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Training Log Archive: Dangerman

In the 7 days ending Jan 20, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Paddling5 6:28:54 28.52(4.4/h) 45.9(7.1/h)
  MTB2 4:09:21 54.8(13.2/h) 88.2(21.2/h) 184
  Other stuff3 35:00
  Orienteering1 19:22 1.93(10:03) 3.1(6:15)
  Total7 11:32:37 85.25 137.2 184
  [1-5]7 8:55:42

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Tuesday Jan 20, 2009 #

MTB long (Endurance) 1:40:51 intensity: (23:00 @0) + (22:02 @1) + (23:32 @2) + (26:17 @3) + (6:00 @4) 32.2 km (19.2 kph) +184m
ahr:128 max:155 shoes: Tioga Terrafirma (Tyres)

Nice solid session but, as usual, it took ages to warm up and feel good. 37 minutes in fact. Weird. Rode from Mt Lawley through town into Kings Park via Riverside Drive. WIND.
Managed to average 17 kph into the wind. It was howling. It died down in Kings Park and after a half a lap I did a time trial of one lap.

On the way back I managed to go into the wind again somehow. Got passed by this bogan on a MTB. Hmmm. Something wasn't right. I was trying to keep the HR at about 75% but he passed me pretty quickly. He was seated too and didn't look like he was trying much. This was on the causeway.

My mind said to me "test him". And before I knew it I was off after the flannel shirt. Speed up to his speed quickly and managed to maintain the gap. Then the gap started to get smaller. Got to within 10 metres of him when he turned around to have a look GOTCHYA!. Then he got up on the pedals and went for it. Popped once he got the Ampol servo and pulled in, did a jump and then started down a footpath.

I turned back at this point not wanting to get beaten up. It was a good test though. Nice to see I could up the pace and maintain it almost at the end of the ride.

MTB race (Time Trial) 12:18 intensity: (3:46 @4) + (8:32 @5) 6.0 km (29.3 kph)
ahr:171 max:186 shoes: Tioga Terrafirma (Tyres)

the 6k loop around kings park. This will be a good location to do my bike fitness testing. Even though the winds were huge on riverside drive, the park was relatively calm.
Put the power down at the big roundabout and got the HR up to 90%. It stayed there mostly but slowly rose after halfway. 93% for a while. Right before the end some young punk on a roadie passed me standing up on the pedals and going for it.
Funnily enough I found something extra. And seriously, besides the fun of trying to track a roadie down, it showed me that I had a little extra in the tank. It also showed me that once my HR reached 98%, then 99% it wasn't long to melt down. Managed to reel him in before the end of the lap but couldn't pass him.

Monday Jan 19, 2009 #


Didn't do my projected 9 hours worth last week but that's for the best I think. I really hurt on Sunday. I even had 2 day time naps! So it was probably the right thing to do, rest that is.
Some better scheduling of training may have helped that so will keep it in mind for next time.
It's a R&R week this week, only 5 hours!
Got Bluff Knoll to climb too :-) Yay!

Paddling long 1:39:57 intensity: (6:00 @0) + (44:30 @1) + (39:33 @2) + (9:32 @3) + (22 @4) 14.9 km (8.9 kph)
ahr:134 max:158 shoes: Custom Kayaks Mentor

Endurance session trying to keep it at 65-75%. I wanted to practice technique firstly in flat water and then in some choppy stuff. The river between Herrison Island and the Narrows Bridge was perfect. The south side was reasonably flat with minimal chop but the north side was chop city.

Started with a 10 minute warm up doing drills. It's really clicking for me. I relaxed, held the paddle loosely with two fingers and leant forward a touch. Managed to consistently get the catch near my 'ocean paddler' stickers.

When the water started to get choppy I started to tense up and the brace strokes started. I envisaged Neil, like Luke Skywalker did when he was fighting Darth Vader. Relax Martin and use the force. So I relaxed, loosened the grip and tried to regain that flowing motion. And it worked. I felt more stable for some reason and powered on.

Did a lactate threshold interval in the middle before continuing on to the swan river trust jetty and back to the south Perth foreshore.

Really happy with this session. It was solid, well paced and rewarding.

Paddling tempo 6:05 intensity: (15 @1) + (13 @2) + (34 @3) + (5:03 @4) 1.1 km (10.8 kph)
ahr:151 max:159 shoes: Custom Kayaks Mentor

Was aiming for 10 minutes but started to tire and thought 6 would be enough so early on. Was pretty happy with the consistency. Got the HR up to 80+ and kept it there nicely. Felt a good amount of lactic building up in the shoulders.

Other stuff 10:00 [0]

2 x 12 single leg shin raises - couldn't do more than 2 sets. These were tough.
4 x 25s back (right stretch was tight again)
4 x 25s glutes

Sunday Jan 18, 2009 #


Left calf muscle, in the middle of it but deep inside, feels sore but nothing that concerns me. The bike might be ok for today.
Shoulders, abs and upper and middle back are real sore today from the paddling. Might do a 20 minute pootle along the river to get the blood flowing to see if it helps ease it up a bit.

Paddling (Technique) 26:34 intensity: (17:30 @0) + (8:42 @1) + (22 @2) 2.4 km (5.4 kph)
shoes: Custom Kayaks Mentor

Nice and easy short paddle to get the blood flowing and help my recovery. Incorporated the paddle stroke drill that I learnt from Neil and Megs yesterday. The pause prior to the catch one.
Managed to fall in too [hangs head in shame]. Was showing myself how a relaxed hand can increase the forward catch and in I went for some reason.
Problem was I was so sure I wouldn't fall in, i went in my normal clothes (cotton) and didn't bring a change of clothes or a towel. doH!

Other stuff 5:00 [0]

Dr Haggeby's Shin Tonic
Stage 1
Ready for stage 2 next time.

Saturday Jan 17, 2009 #

Paddling (Technique) 1:23:07 intensity: (26:00 @0) + (38:15 @1) + (8:26 @2) + (5:40 @3) + (4:46 @4) 7.0 km (5.1 kph)
shoes: Custom Kayaks Mentor

Coach Rick really got into me about my top hand. I push too much with it and lower it too early. After the session I went out on the open water to the 2 limestone reefs, then the fish sanctuary area and then back in again, all the way super concentrating on the top arm.
Keep it close to your face, keep it up, wait for the other arm to finish then stab.
Getting beaten by the little kids in their heavy and wide spec ski's is great motivation though.

Paddling (Technique) 56:10 intensity: (34:58 @1) + (13:40 @2) + (5:02 @3) + (2:30 @4) 5.0 km (5.3 kph)
shoes: Custom Kayaks Mentor

Neil and Meg were kind enough to give us a coaching session today. I was initially worry about getting mixed messaged from different coaches but it was soon clear the Neil and Rick were on the same page.
Luckily for me, Neil, after some questioning from me, was able to explain things to me in a way I understood. I'm a picky bugger, in that I usually won't do something unless I know what I am doing it for. Parents never liked that as religion and me never mixed - I asked too many questions!
So anyway, in this session I learnt
- relax, yes, relax, its really important
- to help relax, hold paddle with 2 fingers
- do the dance move to setup your stroke
- pause with the paddle an inch above the water's surface before starting catch (as a training technique to get it right, don't do this normally)
- to catch, lean from above position
- twist, keep top hand high
- clean exit with small twist back to dance move position setup for next catch.

but most importantly, relax and lean forward.

Neil was fun too. I tried to push him in and of course it didn't work. He, on a spirit, set after me. I grabbed the nose of the boat and let him push me for ages. Geez that boat went quick. Eventually, laughing so much, my boat broached across his, and i fell in. Awesome fun while learing - i like that.

Orienteering race 19:22 intensity: (6 @2) + (4 @3) + (7:47 @4) + (11:25 @5) 3.1 km (6:15 / km)
ahr:170 max:182 shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D

Took to short course option. Why?
Cause it was the sensible thing to do. A short run, probably under my 20 minute time limit and the chance to do well in it cause all the gurus were doing medium or hard ;-)
So I won! Yay! One guy was unhappy with me, asking me why I took the short course option. I felt like asking him the same question.
Few twinges from top part of left shin and inside of knee. Inside of shin felt tight when I massaged it later. Calves felt sore though, but that could be from the ride the other day (it hurt). Managed to keep reasonable technique too. Stood up proud, tucked the hips in and picked up the feet high on the return. Had a good stretch and cool down run afterwards while the litres of sweat slowly dried out.
Happy with route choice but had heaps of trouble reading the map while running. I couldn't focus on it very well - my knowledge of the area saved my arse there.

Other stuff (Cool down) 20:00 [0]

Cool down run after Metro-O.
4 x 30 hip flexor
4 x 30 calves
3 x 20 hamstring
4 x 30 back stretch (left side was sore)
massage shin and hammy.

Friday Jan 16, 2009 #

Event: Paddle Bash

Paddling race (paddle bash) 33:34 intensity: (2:38 @4) + (30:56 @5) 5.5 km (9.8 kph)
ahr:174 max:182 shoes: Custom Kayaks Mentor

Installed my new and greatly improved sturdy footplate today. It worked very well and changed how the boat felt significantly.
The fast boys left at the start as usual so I got on the tail of Karen and kept close, closing out Paul who was on my left and eying the spot.

2k's in, a guy in a Mako Mil passed us. I tagged onto him, hoping to get a break from Karen and Paul. But this guy was quick, real quick and the mongrel was looking back to see if I was still there, trying to lose me i thought. I barely kept with him until he, out of the blue, just turns around. It appears he wasn't even in the race. Shite, I'm out here on my own, with the other two probably tagging onto me!

Round the bottom marker and downwind back to chidley point. I think I gained here when I went out wide to the right to take advantage of the greater wind and waves. Just missed out on using the boat wash from 3 boats that came by 1 minute too late.

Fatigue started at 4k. Had to really concentrate to keep up the pace and technique. Tried to catch a few boat wake waves here and there. Seemed to work as Paul wasn't there, neither was Karen and Bronwyn was the nearest competitor 30s behind.

Pretty stoked with the time, with my stability too. Only missed 3 or 4 strokes during the whole paddle. Amazed at the HR result. I was above 90% for 30 minutes. Doesn't seem right, but did the Anaconda MTB leg with most of it above 90%. Maybe I am a hummingbird after all.

Paddling warm up/down 30:00 [0] 2.0 km (4.0 kph)
shoes: Custom Kayaks Mentor

Thursday Jan 15, 2009 #


Feeling a little sore and tired from the paddle. Downwinds are great for increasing my speed, they're are a long series of short 100% burst. BUT it isn't going to increase my endurance very effectively.
I reckon one long flat water paddle for every downwind paddle. Otherwise I'll turn myself into a sprinter - no good for GSAR.

MTB long (Endurance) 1:42:46 intensity: (19:00 @0) + (40:32 @1) + (26:58 @2) + (10:20 @3) + (5:15 @4) + (41 @5) 36.4 km (21.3 kph)
ahr:127 max:158 shoes: Tioga Terrafirma (Tyres)

Long ride today. Had heaps of toruble warming up. I was either cruising or the lactic was building up too quickly. After my interval session I finally felt good - weird?!

MTB intervals (Anaerobic Endurance) 33:26 intensity: (25 @0) + (6:13 @1) + (3:30 @2) + (2:36 @3) + (13:00 @4) + (7:42 @5) 13.6 km (24.4 kph)
ahr:153 max:188 shoes: Tioga Terrafirma (Tyres)

The session of pain. Pyramid intervals 1-2-3-4-3-2-1
I was going to do one more 4 but gee it was hard. The last 3 was dicey and not very consistent.
Some old guy on a roadie got really pissed off with me when I passed him, twice. I wanted to make him feel better so I told him I was doing intervals and made sure my recovery leg was extra slow so he could pass me.
But geez, this was hard work. Towards the end my speed was way down.

Wednesday Jan 14, 2009 #

Paddling (Downwind) 53:27 intensity: (6:21 @2) + (7:52 @3) + (24:17 @4) + (14:57 @5) 8.0 km (9.0 kph)
ahr:165 shoes: Custom Kayaks Mentor

Downwind with Mark and David and my improved boat.
42:10 to swanbourne excluding paddle out.

Got my boat back from repairs today and was keen to try out my new stability pads. Winds were 18/25knots and there was the remnants of a strong storm coming through as a decent swell of about 2 metres. The waves didn't appear big but there was plenty of them though :-)

We paddled out toward the stick for 10min and then headed for swanny. The angle was perfect. The waves were heading straight there!

I got on a run pretty quick and started stringing a few together. There were so many to choose from! I started to realise how momentum helps too. Once you have some speed, your options multiply and you can catch waves that you couldn't when you are going slow. Also, with some speed, you have greater ability to get to big waves before they run away from you.

Despite all this, I got tired pretty quick, by the Cott south groyne in fact. I have to increase my 1) anaerobic endurance and 2) efficiency. I reckon if I keep my speed up, there will be less need to use energy on big bursts to accelerate and catch waves. So what i really need is work on technique then. hmmmm

Fell out twice and had trouble getting back in with the strong wind and odd direction. I know it wasn't, but it felt very southerly, almost off shore. Almost missed swanny too, had to cut back into the coast and that was weird, having the wind hitting my right side!

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