we did last year. "We forgot it."


251 Fiske, winter '83: screen porch (from which we could greet passers-by on the quiet road) to right; Beth bought for $109K

27 years later: sliding glass doors we put in w/wisteria (c. '92), fence we made (just below photo) to replace the above fence now in disrepair, nice add-on deck, screen porch made into a room; a mere roadside "cottage" on 5 boggy acres bought for $525K a few years back

Wednesday May 19, 2010 #

Walking 18:00 [1] 0.5 mi (35:59 / mi)

AM DP, went to higher entrance to power line - refresh the view. The sky, a gray smudge of clouds coming from the NE. Rained moderately last night, needed it. Noted again the cutting of sumac by the mystery cutter that can cut 3" thick, around boulders, chew up/spit out what's cut etc.

Ferns filling in at 7 Allen

the other day. Free (and maintenance-free), attractive and back year after year

Road running 47:52 [3] 5.5 mi (8:42 / mi)
shoes: New Balance 992

Luti 5, raining. Can't say I'm missing much this eve - it won't be hot but
won't be nice either - no lingering on a fine May evening. Ran with a bit
more effort than in past week - have to get going soon to see what goes.
Park O tomorrow, BG Sunday. Turned out to be a 'sopper' of a day.

Road running 12:00 [2] 0.8 mi (15:00 / mi)
shoes: New Balance 992

AM DP, gem of a morning. A bit more than walking - cover a tad more distance, less time, dogs =y satisfied.

Tuesday May 18, 2010 #

Walking 16:00 [1] 0.5 mi (31:59 / mi)

DP, a little shorter, clouds, cooler. Don't think dogs know when they are short-changed, unless by magnitudes of order. Already May 18th! Tempus fugit.

Road running 44:28 [3] 4.5 mi (9:53 / mi)
shoes: New Balance 992

Noon Water Tower, a 2' loop around Memorial track on the way. Always a left ham "feeling", can't say it held me back but "tired" since track w/o last Tu that left me w/ "ham awareness" Wed; possibly, a bit hypochondriacal or running on 1.7-1.8 legs. But ran up to the Tower thinking this is no different from usual.

No 5k tomorrow - a cast of 5-6000, half runners right through the workplace parking lot. I'll busy myself around the yard as it's not my party this year. 5k's are a dime a dozen even if this the hometown scene, music to boot.

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