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Training Log Archive: Cristina

In the 7 days ending May 24, 2008:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Running5 3:09:22 18.31 29.46 100370.5
  Orienteering2 2:25:42 4.72 7.6 44018 /27c66%397.8
  Cycling3 2:20:00280.0
  Strength/Core1 10:0010.0
  Total6 8:05:04 23.03 37.06 54018 /27c66%1058.3
averages - sleep:6

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Saturday May 24, 2008 #

Orienteering 20:00 [1] ***
shoes: Paul (inov8 Mudclaw 270)

on the model map for the sprint.

Running warm up/down 10:00 [1]
shoes: Paul (inov8 Mudclaw 270)

warm up and stretching before the start. The walk up the hill to the start also served as a good warmup for the warmup.

Orienteering race 25:42 [4] *** 3.1 km (8:17 / km) +60m 7:34 / km
ahr:186 max:199 spiked:11/18c slept:6.0 shoes: Paul (inov8 Mudclaw 270)

Well, no disasters, which is always a good thing, but lots of running arond things hastily and a few instances of gong right by the control. It wasn't so much speed that was the issue in this sprint as speed at which I can navigate cleanly. I haven't run very many sprints that were tricky enough to be that kind of challenge, but this was definitely one of those. Prbabky the most challenging.

A very nice map and a very good course, overall downhill, which means I had more energy for faster running... Which led to more small mistakes. Not the run I wanted to have today, but at least it was fair and fun. I feel like I've plateaued (is that how that's spelled?).

Thursday May 22, 2008 #

Cycling (road) 30:00 [2]

On to base to the track for some fitness tests. It had been widely advertised that the gym would be closed today for a dedication ceremony (it will no longer be "the new gym"), but no one had mentioned that the track would be, too. Luckily we hadn't started the run when the cops showed up to kick people off - one guy was in the middle of his test and had to stop! So we moved to the road by the flightline instead. Couldn't understand why we couldn't use the track, especially two hours before the ceremony, until we saw that they were using the infield as a helo landing zone during the ceremony. They should have just said so...

Running (road) 41:00 [2] 4.3 mi (9:32 / mi)
shoes: Gus (Asics 2120)

Running home from work. First, the power went out while I was trying to wrap stuff up before the weekend. Then I discovered that I had a flat on my bike. No tools or tubes, and I was the last to leave to squadron, so I had no choice but to run home. Not a bad experience, especially since it's downright chilly for May. Almost got thunderstormed on, too, but that would have made it a triple-play, which is just too much luck for one day.

Wednesday May 21, 2008 #

Running (trail) 50:00 [2] 4.5 mi (11:07 / mi) +100m 10:24 / mi
ahr:166 max:180 shoes: Asics B&Y

New levels of ridiculousness last night at work. The most important impact was that I was able to come home hours earlier than planned, which made it possible to get to bed early enough to get up and run this morning. Made it out to the Broadway trailhead by 6:30, and it was a gloriously pleasant 73... when I started running. Got a little warm by the end, but nothing like yesterday. Legs still feel heavy, though.

There is now a sign on the trailhead board about increased cougar sightings in the area. They've even closed segments of trails that appear to go through cougar habitat for safety reasons. My route didn't take me quite to those segments, but I still ran without music for the first bit. I like to at least pretend that I'd be able to hear one coming. I don't know why I'm so much more freaked out about cougars than snakes, wolves, bears, or anything else, but I think it might have to do with the fact that the idea of having my neck snapped by what is essentially a large kitty just throws my world view for a loop.

Cycling (road) 25:00 [2]

In to work. Hellacious wind. Might keep us from flying, even.

Cycling (road) 30:00 [2]

Ride home. Still windy and I missed the Swan gate by about 1 minute. The wind, probably normal by Laramie standards, was too much today. I never even took my helmet out of my locker.

Tuesday May 20, 2008 #

Running (road/dirt) 43:00 [1] 4.1 mi (10:29 / mi)
ahr:168 max:184 shoes: Gus (Asics 2120)

Morning run, bike path. Working tonight and I needed sleep, which means I couldn't pry myself out of bed until after 8. Not so great - it was already about 90, but it felt even hotter and my legs were pretty stiff and sore from Sunday's activities. I ran as slowly as my body seemed to want to, but it still wasn't fun... and I came back three pounds lighter than when I left. Yikes.

Monday May 19, 2008 #

Cycling (road) 35:00 [2]

In to work and to the optometry clinic and back. Apparently my eyes still work.

Cycling (road) 20:00 [2]

Ride home after a long day and in some heat. I think I will call today the first day of summer for two reasons: 1) it was the first day we hit the glorious temperature of 100F and 2) it was a weird day at work for me, with an abrupt change in office jobs. I haven't yet determined whether or not this is a good thing, but it seems appropriate to start a new season mentally with the new job. First thing I did was check to see if there was a good place to park my bike in the new office. (There is.)

Sunday May 18, 2008 #

Running warm up/down (road) 23:00 [2] 2.3 mi (10:00 / mi)
ahr:159 max:172 shoes: Gus (Asics 2120)

Ran from home to Reid Park for the Tucson 5000. This was a good warmup, but I left too early - it only took about 18 minutes to get there and I arrived a whopping 42 minutes before the start. Hung around, chatted, then ran a few more minutes closer to the gun with some light strides.

The Visitor (1)

Strength/Core (stretching) 10:00 [1]

Stretching before the start, especially hips. They felt tight on the run over and definitely while stretching.

Running race (road) 22:22 [4] 5.0 km (4:28 / km)
ahr:189 max:196 shoes: Gus (Asics 2120)

Tucson 5000. A flat road course around Reid Park, starting at 7am. It probably wasn't even 80 yet, but it felt pretty hot out there in the sun.

Mile splits:

First mile: For the first time ever in a road race I didn't start out too fast. Steady for the whole mile, and the hoards of people who screamed by me in the first couple hundred meters didn't look so good as I passed them along the way. Still feeling pretty good for the second mile, thought maybe I'd be able to go a bit faster for the last mile+. Picked it up for the first half of the third mile only to crash for the last bit. Ended up with a 7:15, but that's deceptive, as the last half was certainly much slower. Finished with :47 for a 22:22.

A PR on a warm day, so I am happy about that. However, all signs point to the idea that I should be able to run this distance significantly faster right now (under 22?). I dunno. Not much to do about it except work harder towards anti-slow.

Also second in my age group, behind (probably way behind) Jess. This was totally and completely unexpected, but quite cool, especially since the prize (a tile) was unique and displayable.

Orienteering 1:15:00 [3] *** 4.5 km (16:40 / km) +380m 11:43 / km
ahr:172 max:186 spiked:7/9c shoes: Paul (inov8 Mudclaw 270)

Green course at Bear Wallow. Steep. High altitude. Slippery. Lots of climb. Pretty fun anyway. Too bad the map stinks.

Since it's a really slow area and there's not much to the map, you don't have to think very fast. So not much to screw up, except I did. Minor goof in not seeing the left route choice on the third leg. I'm sure I would have taken that route had I considered it, but I don't think it would be that much better. Then muffed up six - a parallel confusion based on an amazing assortment of cliffs and boulders that are not on the map. I felt like I hadn't gone far enough to be at the feature, but there was my visual attackpoint: a cliff on the edge of a little spur, with a collection of boulder fields below. I wouldn't have put controls down there without adding a few dozen 2m+ rock features to the map, but that's just me. No other problems, and it was fun to be orienteering in the coolness of the top of the mountain.


Orienteering 25:00 [2]
ahr:144 max:173 shoes: Paul (inov8 Mudclaw 270)

Control retrieval. Seabass and I picked up a control on the top of a hill, then I ran down the hill to pick up 5 more and she picked me up on the bottom. That's the way to do it...

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