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Training Log Archive: A.Child

In the 7 days ending May 10, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Biking3 1:42:33
  Orienteering1 1:36:27 6.65(14:30) 10.7(9:01) 305
  Running2 1:00:16 5.0 8.05
  Rowing1 7:30 1.25(6:00) 2.01(3:44)
  Total5 4:26:46 12.9 20.76 305

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Sunday May 10, 2009 #

Event: Billygoat

Orienteering race (Billygoat) 1:36:27 [3] 10.7 km (9:01 / km) +305m 7:53 / km

YAY! Billygoat! My foot didn't hurt either! I took the right fork and skipped 15. The forking was wierd, I never actually knew it was there... I just automatically went for the better one (yes, right was better). I never really had any significant mistakes besides 20 (that was pretty bad...). But in general, it was a good race. I was moving quickly and reading my map well. I was behind/near people for most of the race, but not following (except for the 1st 3...).

Friday May 8, 2009 #

Biking 30:00 [3]

Decided to bike while I watched something online. It felt really good to be working hard again!


So the doctor told me today that I either have extensor tendonitis (like I thought) or a stress fracture (which I don't think because it should hurt more). Anyway, same solution for both, rest and drugs!

Thursday May 7, 2009 #

(injured) (rest day)

Narrowed to problem down to the tendon in/for my big toe. Not really sure what to do for it. I've read I should stretch my calf muscle, ice, and take anti-inflamatories...

Wednesday May 6, 2009 #

Running 13:49 [3]
ahr:155 max:195 (injured)

Jogged around on the bike path to test out my ancle. Final Verdict: Not fixed yet. For some reason, i really wanted to run fast, so I did (hence the high HR) It definately wasn't as bad as monday, but it was hurting more when i got back than it had when I started. Oh well....

Biking 15:00 [3]
ahr:157 max:186

This was a lot harder than I remember it being... I'm going to do 15 minutes of rowing later, though. My ancle didn't bothe me while on the bike.

Rowing 7:30 [5] 2.01 km (3:44 / km)
ahr:170 max:190

I was originally going to go for 15 minutes but i forgot my workout was only half that. Normally I would do 4 min hard, 45 secs easy, 2min more hard and finish with 45 seconds easy (total 7:30). This time, after 4 i decided to go for 5hard to start, when i got to 5 i decided to just do the whole workout which, due to oxygen debt, i thought was only 6:30. When i got to 6:00 i remembered what it was supposed to be. I just did the whole 7:30. 5 min after, I was done, my arms started cramping. It was definately not the best idea to do that... but oh well.

Tuesday May 5, 2009 #


Right foot is worse today. Mom seems to think it's tendonitus, but I don't really know. It's a very strange problem. It's on the top of my foot and hurts when I flex my toes (pushing off). Every once in a while I'll get a really bad pain but it only lasts for a few second.

Biking (Mountain) 57:33 [3]
ahr:157 max:186

Couldn't run so i biked over to Catamount and biked around on the hilly side. I had to quit a lot sooner than I would have liked because my back was hurting. I'm 100% sure it's from not having biked much, so it's not another injury.

Monday May 4, 2009 #


So I've had a pain in the side of my hip for a while now, but today the top of my foot really hurts...

Running 46:27 [3] 5.0 mi (9:17 / mi)
ahr:178 max:196 (injured)

Bad run, the first 5k was good (by that i mean at the pace I wanted to be at), but the second half was just brutal! As I mentioned in my note, my foot was hurting (still is and it's been an hour and a half... :S) I'm afraid it will turn out to be another weird bump, but maybe it's just agitation from the thingymadoer on my shoe (that measures my speed, distance, etc.) I just didn't feel good today... :S

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