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Training Log Archive: JanetT

In the 7 days ending Aug 6, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Orienteering3 3:03:10 6.65(27:33) 10.7(17:07) 20936 /39c92%668.5
  Pilates class2 1:50:00110.0
  Exerc. Class2 1:50:00110.0
  Running (track)1 16:58 1.41(12:02) 2.27(7:29)58.1
  Running (treadmill)1 8:48 0.75(11:44) 1.21(7:17)26.4
  Walking1 7:21 0.5(14:42) 0.81(9:08)14.7
  Fitness equipment1 5:08
  Total9 7:21:25 9.31 14.98 20936 /39c92%987.7
  [1-5]8 7:16:17
averages - sleep:7 rhr:52

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Saturday Aug 6, 2011 #

10 AM

Orienteering race (Brown Middle) 1:10:47 [4] *** 3.7 km (19:08 / km) +110m 16:39 / km
spiked:10/12c shoes: Jala Jukola Spider 6 #2

Sprague Brook Park. Temp in upper 70's and very humid. Glasses were no good after a few controls.
WinSplits / RouteGadget

Distance and climb above as reported on control descriptions. I made it a bit longer...
FR = 5.28 km, 152 climb

I was doing fine through 7. Safely identified the trail to 1, then in from the N. Back to trail for 2, between the hills to dot knoll. Compass to trail, then off the sharper of the two trail bends to 3. 4 on compass, reading the spur; 5 compass to trail, then around until I saw the building just north. Okay, those were easy, but can't get too complacent.

6 was a slog to get to the trail across the stream. I went west to the gentler spur and then headed NW to hit the stream near the sharp bend. Climbed the hillside at an angle (crossing the trail/"clearing" which looked more like a stream), taking the sharp reentrant that touches the trail, then W to the depression. Careful compass to 7 (I was still talking to myself here), ignoring the other people in the area.

Then it all fell apart. Thought I was headed SSW to the trail which I was going to take to the bend before heading to the swamp. I think I actually headed WSW and hit the trail much farther down the hill, then got confused in the trails/contours near the edge of the map, wandering off the map for several minutes before heading back and eventually finding the proper swamp/rootstock.

Left 8, south to the trail. More disaster, as I though I had climbed past the pond (never saw it) and angled down the hillside to hit the clearing/earth bank at the stream just northwest of the control circle. At least that was my plan. Execution is another story. I think I crossed to the slope-edge trail much sooner and angled down a pretty steep slope and crossed almost due south. Ran to road to relocate and found myself way far away. Instead of running the road I took the trail towards the campground, which was slower. Had to duck into the woods near playground to avoid the out-of-bounds, then hesitated at someone else's control in a reentrant. Got too low, near the stream before realizing it was up another contour. Ugh. Then had to make my way back toward the playground.

10 through finish were fine, though it was a slog climbing that last hill to the rock pile at 11 (through the woods which were wide-open; I didn't see any advantage to taking the road).

AP calculates about 19 or so minutes of error, though some of that is on #6 which is just slowness due to hills. I figured 16-17 minutes on 8 and 9.

Glad I got my head on straight on Sunday.

2 PM

Orienteering race (Sprint) 24:07 [5] *** 2.8 km (8:37 / km) +29m 8:11 / km
spiked:17/17c shoes: Trail NB 706 9D # 1

Course 3 (Red/Blue) at Sprague Brook Park
FR = 3.00 km
WinSplits / RouteGadget

Lovely little wide-open park sprint with just a few dashes into the woods. Like several others I changed into a cute little running skirt and sleeveless top based on the promise of open running. Just wish I was a bit faster, but I finished only about 45 seconds behind Linda Kohn, so don't feel too bad about my total time. Glen started 4 minutes back and didn't catch me until #9, the tree in the field near the west edge of the map.

Couldn't kick it in in the final sprint because hamstring was making itself known, so I kept it smooth instead.


Friday Aug 5, 2011 #

rhr:52 slept:7.0 (rest day)

Thursday Aug 4, 2011 #

10 AM

Pilates class 55:00 [1]

Using bands; no medium resistance ones available but I got a light one. Stiff would make my hip worse, and I don't want to strain it more. Lots of stretching.

11 AM

Fitness equipment (erg) 5:08 [0]

1000m on Concept 2 rower.

RDLs with 18lb bar; pulldowns 8 @ 68.25lbs; one-leg squats, 15/leg

Wednesday Aug 3, 2011 #

9 AM

Exerc. Class 55:00 [1]

In Chatham. Quads a bit tight from yesterday's intervals so extra stretching called for. Right hip area still sore--extra hip flexor stretching? (seems muscular/nerve oriented rather than anything in the joint, though joint unevenness could cause muscular problems, I suppose...)

Tuesday Aug 2, 2011 #

10 AM

Pilates class 55:00 [1]

Using weights (and body weight for some, like planks). Right hip tight and sore all through class despite Tylenol before.

11 AM

Running (treadmill) warm up/down 8:48 [3] 0.75 mi (11:44 / mi)
shoes: Saucony Shadow 6000 8.5 #4-Y

Warming up for intervals, as my hip was still hurting. The warm up helped, but hip still bothering a bit.

Running (track) intervals 16:58 intensity: (8:55 @2) + (8:03 @5) 1.41 mi (12:02 / mi)
shoes: Saucony Shadow 6000 8.5 #4-Y

4 x 345m fast with ~225m slow (walking), CCW (better for my hip than CW, but I have to go the direction the "arrow" points -- they alternate it every day).

2:00 / 2:17
2:01 / 2:07
2:00 / 2:15
2:02 / 2:16

I know I've done these a little faster (1:58-1:59), but didn't have it in me today, nor to do more than 4. At least I was consistent. ~ 5.8 min/km

Walking warm up/down 7:21 [2] 0.5 mi (14:42 / mi)
shoes: Saucony Shadow 6000 8.5 #4-Y

Walk / jog to finish up, then a lot of stretching.

Monday Aug 1, 2011 #

9 AM

Exerc. Class 55:00 [1]

Humid, so exerciseing was sweaty. Workout was 5-5-5 x 2 plus warmup/abs/stretching.

Sunday Jul 31, 2011 #


Quick route of my track near #8 on Saturday's Brown.:

From Track jpg files

10 AM

Orienteering race (Brown day 2) 1:28:16 [3] *** 4.2 km (21:01 / km) +70m 19:24 / km
spiked:9/10c shoes: Jala Jukola Spider 6 #3

Slightly better day (at least OUR course wasn't thrown out; the Red was due to 2 missing controls), but still a big dumb error, on number 4.

1 -- Watched folks out of the start and headed down the SW trail before cutting off it near the bend. Saw the mapped trickle just before the rise of the spur.
2 -- Carefully compassed to 2, arriving at the "hill" when I expected to. Circled around it from below to find the flag.
3 -- Crossed stream at junction and headed for the stone wall segments to be sure I knew where I was on the hill, then bounced off the clearing to the knoll.
4 -- Tried to do this on compass, but should have taken the safe route out to the road (though longer). When I hit the first indistinct road I had a pretty good idea where I was, but I think I was drawn off by another green area and veered SE too far. Tried to relocate off a stonepile on the hill to the south, but couldn't definitely identify which one it was. Then headed back north before deciding to head to the road. Attacked off the spot where the broken-down stone wall symbol is adjacent to the road but still had to correct to the right. Lost 20-22 minutes!
5 -- Compass worked on this one; kept going right by another control in the wrong feature and not far enough along, although a fellow who'd punched at 4 just ahead of me and was headed the same way swung by to check the code.
6 -- Along the first index-contour hill and then up and over the next one, bypassing another control on the marsh between the bigger hills.
7 -- Didn't trust myself to just compass, so swung to the north/northeast to use the steeper hill as a handrail, though I didn't go all the way down to it. Hit stone wall segments before the control, including a junction and knew right where I was.
8 -- Down the hill to the road; left knee had some sharp pains in a new spot (upper inside), which took awhile to run out so I slowed down a bit here. Trail to bend then counted hills.
9 -- Mostly straight; passed Green Y control in clearing to ESE.

Managed to hold on to 2nd place, partly by attrition, but I was 20 minutes back of Mary Jo who had another pretty decent run with a few little bobbles, she said.

FR = 5.971 km / 82m climb

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