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Training Log Archive: iansmith

In the 7 days ending Sep 8, 2012:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Running4 2:32:41 17.38(8:47) 27.97(5:28) 8021.0
  Orienteering2 2:06:46 8.53(14:52) 13.73(9:14) 18431c80.8
  Canoeing3 1:55:50 8.38(13:50) 13.48(8:36) 8213c33.9
  Total7 6:35:17 34.28(11:32) 55.17(7:10) 34644c135.7
averages - sleep:6

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Saturday Sep 8, 2012 #

12 PM

Running warm up/down 10:00 [1] 2.0 km (5:00 / km)
shoes: 201206 Inov-8 X-talon 212

Orienteering 34:46 [4] 3.9 km (8:55 / km)
19c slept:6.0 shoes: 201206 Inov-8 X-talon 212

Blue Middle Distance course at UNO's Pawtuckaway Camping weekend. I started out by remembering how to orienteer; I lost about forty five seconds combined on the first three controls. Things started clicking, but I was bumbling around in the woods much more than was necessary, particularly on a middle distance course with simple, short legs. I accidentally crossed to the west side of a marsh en route to 5. I hesitated running up the spur to 6 to be sure of my position. I ran south of the marsh to 7 (which I thought was optimal), and was ok on 8-9. I was sluggish descending to 10, as I didn't want to miss it and blast past. I ran north of the marsh to 13, which while longer, avoided a marsh crossing and a steep hillside. I finished with two spectacular errors of about thirty seconds each on 18 and 19; on the first, I let myself get distracted by a white control on a nearby knoll. On the second, I didn't have a great attackpoint and assumed it would be easy. There were enough boulders near the pavilion that it took some effort to discriminate among them.

Overall, my orienteering performance wasn't fantastic. I ran fairly hard and managed to have a cleaner run than a sleepy Giacomo and the rest of the field.
3 PM

Canoeing 55:50 [3] 5.98 km (9:20 / km) +82m 8:44 / km

Canoe-O with bgallup. We mass started with Giacomo and Ethan and had similar plans for at least the first half dozen controls. There was a vicious south wind that slowed us making the east-west traverse from 5 and 6 to 8 and 10. Part of the motivation of our figure-8 loop was to take shelter from the wind behind horse island and to have a long south-north leg with the wind at our backs.

Ben proved his mettle by driving hard the entire way. The racing canoe paddle technique was unfamiliar, but he beasted while I chirped suggestions. We decided to bail on control 14 and finished with 13 total; it's questionable whether we could have gotten it in the four minute cushion we had, but I think it was prudent to avoid the penalties. Control 13 lacked a pin punch.

The Pawtuckaway lake doesn't really lend itself to splitting tactics. Ben (and Giacomo) ran to 1 while I paddled solo up to a rendezvous point. Ben had to disembark to get 12, but we got all the other controls together from the boat. When last I checked, we were in second behind Aims and JJ, who got all 14 controls in 47 minutes under ideal conditions with no wind and a questionable drug test result. My GPX track is shamelessly stolen from bgallup.
8 PM

Orienteering 1:32:00 [3] 9.83 km (9:22 / km) +184m 8:34 / km
12c shoes: 201206 Inov-8 X-talon 212

JJ's Wicked Hard Night-O from the UNO Camping Weekend. The course was novel, though on the easier of the difficulty distribution of historical WHNOs. The controls were geographically grouped into sets of three - controls 1, 2, and 3 were proximal; 4, 5, and 6 were a triplet, etc. The triplets had to be taken in order, but the controls within a triple could be taken in any order. My headlamp, which I have not used in months, turned out to be destroyed - at least one of the batteries had ruptured in the case, and there was damage to the lamp housing. I ran instead with my bright Fenix TK35 held in my hand. It had rained intermittently through the evening, but I think it was dry when we started.

The first leg was a km+ trail leg, and I moved into the lead with Giacomo and Ethan nearby. Neil got creative and tried to cut the leg, but we headed him off. Ethan decided to run 2-1-3; Giacomo, Neil and I ran 1-3-2. I had a weak attack to 1 and punched behind Giacomo, but I had the lead when we left 2 on the long leg to 4. Giacomo and I were together, and Ben had attached himself to us. We missed the spit of land across the lakes and had to hack through some reeds; we ran into Giovanni here, who seemed to be going in the wrong direction.

By the time we reached 4, the rain had become torrential, and visibility was reduced. We saw Giovanni again when we missed our marsh handrail poorly. Our trio punched 4 and ran into a confused Neil about 50m past 4; he ran back to get 4 and caught up to us by 5, where we found Giovanni. The five of us took slightly deviating routes to 6 but converged there. We lost Giovanni, who decided he was happy with his outing and made the 2 km+ run back to the start. Our merry quartet ran the 2.3 km leg to 7 without incident, though we did break up into two groups and reconverge well before the control. Controls 9 and 8 were uneventful; at 8, Giacomo decided to go "Hunger Games" on us and broke away from the pack. Ben and I followed Neil out of 8, and I decided to adjust my plan after some consideration. Neil had gone out of sight when our routes diverged; I probably should have stuck to my plan, but I instead bailed to the road. Through a swamp. Yay dumbness.

Anyway, Ben and I marched along and executed the rest of the controls fine, but finished about five minutes behind Giacomo. At the start of the race, I had planned to try to break away from the pack and run the race solo. I'm still somewhat inexperienced at Night-O, and having company through the deluge in Pawtuckaway in the dark was pleasant. Ben showed great toughness plowing through the night, and only majorly lost contact once. GPS track again shamelessly stolen from bgallup.

Thursday Sep 6, 2012 #

(rest day)

135 wpm

On an unrelated note, has anyone on attackpoint seen my thermarest? It's green, full size (72" long or whatever), and looks a lot like Neil's.

I took a rest day because my body felt tired - possibly from the weekend, from insufficient sleep, from an imbalanced diet, or from the stress of trying to be unimaginative. Day 2 of Cactipocalypse continued, but I gave Nikola a rest day to prepare him for future treatment.

Wednesday Sep 5, 2012 #


It appears that Nikola Tesla the cactus has a pretty bad case of mealy bugs. As attackpoint is conveniently integrated into my life already, I will use it to document treatment efforts. The infestation is extensive (and observation gives me the hibbly-jibblies). I intend to ultimately use a combination of topical alcohol, capsaicin, and the insecticide verticel to treat Nikola.

Day 1 Treatment: I removed around fifty mealy bugs and much accumulated cottonlike secretion covering the top part of the cactus using tweezers. I left an application of 70% ethanol spray on for two hours, then rinsed it off with water. I mean to leave the cactus alone tomorrow to let it recover, then apply more alcohol. I have some concerns about killing the cactus, but there already is discoloring and deterioration on the outside of the cactus.
11 PM

Running 39:19 [1] 6.83 km (5:45 / km)
shoes: 201108 Asics GT-2150

Late night run home. I felt sluggish - even at my lumbering pace, I had to ramp up to 3-3 breathing. I may not be well rested; I have not been sleeping well of late. I pondered novel ways of destroying mealy bugs, including a collimated microwave gun that I could move along the outer edge of Nikola - hopefully frying the little bugs without cooking the cactus.

Tuesday Sep 4, 2012 #

8 PM

Running 47:19 [1] 8.34 km (5:41 / km) +80m 5:25 / km
slept:6.0 shoes: 201108 Asics GT-2150

As I set out for the first run from my new apartment, I was struck with an unimaginative sense of loss since my gimpy Garmin would not accompany me. Despite the absence of pace data with which to regulate my run, I clung to the same banal speed at which I have been cruising of late. My mind turned to the prosaic, and I elected to purchase a half gallon of chocolate milk upon my return to my abode.

In other news, I am excited about the Camping Weekend, which has been the traditional kick off of the fall orienteering season for me. I have also acquired SCH3 for my Droid phone, which will doubtlessly compromise my productivity. Groupies are incredibly flimsy.

My body is clearly still tired from the past week, which I must remedy if I hope to have a productive training fall. Soon I shall face ken "Swiss Watch" walker and test my mettle against user_1.

Monday Sep 3, 2012 #

(rest day)


Three of my top four ranked races on attackpoint are corn maze races. Perhaps I'm in the wrong sport? Maybe it's time to become a full time professional Corn Maze Orienteer. Hopefully the rankings will be posted soon.

I suppose this video would be considered art, not unlike its prequel and sequel.

Sunday Sep 2, 2012 #

9 AM

Running 56:03 intensity: (53:03 @1) + (3:00 @5) 10.8 km (5:11 / km)
shoes: 201108 Asics GT-2150

Ali and I continued our morning training routine at Lake Kahshe. We canoed from the cottage, Ali set out on her roll, and I went for a run. The run was relaxing, and I savored the rolling hills along the rim of the lake. I began at a very gentle pace and gradually accelerated to cruising speed. I finished with 6x30s strides and felt strong.

Canoeing 20:00 [1] 2.5 km (8:00 / km)

Canoeing to and from training; we stopped at Ali's cousin's cottage to say hello.
5 PM

Canoeing 40:00 [1] 5.0 km (8:00 / km)

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