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Training Log Archive: Charlie

In the 7 days ending May 13, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering3 2:22:49 7.25(19:42) 11.67(12:14) 35922 /34c64%
  Gym2 1:35:00
  Hike3 1:30:00 4.1(21:57) 6.6(13:38)
  Running1 19:20 1.7(11:24) 2.73(7:05) 43
  Total9 5:47:09 13.05 21.0 40222 /34c64%
  [1-5]9 5:36:53
averages - sleep:7.4 weight:162.3lbs

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Monday May 13, 2013 #

2 PM

Hike 25:00 [3] 1.3 mi (19:14 / mi)
slept:7.0 weight:161.4lbs (rest day) shoes: 2011 gel kayano

dog walk with R&S. Lots of homework to do, so no real opportunity for anything else.

Sunday May 12, 2013 #

9 AM

Orienteering 1:17:10 intensity: (5:33 @0) + (1:06 @1) + (24:43 @2) + (26:23 @3) + (19:25 @4) *** 6.29 km (12:16 / km) +244m 10:16 / km
ahr:135 max:157 spiked:7/12c slept:8.0 shoes: 2012 MT101 Black

Long distance brown Y at Camp Wakpominee. Nice day today. Lots of climb, and slow in the deadfall.

1, Very slow and tentative, saw the rock from a distance, but just slow on the approach.
2. Down to the trail, across E of the marsh and contoured around the hill. Not feeling great contact, but spiked it.
3. Up and over the hill and down the trail, facing all the folks coming up. Left at a bend that I thought was the sharp bend, but the track indicates I was not that far yet. Angled up the slope, picking up a skid trail for a bit on the way. I thought I was left of the big cliff, but apparently I was right of it. So I didn't find the pond on top and went up instead of down to try to figure it out. A big circle and lost about 5 minutes before heading back down, seeing Bob Lux and the pond, then getting it.
4. Easy down the hill, cliff pretty obvious, behind Bob anyway.
5. Bob showed me a clean pair of hills. I was not able to get through the deadfall that quickly. Crossed the stream and went more or less straight instead of trail around. This was really nasty and the worst climbing, sidehill, deadfall and rocks of the trip. Finally punched through to the base of the rocky cliffs and tentatively made my way down to the bag.
6. Not sure how, but I got way off to the right, finally crossing the stream R of the big earthbank, finding a way up between the big cliffs and by the little pond well R of the line, easy on compass from there. Ran into Geoman just short of the control and chatted him up briefly.
7, A bit of contouring, a bit trying to follow the line, but apparently drifted too far downhill and crossed the reentrant north of the hill near Sly Pond. Took a bit to figure it out, and then cussing as I climbed back up and over and straight to it.
8. Climbed back to the trail, instead of the better route along the marsh to the trail, then left it at a good angle and headed down. Lost a bit of time trying to figure out where I was on the stream instead of just looking at the rootstock across the stream. When I finally did that, of course, it was easy.
9, Trail to the small clearing just L of line, then angling across the stonewall and in. Easy enough.
10. Tried to go straight, but drifted and came in from the road.
11. Straight.
12. Past the sprint start, thinking about taking the trail W, but turned my mind off and went straight across on the other trail, ending up back at 9. Which wouldn't have been so bad if I had realized it was 9, but I spent about 3 minutes in panic running around in circles, until Geoman punched it and it dawned on me that I had been there before. OK, then I was able to go through the woods and find it.
13. OK, but the fight had gone out of me.

Not a very satisfying race. Too many mistakes, certainly avoidable.

Here is the map.

Saturday May 11, 2013 #

11 AM

Orienteering race 51:20 intensity: (1:54 @0) + (17 @1) + (27:57 @2) + (18:58 @3) + (2:14 @4) *** 2.12 mi (24:13 / mi) +85m 21:32 / mi
ahr:128 max:157 spiked:3/10c slept:8.0 shoes: 2011 icebugs

Middle distance race at Lake Moreau. Avoiding the contact lens, and decided it was not raining when I left the car, but it was raining pretty good by the time I got up to the start, and that turned out to be a disastrous eyewear choice. It was remarkable that I did as well as I did, given how little of the map I could see. Stopped a bit short on 1, but otherwise ok. Got to the right place on 2, but I had seen the cliff as being right down by the marsh, so I was a little perplexed with no cliff there. Then I figured out it was up a bit and met George M near there.
3/ By now the glasses were very badly fogged, bad enough that I had to take them off to see where I was going, and put them on and look for a dry spot to try to figure out where to go. A little right of the line around marshes, then left to get up cliff and went right to the correct dot knoll, but didn't look far enough around for the flag. So some milling around until Geoman showed up again and showed me the bag.
4. My best navigational leg. Across the slim marsh, then left of the marsh before the flag and on the slim strip between the marshes and in. Saw people coming down from the right.
5. Couldn't figure out where to cross, and it turned out I could cross the big marsh by hopping from tussock to tussock. Only problem with that strategy was I got across and tried to look at the map but my hand was empty. I had to go back about a third of the way into the swamp to retrieve the map. Then some copious wandering N of the control before mercifully figuring it out.
6. Couldn't see three marshes, so went two, and a little disappointed not to find it. Press on and it was on the third.
7. Trail to the bend, then straight across the marsh on tussocks again. More or less straight to it, but with very little confidence, and saw a flag I thought was facing too far N, and was maybe sooner than I expected it, but luckily it was mine.
8. Another pretty good leg, under the circumstances. Across the trail and the stream, up some cliffs, then looking for the highest ground and the slot in the cliffs up top. Straight to it.
9. Feeling more confident here, but stopped just short and ended up drifting right toward the marsh where I decided I had to go back up, easy then.
10. I could see how slowly I was moving when Oslug went zipping by me, but I caught back up to her at the marsh, where she was contemplating which direction to go, and I had already decided to go right. A little extra climb, but I didn't want to go through the finish.


Friday May 10, 2013 #

5 AM

Gym 45:00 [3]
slept:7.0 weight:162.2lbs

Morning yoga class with Rhonda and the girls and special guest Leslie. Very fine, and the girls had to leave early so it was cut short to 45 minutes, which works much better with my attention span.
3 PM

Orienteering race 14:19 intensity: (1:05 @0) + (13 @1) + (17 @2) + (1:07 @3) + (11:19 @4) + (18 @5) *** 1.22 mi (11:44 / mi) +30m 10:54 / mi
ahr:149 max:163 spiked:12/12c shoes: 2011 icebugs

Sprint course at lake Wakapominee scout camp. Very nice. Not moving fast, but no real mistakes, so I hung on for second behind PG. Lucky.
1. Started to run, but couldn't really see the trail on the map, so after a bit I stopped dead to see it, and then saw the stonewall in front of the trail, so I could keep going and spike it.
2. Up the hill, a few steps on each of the switchbacks, but very slow climbing, from reentrant on second trail segment and straight up to it.
3. Not much enthusiasm for going up and over, so went around to the left. I thought I might be losing time doing this, but had the second fastest split. I might have had the fastest, but when I saw the code I panicked and looked around, because I was expecting 143 (not having looked). Looked back at the map and saw 126 was right and punched.
4. Through the spectator area and across. Stopped to look at the small building first. Should have known better. Probably cost 8-10 seconds. Ross went by at a pretty high rate of speed.
5. Ross disappearing quickly.
6. Cut off the main trail one trail early, through the woods to the bend in the trail and down to the building. No control! Read the clue, looked at the map a little, then back to the bag. Map doesn't show much of a boulder cluster. Another 8-10 seconds.
7. Straight.
8. Started left along trail, then through the woods aiming for the clearing, hit it right on. I was going to go down the small trail, but easier to aim right for the flag.
9. Trail.
10. Trail for a bit, then cut off on the trail to 7, thinking it was the trail to 6 and left at the bend. Pretty surprised when I got to 6, but then ok.
11, 12, F, just run as fast as I still can. Worked out well for me, because the splits revealed that I was just behind Rick W after #10.


Thursday May 9, 2013 #

8 AM

Hike 40:00 [3] 1.5 mi (26:40 / mi)
slept:8.0 weight:162lbs (rest day)

Dog walking with R&S and our house guests Dennis, George and Leslie. Excellent company.

Wednesday May 8, 2013 #

5 AM

Gym 50:00 [3]
slept:7.0 weight:163lbs

Rhonda's morning class. A bit better than Monday, but maybe because I got there a bit late, cleaning up after the dog, who had a digestive lapse this morning, threw up her breakfast.

Tuesday May 7, 2013 #

7 AM

Hike 25:00 [3] 1.3 mi (19:14 / mi)
slept:7.0 weight:163lbs shoes: 2011 gel kayano

Dog loop with R&S. The way the day looks now, this could be it. Back to back calls scheduled.
12 PM

Running 19:20 intensity: (1:44 @0) + (2 @1) + (1:46 @2) + (5:20 @3) + (7:46 @4) + (2:42 @5) 1.7 mi (11:24 / mi) +43m 10:34 / mi
ahr:146 max:164 shoes: 2012 MT101 Green

Not much time. Just a few laps of the hospital loop, one to warm up and then three faster. A little R hamstring tweak on the first faster one, so backed off a little. A little tender now, but not bad. Gentle, gentle.

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