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Training Log Archive: A.Child

In the 7 days ending May 13, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering5 2:35:37 10.69 17.267c
  Running4 1:24:16
  Total6 3:59:53 10.69 17.267c
  [1-5]5 3:59:52

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Monday May 13, 2013 #

10 AM

Running 44:16 [3]

Straight through the woods with Conor and Anton. It was tough, but a nice workout, and it's awesome to have it out of the way by 1030.

Sunday May 12, 2013 #

10 AM

Orienteering 1:05:27 [3] 7.7 km (8:30 / km)
10c (sick)

Much better than yesterday. Felt pretty strong. I had a few bad route choices and some areas of bad technique, but it was a decent run. My pace was slower because the terrain was slower today. A lot more stuff on the ground. And more climb.

Also, sore throat is finally improving!

Running warm up/down 15:00 [3]

Saturday May 11, 2013 #


Woke up this morning with the exact same sore throat. I'm starting to get concerned about its lack of submission.
1 PM

Orienteering 40:09 [3] *** 4.6 km (8:44 / km)
15c (sick)

Not a very good race. Jag är inte glad.

1 was ok. Fantastic route, but it was obvious and very simple
2 was alright. I went about 25m right, though, when it was only about 100m. (20s)
3 was good, no problems
4 was a bit bad. Didn't have good compass or plan (20s)
5 was ok
6 was kinda bad. Compass again, but it was alright because of how I simplified. (20s)
7 was really bad. I started heading in the right direction, I think, then thought I had been going 90 degrees the wrong way (when I wasn't), so I sort of corrected, and went about 30 degrees off to the right. I was able to locate myself on a bland hillside, which I'm proud of, and eventually found the control. (2 min)
8 was also really bad. I went very straight across the marsh, but I didn't have a good plan after that. I was about 50m short of where I should have been, and I was running back and forth with no luck (obviously). I only found it by... not really sure. (2 min)
9 was ok
10 was ok, but I was very hesitant. When I got near the control, though, i forced myself to just look at the map more, not necessarily do anything, just look at it. I think that helped a lot because when you look at the map, you read it.
11 perfect
12 perfect enough
13 nailed it
14 easy peasy
15 i could have done blindfolded

I really need to focus on my technique and make sure that I have a solid plan for each leg. Also, I need to be careful on my compass, and check the map more often.

Running warm up/down 15:00 [3]

Friday May 10, 2013 #

7 AM

Orienteering 1 [0] ***
10c (sick)

Setting controls for long distance. Had to get up at 6:15, which wasn't that awesome, but it was alright. We had to carry a bunch of stakes, which sucked, because they weight a lot and are big and clunky, but otherwise it wasn't so bad. I went out with some swedish girl, Rebecca maybe? I was hired on as the muscle I think. It was a good system, though, where one person carrys the stakes and the otherone has the boxes and navigates. I did some navigating, though, which is why i'm counting those controls.
2 PM

Orienteering 30:00 [3] *** 2.0 km (15:00 / km)
10c (sick)

Control pickup. I got a different set of 10 controls, except this time I had to carry everything myself. I was able to run most of it, though, which was nice, so I wasn't stuck out there for an hour.

Thursday May 9, 2013 #

3 PM

Orienteering 20:00 [3] *** 2.9 km (6:54 / km)
22c (sick) shoes: Saucs I

Pre-ran a race for the Silva league sprint. I woke up sick, but I really wanted to run. I felt strong, but wasn't going all that fast. I ran pretty well technically. I had a few route choice errors, but no mistakes. I got to do some of the setup with Mathias Muler which was pretty cool. Mathias kyburz was in the car on the way back, which was also pretty cool. OK Tisaren has a lot of good runners! And they all hang out with their club mates.

While waiting to run, Sam Saeger came and said hi and we talked for a bit. Definitely nice to see a familiar face and speak some English with native speakers!

Running warm up/down 10:00 [3]

Wednesday May 8, 2013 #


According to Anton, ginger is very high in antioxidants. So we ate some. Raw. WHAO! That stuff is strong! Hopefully it helps!

Tuesday May 7, 2013 #


Woke up this morning with a severely sore throat. I don't even know what I did.

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