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Training Log Archive: Cristina

In the 7 days ending Sep 24, 2006:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Orienteering2 3:07:56 9.74(19:17) 15.68(11:59) 44327 /50c54%584.8
  Running3 2:01:10 13.07(9:16) 21.03(5:46)277.8
  Cycling2 1:30:00 22.15(14.8/h) 35.65(23.8/h)150.0
  Strength/Core4 45:0045.0
  Total6 7:24:06 44.96 72.36 44327 /50c54%1057.7
averages - sleep:7.3

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Sunday Sep 24, 2006 #

Orienteering race 1:42:22 [3] *** 7.8 km (13:07 / km) +180m 11:46 / km
ahr:176 max:190 spiked:6/17c slept:10.0 shoes: Integrators (Red)

CNYO Classic. Not as good today. Quite mediocre, in fact. I "slept" 10 hours, but I'm not sure how much I really got, because I felt like I needed a lot more. Probably not as well hydrated as I should have been either.

Several ~2 min sized mistakes today, just overall not very smooth. I wasn't really reading the map as I went as well as I was yesterday. It was more chunky, which caused problems. And, of course, there's the fact that this glasses thing is getting ridiculous - I need contacts (or some other non-foggy/rain resistant solution) if I want to be able to orienteer seriously in all weather conditions. I'll get back to that, as it's a minor issue compared to my overall performance.

I started off okay, cautiously considering that the terrain was certainly more complex than the previous day. Got to the first control okay, felt a little more comfortable, but really sloppy to the next. There was a minor issue of a fence being longer than mapped (which happned again) which confused me. I didn't think it was that bad, as Peggy (started 3 min before) was going in to 2 as I was leaving, but then Angelica (started 3 min after) was with us on the way to 3, so obviously I lost at least 2 minutes in those first two.

I was a little more with it for rest of the front side of the map, and then had a series of slips. First was not paying attention out of 8 and thinking I was aiming off to the right when really I was quite left of where I wanted. Then, on the way to 10, I blew by the trail I wanted and hit the next one - 300m later! - before realizing what had happened. At this point I was in no hurry - I just wanted to get through the course with no more mistakes.

I basically did that, I was just moving terribly slowly and deliberately and felt like I couldn't concentrate. Stopped to tie my laces (which had been flapping for an hour because I forgot to tape them), stopped to take off my glasses and swear (because I could see nothing with the darkness and the rain), and stopped to help some old lady who was exactly where she thought she was but still seemed to think that she didn't know where she was. That all took a little bit of time, too.

I never really felt "on" today with the map, though I suppose I was at least successful in preventing any seriously huge mistakes. That's not really as comforting anymore, but I guess it is improvement. My bad days are getting better, I think.

Winner (Sam?) in ~72, a decent spread after that back to me, a little farther back that I would have liked.

This seemed like a neat course, I wish I'd been able to really attack it better.

Saturday Sep 23, 2006 #

Event: CNYO A meet

Orienteering race 21:01 [4] *** 2.48 km (8:28 / km) +78m 7:19 / km
ahr:186 max:200 spiked:11/14c slept:6.0 shoes: Jalas

CNYO Sprint in the morning. Pretty happy with this, though far from perfect. I had intended to run hard but not all out, because it always seems like it's that last little bit of sprinting at 100% that kills your spunk for the next 24 hours. I think, though, that I ran at something closer to 98% rather than 95%. I'm rather surprised that I made as few mistakes as I did given that I didn't have a chance to do any of my normal preparation. No warmup whatsoever, barely looked at the layout of the start and finish, and hadn't even read over my control descriptions before I heard them yelling my name for the start. Seems like a recipe for screwups, but instead I think I was concentrating harder because I felt like I had to devote 100% attention right away. (Shouldn't I always feel that way? Hmm..)

I took off quickly for the first (mostly trivial) control, but it didn't feel too fast. In fact, even tough I felt like I was reigning in my speed, I had the fastest split in F21. I think I was just pumped up at the start because of the surprise, and went out at a faster-than-maintainable speed. Had to slow down at times anyway simply because of the junk in the fields, which wasn't very beaten by the time I got to it.

The rest of the course went mostly fine, though I got a little confused on my way to number 5, thinking I'd gone further than I had along the field before heading up the hill. And I didn't push up the hill (there's 2%). A fairly significant bobble on number 12, too, probably 30 seconds, for a total of at least a minute lost. Hardly insignificant. But I think it's okay to be happy with a result even if I could have been a good bit quicker.

Results, as far as I remember: Sam at just under 18 (I think) with another ~4 quality people squished in between just under 20 and me. So that's a good result, I think.

Orienteering race 1:04:33 [3] *** 5.4 km (11:57 / km) +185m 10:12 / km
ahr:184 max:198 spiked:10/19c shoes: Integrators (Red)

CNYO Middle. Pretty good. I actually tried to warm up for this one, but after a little trotting around I figured I was just tiring myself out. Felt pretty good physically running the course (except uphill) so it worked out okay.

I was temporarily thrown off by the scale on the way to the first control, expecting the control way early and thus moving quite slowly. Better than than the opposite. Basically, with a couple of exceptions, I orienteered well, mostly just "losing" time in places where I slowed down to figure things out. As that seems to be the smart thing to do, it's only "lost" if I don't consider the potential savings.

Biggest goof was on the way to 15 (which was also a bad route choice). I came across the hill (rather than around, which surely would have been faster for me) and ended up at a bend in the stream that confused me. Probably about 1.5-2 minutes there.

Moved slowly and carefully on 6, 8, and 11-13, avoiding any serious issues. Another verifiable mistake on 9 - I think I ran down a streambed (?) instead of a trail and ended up at 16. Not too far from where I needed to go, but had the control not been there it would have taken me quite a bit longer to figure it out!

Winner (Hillary?) in ~50 (?), same crowd ahead of me.

Strength/Core (stretching) 15:00 [1]

Five minutes or so between courses, then a more thorough 10 minutes in the evening.

Friday Sep 22, 2006 #

slept:7.0 (rest day)

Gettin' there. I'll make sure not to eat too many cider donuts in NY. (28)

Been a little while since I've done nothing, we'll see how that feels. Travel day.

Thursday Sep 21, 2006 #

Running (road) 30:10 [2] 3.14 mi (9:36 / mi)
ahr:171 max:189 slept:8.0 shoes: Kayano XI - grey

Followed the rest recipe but still felt pretty dead this morning. Easy on a decent morning (low 60s, fairly dry) to the water tower, with 6x20s pickups at the end.

Strength/Core (stretching) 10:00 [1]

Evening popping. 29 days.

Wednesday Sep 20, 2006 #

Cycling (road) 30:00 [1] 7.0 mi (14.0 mph)

Easy spin on the east side. Wx same as yesterday. This was a really weird feeling ride, as I had zero energy and felt faint as I started riding. Felt almost normal with a good tailwind heading up the flightline, but still relatively crawling. I think I need a good night's sleep, lots of water (rather than DDP), and some pizza. (The magic rest formula.)

If only it were 20 Oct instead. I'm sure I'll feel much more energized in 30 days when I am in a place with more mountains and less people-who-are-mean-and-or-poorly-informed.

Seabass has a 4 day weekend and I think I have convinced her to attend the CNYO meet! Good O times this weekend.

Tuesday Sep 19, 2006 #

Running warm up/down (road) 27:15 [2] 3.93 km (6:56 / km)
ahr:163 slept:7.0

Warm up, recoveries, cool down for the intervals.

Running intervals (road) 17:45 [4] 4.0 km (4:26 / km)
ahr:187 max:196 shoes: Kayano XI - grey

Really nice morning, low 60s and fairly dry. But as soon as I started running I "knew" that I wouldn't be able to do the planned workout. Trudged over to the east flightline and decided to just do one 1000, see how bad it really was, just to get in a run. I did it on the slow side of I pace, but it felt really easy, so I figured I could do more. The second one hurt, but I figured it was supposed to hurt, and as long as I could keep a decent pace I might as well keep going. Finished up the 4 of them, last one felt great.

4x1000, with 3:30 recoveries, with avg and max HRs:

4:29 183/190
4:28 189/195
4:29 190/196
4:19 187/196

(31 days. Was so busy yesterday that I forgot!)

Cycling (road) 1:00:00 [2] 15.15 mi (15.1 mph)

Texas weather is slowly unsucking itself. Nice evening, low 80s, dry, breezy, and a nice spin around base. Tried to do a Tour, but was blocked off on the west side once again. Did the east side twice instead. Felt very fine.

Strength/Core (stretching) 10:00 [1]

Monday Sep 18, 2006 #


Hunh, maybe a real trend.

Running (road) 46:00 [2] 5.0 mi (9:12 / mi)
shoes: Kayano XI - white

Nice evening run to the past the water tower, with 6x20s pickups towards the end. It was a very nice night to be out, but not necessarily running. Not too bad, about 80F, dp in the low 60s, so much more pleasant than recent history. It was extra cool by the golf course - I think they'd done some recent watering. Mmmm, grey water.

Felt pretty good, but I'm not sure I'll have a ton of spunk for tomorrow's workout.

Strength/Core (stretching) 10:00 [1]

Stretching while contemplating my mother's unrelenting demands for a sequel to the first slideshow. It was too much of a success, and now I have a Wed deadline for the next one (that I never said I would do!), not to mention about 4 weeks worth of music homework due yesterday. Doesn't leave much time for pigging out, that's for sure.

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