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Training Log Archive: MJChilds

In the 7 days ending Oct 26, 2014:

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  Orienteering2 1:40:31
  Total2 1:40:31

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Sunday Oct 26, 2014 #

Orienteering race 51:20 [4]

Love the Lakes Day 2. Another gorgeous day in a beautiful forest.
Sloppy bearing on 1, heading north rather than NNE, so was a bit to the left and had to relocate. Bad start. Intended to stay high and take yellow ride but drifted downhill and when I saw the road was attracted to it like a magnet. Never saw the yellow so had to stay on road. Encountered the yellow ride the second time when it crossed the road and starts to take it, but noticed it was extra climb, so I dropped back to the road intending to take the trail around. Cut the corner to the trail, passed the cairn and the short wall, the never found the trail, nor blazes. Read terrain, passed a couple rootstocks with a small clearing and continued till I came to the big reentrant, then lost confidence in my location. Headed down the spur and then noticed the trail which I must have crossed a second time without seeing it. damn. Bailed back uphill to the yellow and instantly relocated on the cliff then straight to control. Lesson, don't trust any trails, even big ones.
Ran back out to the yellow to 3. Saw Ethan heading up the spur. ☺️
Lost another 20 sec on 4 inside the circle, losing touch with the knolls, but used the rootstock to find the cellar hole. The rest went well except for the leg which crossed the path to the start. Two groups walking on the oath unnerved me and I felt compelled to cross the trail and get out of sight which gave me unnecessary climb and frustration, but I found it with only about 10 sec lost. Took the road by the spillway, dropped down to the terrace and followed it to the knoll.
Coulda done better, but enjoyed the woods, a lot. Great arena with the pavilion, stone amphitheater, and view of the finish chute. Great weekend.

Saturday Oct 25, 2014 #

Orienteering race 49:11 [4]

Love the Lakes, Day 1. Pretty good day. Had trouble with compass, a bit sloppy, and terrain was a little hard to read. By 4, realized 1:7500 had not sunken in and tried to adjust better. Went straight on 5 intending to hit stone wall but was a wee bit to the left and was grateful to have stopped to look for the stone wall just after I had stepped over it without realizing it. Pretty ruined wall! Straight to 6 and intended to go around the lake to 7 and then head north to the big trail and then to the road. Lost track of everything: direction, distance, orientation to the lake and found myself approaching the start! I had seen signs for the trail but they didn't register in my brain. Had to relocate, run by start, around the marsh to tje right and then follow the stone wall back to the bend then up. Lost about 2-3 min there. Boo.
Retraced my route back to the road to 8. Took it all the way to the maintenance sheds past the spur on which the control was hung. Wish they'd have been ,append under the pink private lines because it threw me and I climbed too early. Found it OK, but had to work my way around lots of rick to reach the control.
Straight to 8, across top of reentrant to road. Could see control from road. Straight down to 10 which I'd checked out on the way to 8. Easy. Then down to 11 but was too far left and quickly relocated on the trail. Straight to 12 and on in. Except for big blunder at 7, it was a day with lots of wobbles, but no big problems. Glad of it.

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