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Training Log Archive: GlenT

In the 7 days ending Mar 20, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Orienteering2 2:39:11 12.12(13:08) 19.5(8:10) 40615 /23c65%90.5
  Road Run2 1:12:20 8.46(8:33) 13.62(5:19) 17019.6
  Erging1 23:006.9
  Total5 4:14:31 20.58(12:22) 33.12(7:41) 57615 /23c65%117.0
  [1-5]5 4:14:05

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Sunday Mar 20, 2011 #

9 AM

Orienteering race 1:19:30 [4] *** 10.0 km (7:57 / km) +200m 7:14 / km
ahr:144 max:160 spiked:8/12c shoes: Black Jalas

Red at GNC. Another mediocre run. Temperatures about 60 and overcast so much better running weather than yesterday. Messed up the first control (again). It was also the first conrtol on Yellow ('nuf said, although I don't think I'd have used it on a Yellow course). Navigated well for the next several controls, although a few of them were substantially just the reverse of some of yesterday's legs and one actually used the same control location approached slightly differently. There were parts of the map which were unused, so there's no reason that there had to be so much overlap. Drifted off line on two of the later controls and lost some significant time, probably a total of about 12 minutes on the whole course. First in M45. Competition a bit thin.

Did a faceplant just before #5. No significant damage since I landed on soft stuff, but my Forerunner stopped and I didn't restart it until #7, about 18 minutes later. Estimate I covered ~10 km. Course was described as 7.7km straight line distance with 280m of climb (counted on the straight line?).

Whereas yesterday's course was fine, today's course really needed some serious input from a controller (or at least a consultant). Many of today's controls were set as Orange level controls for some reason, although they still offered route choices. A couple of controls were dog-leggy (Green Y had a blatant dogleg). Control descriptions really needed some work (worst case had a rootstock circled and the description was "clearing, stream, north edge" - there was some yellow and a stream at the east edge of the control circle). End rant.

Saturday Mar 19, 2011 #

11 AM

Orienteering race 1:19:41 intensity: (8 @1) + (21 @2) + (16:08 @3) + (1:03:00 @4) + (4 @5) *** 9.5 km (8:23 / km) +206m 7:34 / km
ahr:152 max:167 spiked:7/11c shoes: Black Jalas

Red course, Georgia Navigator Cup. Sunny and hot (low - mid 80's). I am not acclimated to this! Sloppy start with mistakes on 4 of the first 5 controls. Probably lost about 10 min total. Map printed at 1:15000 with tiny control circles made it tough to see details, especially near the controls. Seemed to be more ditches/gullies than the map showed. Vegetation mapping didn't always match what I saw. Course used the terrain well and offered several route choice legs. Straightline distance 7.3km with 230m of climb.

Thursday Mar 17, 2011 #

6 PM

Road Run 35:11 intensity: (15 @0) + (1:17 @1) + (8:28 @2) + (22:34 @3) + (2:37 @4) 4.16 mi (8:27 / mi) +108m 7:49 / mi
ahr:132 max:154 shoes: NB878 - #10

A run around the block on a fine Spring day. About 55F - just fine for shorts.

Tuesday Mar 15, 2011 #

6 PM

Road Run 37:09 intensity: (11 @0) + (53 @1) + (16:08 @2) + (19:36 @3) + (21 @4) 4.3 mi (8:38 / mi) +62m 8:16 / mi
ahr:130 max:156 shoes: NB878 - #10

DST means back to the roads. Haven't done a road run since Jan 2 except for warm-ups for snowshoe races. More fun to run on snow and/or in the woods. Still a bit brisk in the low 40's with a breeze. 66N, Shaker Museum Rd. and back. Either the heart rate monitor or my heart appear to have been behaving peculiarly. (I'm going with the monitor.)

Monday Mar 14, 2011 #

5 PM

Erging 23:00 [3] 0.0 mi
ahr:125 max:153

A PR for 5k - 21:57, although a bit of a hollow victory since this is the first I've ever rowed/erged that far. Did 2000m in the middle in 8:11. The rest was more or less rowing at a more reasonable pace. ~5.2 k total.

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