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Training Log Archive: tRicky

In the 7 days ending Apr 13, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Road bike9 8:56:19 158.32(17.7/h) 254.79(28.5/h)
  Orienteering (bush)3 1:39:13 9.82(10:06) 15.8(6:17)40 /48c83%
  Windtrainer1 1:10:00
  Orienteering (urban)1 44:26 6.06(7:20) 9.75(4:33)
  Total14 12:29:58 174.2 280.3440 /48c83%

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Saturday Apr 13, 2013 #

1 PM

Orienteering (bush) race (Wildflower Tavern NavDash) 19:31 [3] *** 3.3 km (5:55 / km)
spiked:13/18c shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D yellow/green

Pretty average day out in the bush where I overtook Oliver (-1min) on the way to #2 then proceeded to go out wide from 6-7 to avoid the green and ended up near #8. Found a short course control on the way to #9 and went to investigate it, then through the grren on the way to #10, way left of intention but I used the clearing to get there.

Passed the other Martin on the way out of #13 and right royally screwed up #14 when I saw it directly in front of me but had already decided mine was going to be off to the left further so ignored it and ploughed into the bush instead. Eventually came back out, went to it then passed Andrew again before taking a ridiculously long time on the finish split.

Legs felt awful from #3 on, don't know if it's because of light pole orienteering on Thursday or some other factor (moving house in the morning maybe?)
2 PM

Orienteering (bush) race (Wildflower Tavern NavDash) 14:16 [3] *** 2.4 km (5:57 / km)
spiked:16/16c shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D yellow/green

Did the short course to give myself extra nav practice. Same 1st control so I smashed right to it but was only two seconds faster? Must have got it spot on the first time then. Legs were still sore but I hit them all cleanly despite having six different controls to collect, then proceeded to blow up the finish again, this time taking a different route and adding three seconds over my previous effort. Tremendous.

Friday Apr 12, 2013 #

7 AM

Road bike (commute) 54:36 intensity: (35:00 @2) + (19:36 @3) 27.38 km (30.1 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

This started off as an easy ride but then when I got on the Midland bike path (for possibly the last commute ever), I first had a girl pass me then some guy. I let them both go but both were shite through the S bends at Bayswater station and the girl self destructed on the next rise so I went past both then put the pace down and neither got back past.

It's nice that all these railway works through Perth involve ripping up various sections of the bike path and replacing it with either an inferior path, a drain cover or gravel. It just wasn't exciting enough before. I wonder if the replacement comes from the cycle budget or the train budget.
5 PM

Road bike (commute) 1:03:43 [2] 27.21 km (25.6 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

After having to deal with IOCC emails flying about all afternoon wishing the four core IOCC riders luck in Sunday's UCI race and yet not a word about those doing the Dams Challenge - I was starting to wonder why they'd called themselves IOCC and not UCIC - I almost decided to go do a few laps of KP just to show that I too could ride around in loops and my interval plans are pretty non-existent at the moment but after thinking through my upcoming weekend plans, I decided to leave it that way.

Had to deal with the f-ball fans and then later the b-ball fans wandering aimlessly along pathways although the b-ball people looked a might happier than the f-ballers. I don't know if this was due to the fact the f-ballers were about to spend a miserable night outside or because of the team they supported.

Just past McIver station I had to strategically avoid a bunch of natives also wandering aimlessly but one must have decided I'd ridden across her Land and yelled at me. Shortly afterwards I thought I felt my rear tyre going flat and figured she'd used her Magiks on it but once again it was just my imagination and perhaps it was the wet causing it to slide more than usual.

Pretty slow in the wet, which didn't dampen the enthusiasm of the van driver I saw fishtailing around the corner onto Tonkin, nor the 4WD I saw slamming into the back of another car at the GE Hwy lights. I felt a bit scared after that, having to ride the last stretch on Tonkin but I made it without incident.

Thursday Apr 11, 2013 #

5 AM

Road bike (Hurty Hills?) 1:22:19 intensity: (1:17:19 @3) + (5:00 @5) 38.06 km (27.7 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Half the group did UCI laps today in anticipation of watching other people doing them on Sunday so five of us (including Dan and Karl) for Hurty Hills, which turned out to be not so hurty because the unknown two decided to alter the route, thus avoiding Reabold, Kalinda, Hale & Cobb. In fact the first hill we did was Ewen, which is generally the turnaround point, but the few hills we did were all sprints but since I did know which hills we were sprinting on, this generally left the unknown two out to a lead before I got the pace going.

Probably did about five or six short, sharp hills overall including Reabold west to finish and I managed not to lead on any today due to two of the guys being Strong. Mind you, not getting out of the saddle on a couple of hills disadvantaged me and on the others I did get out but since I'm not used to it, the legs didn't like it much and generally fatigued pretty quickly. I'll have to practice it more often.

Tested out the new Garmin Oregon today to see if I could upload the trace but one of the former IT guys at work had removed the Garmin upload thingy from my computer a while back in an attempt to fix an unrelated problem and apparently I need administrator rights to get it back. The current IT guy never got around to helping me but then I couldn't get it to work at home either.
6 PM

Orienteering (urban) (Trigg) 44:26 [3] 9.75 km (4:33 / km)
shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D lime/black

Light pole orienteering, started off slow and didn't get faster until I was at the far end of the course with the hugely spaced apart controls in the east and the wind pushing me from the south. Thought I could maybe get all 20, then revised that to 19 when I couldn't be bothered doing the in-and-out to 15, then revised that to 18 when I realised I'd run out of time to get #1.

Lots of hesitations today and I forgot where I was running one time when the park didn't match up with what I expected. The road off to the side was curving and wasn't meant to be but I quickly figured it out that I was looking at the wrong leg - running through a park instead of a fence at the time should have been indication enough. I guess the excitement of running with a bike light AND a pencil got to me.

Managed to scratch the Forerunner and put a slight dent in the Oregon both in the same day, tremendous!

Wednesday Apr 10, 2013 #

7 AM

Road bike (commute) 57:24 [2] 27.36 km (28.6 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

The Roe/Barrack intersection definitely causing problems. A couple of dumb cyclists crossing Barrack checked there was no turning traffic behind (as used to be the case that you could do) but completely failed to check the lights heading north along Barrack and both should have been toasted if the drivers had been more aggressive.

Horeshoe Bridge also causing driver angst with the southbound side on William with a left, right and straight lane, some moron drivers don't bother waiting in the straight ahead lane so even though there were cars backed up through the intersection, drivers in the turning lane went straight through and caused more backlog and horn honking. Need more police patrols here to curb the problem.

I've also taken up Juffy's habit of smacking cars in the bonnet where the driver parks across the crossing, just to shake them up a bit. Twice this week so far.
5 PM

Road bike (commute) 53:34 [3] 27.2 km (30.5 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Fastish ride home, thanks to the speedy guy along the Midland path that I overtook on the first hill.

Lots more stupidity at the two intersections in Perth. I don't know how they're going to change driver/rider/idiot mentalities on those to avoid a few fatalities.

There were lots of weird, yellow vest wearing people between Claisebrook and East Perth both before and after work. They all had big writing pads but didn't seem to be counting me.

Tuesday Apr 9, 2013 #

7 AM

Road bike (commute) 53:18 [2] 27.4 km (30.8 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

[no commentary]
5 PM

Road bike (commute) 57:44 [2] 27.19 km (28.3 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Sometimes I wonder how some people survive from day to day. Today as I was leaning against the traffic light waiting to cross the road in Subiaco on my way home, some guy paying too much attention to what he was writing on his phone almost walked through me before he realised he wasn't the only person in existence.

The newly directional traffic lights at Roe & Barrack are causing a bit of congestion. I don't know who did the feasibility study on that one but cutting the northbound lanes from four to two has resulted in a massive traffic buildup heading out of the city and I saw cyclists crossing the road in all directions whenever they felt like it and even a car that wanted to turn right onto Stirling St decided that driving on the wrong side of the road to get through the lights was preferable to obeying safe driving practices. I predict a new black spot looming.
7 PM

Windtrainer (AT) 1:10:00 intensity: (25:00 @1) + (10:00 @2) + (33:45 @3) + (1:15 @5)
shoes: Giant TCR

Week 1 of the AT sessions. Pretty poor leadup to the trials given that I haven't done an interval or hills session in weeks. Sunday should cure the hills part but I don't know if I can cram an interval session in this week with the move this weekend.

SCR pyramid
10min of BCR/SCR changeups in the 53/15 45/15 combo, with 5min recovery (x3)
Super spins

Don't know if eating three chocolate brownies and a piece of broccoli worked for me but I figured I should eat something first.

Monday Apr 8, 2013 #

7 AM

Road bike (commute) 57:10 intensity: (52:10 @2) + (5:00 @4) 27.37 km (28.7 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Ths shin splints decided to reassert their presence again this morning but it's nothing more than a slight, dull throb in the left shin at the moment.

Some guy decided to tail me along the Midland bike path this morning but I just got progressively faster until he wasn't there anymore.
7 PM

Road bike (commute) 56:31 intensity: (41:31 @2) + (15:00 @3) 25.62 km (27.2 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Post-massage ride home. Trevor got stuck into the left leg today since I told him I had shin splints. It was quite painful. Hopefully that'll loosen up the muscles in addition to the ice pack I shoved on it when I got home.

On the way to the massage place I had to cross the road so I checked behind to see how many cars there were. There were two. The first one drove past as any normal person would but the second one (a 4WD woman) for some reason thought that me looking behind meant I was about to jump across in front so she slowed down, at which point I also slowed down but then the silly twit stopped completely so I figured 'bugger you' and crossed the road at which point she honked her horn at me. No idea what's going through people's heads sometimes!

The lights at the Roe/Barrack street intersection have been modified if anyone's interested. You can now drive south on Barrack St so that means there's no longer an 'all pedestrians crossing' signal and instead you have to wait for the respective lights to change. This also means people can now turn left from Roe (westbound) onto Barrack, a feat that previously only authorised vehicles or motorists ignoring the no left turn sign were allowed to do.

Sunday Apr 7, 2013 #

10 AM

Orienteering (bush) race (Mt Billy) 1:05:26 [4] *** 10.1 km (6:29 / km)
spiked:11/14c shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D black/pewter

Expert 1 course, which I thought was equivalent to a H1 but is apparently a H2, which explains why I finished in under 80 minutes. Should have been under 60 but...

I had a mostly good day in which I Knew What I Was Doing for a lot of it. Parts where I Didn't Know What I Was Doing generally resulted in correcting pretty quickly, when I overshot #11 by about 100m since the control that was on the side of the most open hill ever was hiding behind a tree, I realised when I hit another watercourse past it, and #6 I was too far left and managed to still curve around and hit the control even though I didn't really know where I was.

#13 was a different story because I was 100% confident of where I was all the way to the control, matching all the (non) features on the way, only there was no control when I got there. Wandered around for a bit and eventually was helped out of my precidament by a friendly fellow who told me where I was and it was probably 300m south of where I wanted to be so I fixed that up and went merrily on my way. The GPS trace will be interesting.

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