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Training Log Archive: jennycas

In the 7 days ending Sep 28, 2014:

activity # timemileskm+m
  orienteering2 2:01:53 7.52(16:13) 12.1(10:04)
  swimming1 36:00 0.62(57:56) 1.0(36:00)
  running1 30:00
  Total4 3:07:53 8.14 13.1

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Sunday Sep 28, 2014 #

11 AM

orienteering race (Aus Middle Champs) 36:32 [4] 3.7 km (9:52 / km)
shoes: Inov8 Oroc spikes

Lover's Ridge. As armchair IOF event adviser, I'd seen the elite courses so decided to run W35. There's something to be said for acting my age. Cathy Hogg was delighted that she beat me, but I still got a badge for the first time in years :)

We were privileged to run on a Juffymap. I especially liked the first part with no undergrowth and a cool creek network. The second part had rocks in and lots of people milling around one particular hillside where I lost maybe up to a minute not being in the same place as the cliff I wanted. Starting to get a bit hot in the sun towards the end, but immediately after I finished it saw fit to rain - go figure.

I think I might by now be prepared to concede that I am actually on holidays, and that work is 3000km away.

Saturday Sep 27, 2014 #

11 AM

orienteering race (WA long champs) 1:25:21 [3] 8.4 km (10:10 / km)
shoes: Inov8 Oroc spikes

Spice Brook, in the rain. Loved it, especially the wildflowers. Escarpments with deeply incised creeks and flat vague bits in between where each soaking-wet bush looked exactly like the next. Mostly managed to run fluently, if slowly. Did a couple of dumb things such as running down the wrong spur on the short leg 6-7, and on 13 hitting the gully below the control and then going further downstream instead of upstream, losing about 3 min in the process. But at least on the leg beforehand I was smart enough to keep an eye on Craig's bearing as insurance against running off the southern edge of the map.

Met up with Allison & Shannon & Cathy that evening for dinner which was nice, until as we were leaving the pub in Northam a couple of drunken dickheads were attempting to have a go at the kebab shop owner across the road because he was Muslim. As Geoff is fond of saying, people really are that stupid :(

Friday Sep 26, 2014 #


Had hoped to fit in a short run after walking dog and packing and cooking enough food to leave for George for a week, but dogwalking was disrupted by the random dog which bounded up to Meatloaf and started chewing on his ear. It was being walked in the park by a mother with 2 daughters but when the smaller of them took the leash I knew exactly what would happen. The dog (which had a degree of staffy in it, I reckon) started running towards us, pulled the leash out of her hands, crossed the road and before Meatloaf could react, started biting at his neck. Naturally I screamed and tried to push bigdog off, then I thought of letting Meatloaf's leash go so he could run away, but the other dog was gnawing on his ear.

The mother ran up and the dog responded to her, but she didn't really tell it off, nor did she apologise although she looked embarrassed. I guess she had a tearful daughter to contend with. Meatloaf didn't seem particularly perturbed at the fact that the other dog had drawn blood, but I was pretty upset. Got him home (only a couple of blocks) and found that I no longer had my house keys; they must have been dropped when I was dog-wrestling. Attempted to break in to the back yard but realised that I'd then have to break in to the house anyway, so tied my dog to the towbar of the derelict Troopy (it's finally come in useful for something apart from being the cats' second home) and ran back to find the keys.

Maybe when we move house the neighbourhood dogs won't be such bogans!


Why does Qantas decide to cancel a direct Adelaide-Darwin flight on Christmas morning, but still leave it available every other day?
Already we had to cancel our Jetstar flights and rebook on Qantas because they were at a civilised time when we booked but were subsequently changed to the wet-season overnight schedule; now we are apparently going through Sydney and getting in at 10:30pm, having missed all of Christmas Day with the new niece or nephew :(

Thursday Sep 25, 2014 #


Pretty much what Tuesday's log said. Really starting to feel like a mouse on a treadmill wheel.

Wednesday Sep 24, 2014 #

7 AM

swimming 36:00 [3] 1.0 km (36:00 / km)

I've been waiting for this since May. Spent much of it thinking about chemotherapy workload and workflows. Also was surprised that my ITB didn't like swimming, which was a bit disappointing, because the rest of me did.

Tuesday Sep 23, 2014 #


Gave up on trying to sort out next week's chemo orders at 9pm. Bloody EPAS...I still don't have half of this week's orders yet anyway.

Monday Sep 22, 2014 #

7 PM

running (Monday night) 30:00 [3]
shoes: Asics Kayano 19

Two Dogs Run. Zara turned up with Bear & Callum on leads, handed one of them over to Simon and they were off into the distance while the rest of us (Tyson, Troy, Bridget and myself) trotted along conversationally down to Frank Smith Park and back up through the pine forest.

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