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Training Log Archive: Wally80

In the 7 days ending Aug 30, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+m
  MTB Ride1 3:29:27 34.06(9.8/h) 54.82(15.7/h)
  Flat Paddle2 2:42:42 12.4(13:07) 19.96(8:09)
  Run1 28:00
  Stretching1 15:00
  Total5 6:55:09 46.47 74.78
  [1-5]4 6:40:09

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Sunday Aug 30, 2009 #

MTB Ride (MTBO (Pickering Brook)) 1:32:25 [4] 28.6 km (18.6 kph)
ahr:157 max:178 shoes: Anthem MTB

Good ride, I was hoping that the rains would have made the tracks a bit firmer than they were but the drive in put paid to those hopes.

Started alongside Rach and had to ride hard to look good for her. Turning down the wrong first track destroyed that. controls 1-3 I chose the slightly longer routes with less climb since I haven't been doing much hill stuff recently. Went the north way round to 5 so I got to ride through the deep creek twice. Filled my right shoe with water on this crossing so it was nice an numb.

I knew the NE corner had lots of overgrown tracks but it didn't stop me overshooting the track into 6, luckily it wasn't far to Ashendon Rd. I chose to go the long way around to 7 to stick on the better tracks, I think I spotted the little track into it on the way though but I didn't slow down to make sure.

My map board fell off about here so things slowed down a bit. It was a blessing in disguise as I now think I have figured out a way to stop it doing that again in time for Caffeinated.

Rode well to 8, took the north track to 9 and went the long way through the quarry. Just as I got to the intersection north of 9 Jake was telling Bae that there was definitely a track behind that tree so I rolled straight through. Got a bit confused by the unmapped logs on that trail but bashed down to the control. Back out onto Weston Rd to 10, the lttle maze just before Westons road was hard with the map hanging down near my front wheel, I had to stop a couple of times to be certain of which way to go.

Dropped back onto Westons then ducked down into 11, popped back out for the sprint to the finish. Beat some nameless Perth competitors over the line and subtly celebrated.

MTB Ride (boom.) 1:57:02 [3] 26.22 km (13.4 kph)
ahr:144 max:171 shoes: Anthem MTB

Robbie was running too late for the MTBO so we went for a ride after.

Followed a trail that nobody told me about to canning mills road then up the road to the Pickering Brook store, I think we got on the wrong trail heading north from here, then briefly on the right bit. Then very much the worng bit. Ended up riding through an orchard and throwing our bikes over the fence on the other side. Then near on killed myself riding up and then down a very steep hill. relocated just in time to hop on the WNM, Robbie thrashed me up this and I eventually panted my way to the top.

Followed the trail north ish to the Munda Biddi then headed back towards Pickering brook on that. I fell in a massive heap around about here and the slog back was hard. very hard. Didn't help that I had only bought one gel for the entire ride, Robbie took pity on me and fed me towards the end.

Realised this was my biggest ride probably since Keen. Oh well, it's never too late to start training.

Saturday Aug 29, 2009 #

Flat Paddle 1:46:00 [3] 14.5 km (7:19 / km)
shoes: Bathtub

Paddle with 3/4's of our Caffeinated team, now we have only got two people on the team that haven't met each other yet.

Met up near UWA and split up with Louise and Robbie in the yellow submarine, Rach and myself in Moby Dick. went for a loop down around Herrison Island and back.

The yellow submarine was a fair bit longer than Moby and I hope that was the reason that we couldn't stay anywhere near them. Otherwise it is going to be a very long Caffeinated.

All the way down to the narrows they had to stop and wait for us. Once we got past the narrows it flattened out enough for us to jump on their wash, neither boat was particularily easy to steer though so we were swerving all over the show trying to stay there. GPS gave an average of about 9km/hr through this section which is absoloutely trucking I thought.

We wash hung all teh way back to the narrows then once we got back in the rough stuff it became too hard adn we struck out by ourselves, Robbie may have been tiring since we seemed to hold them better through here, except when Rach stopped paddling to squeal.

Felt pretty good at the end, a slight wrist niggle that was probably due to me adjusting my stroke to avoid hitting Rach. She forgot her helmet but I only got her 5 times. Pretty good I think.

Went back to Robbies to chat about Caffeinated. Never too late to start planning. Then went to Andre's to chat about XPD. Never too early to start planning.

Friday Aug 28, 2009 #

(rest day)

Carn the Mighty Eagles!

Thursday Aug 27, 2009 #

Run 28:00 [3]
shoes: Brooks Adrenaline 3

Jog down the coast, forgot to download data (didn't want to show off that I had a GPS while Rach's is busted)

Felt OK healthwise but I was sitting at about 170-180 bpm whilst not even doing 5 minks. I took that as a confirmation that I was a bit sick and am still getting over it and backed off.

Wednesday Aug 26, 2009 #

Flat Paddle 56:42 [3] 5.46 km (10:23 / km)
ahr:100 max:150 shoes: Epic V10

Decided that there were enough sick people on AP so I will go back to being healthy.

Some really good technique work that despite all expectations I managed to not fall out during.

Coach Cimon thankfully remembered some of my shortcomings from the video session and had a chat about leg drive and shoulder rotation, whilst my blade goes close to where it should that is mainly due to having long arms, not good technique.

Reps up and down off Koombana bay taking turns focusing on front hand, rear hand/elbow then leg drive. followed by starts. I suck at starts. good thing I don't do clubbie races.


I have noticed that my bike shoes have been getting really uncomfortable lately so I went out and replaced them. As I used my old shoes to copy the cleat position across I though that the position was a bit odd, possibly not what I had originally set?

Still set them up the same way and it wasn't until Rach noticed the writing "Wil" and his phone number written on the back of the shoe that I realised somethig was up.

I am guessing that we swapped shoes during transition at Teva. whoops. At least my new ones aren't the base model Specalised that everyone else seems to wear.

Tuesday Aug 25, 2009 #

Stretching 15:00 [0]

Pretty much better but took a cautionary rest day to be good for Caffeinated. still very tight muscles

Monday Aug 24, 2009 #

(rest day)

not quite 100% so a rest day.

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