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Training Log Archive: Samantha

In the 7 days ending Jun 5, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering4 3:25:48 16.88(12:12) 27.17(7:35) 724
  trail run5 3:22:44 19.94(10:10) 32.09(6:19) 653
  track workout1 36:20 4.84(7:30) 7.79(4:40) 1
  Total6 7:24:52 41.66(10:41) 67.05(6:38) 1378

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Sunday Jun 5, 2011 #

10 AM

Orienteering 50:11 intensity: (1:16 @1) + (43:25 @2) + (5:30 @3) 4.55 mi (11:02 / mi) +254m 9:24 / mi
ahr:162 max:179 shoes: mudclaw 270

Local meet at Nobscott. It's been a long week, so legs were a bit tired, but just from running more than usual. It's a fairly simple map, and I know how to do this stuff just fine, so I had no troubles. A few bobbles, like when I was looking at the map and ran past my trail junction. Silly me! I set up a junior training line-o and got a total of 1 junior. He enjoyed it :)

trail run 33:58 intensity: (17:37 @1) + (16:21 @2) 2.95 mi (11:31 / mi) +138m 10:03 / mi
ahr:128 max:154 shoes: mudclaw 270

Running around setting out streamers, going to find my one junior, and then picking up the streamers.

Saturday Jun 4, 2011 #


Ok, I need help. Looking for leads for employment in Uppsala, Sweden. I need a visa please :) Or else it seems our Sweden adventure will end around the middle of October.
12 PM

Orienteering 1:42:27 intensity: (17:35 @1) + (1:24:47 @2) + (5 @3) 8.3 mi (12:21 / mi) +348m 10:55 / mi
ahr:144 max:170 shoes: inov8 Mudclaw 270

Orienteering with Ross. He designed a course and we headed down to Blue Hills East. The woods were actually quite pleasant, except for one area. For the most part there was very little ground cover. Of course, it's still quite rocky and we did hit a few patches of blueberries, green briar and/or dense pines. Overall, it's a really pleasant map to run on in 1:15 since everything is so simplified. I barely need my magnifier. I wasn't great company in the middle from about 30-40 minutes, but then I resigned myself to running the entire course and I became more chipper. We also hit the grosser woods stuff around then. It was tiring, but this cool summer day was a good one to spend in the woods. Although my main goal for today was to sit by the pool and read, as I don't think I've just sat outside and read in the sun in a few years. Maybe I'll head outside and do that now...

Friday Jun 3, 2011 #

trail run 1:21:00 [2] 8.0 mi (10:07 / mi)
shoes: Teva Ligero Mesh

I changed at work for running, as I knew that if I went home I would be reluctant to leave again. I drove over to Cutler Park to run the Blue Heron loop there. I couldn't remember how long it took last time, but I knew more than 1 hour and less than 2. Luckily, it was a cool, breezy day. I also forgot to bring a watch and so ran without one, which was probably the strangest feeling ever. I *always* run with a watch. After about 15 minutes I had trouble estimating how long I was out there.

Approximate route is here.

Thursday Jun 2, 2011 #


Coworkers retirement party this evening and I was in charge of a bit of it, so the afternoon was spent planning and organizing instead of running.

Wednesday Jun 1, 2011 #

4 PM

trail run (skyline) 1:05:52 intensity: (40 @1) + (1:05:08 @2) + (4 @3) 6.84 mi (9:38 / mi) +415m 8:06 / mi
ahr:155 max:170 shoes: Teva Ligero Mesh

Skyline trail run with Dad. We were planning on doing the longer version (the trail race version) but I thought I had to hurry home to meet a friend so we could put together an imovie. Turns out she's not being super punctual, so I have time to log :) Also, it was probably a good thing that we did the short (regular) version of this run. My legs were totally wiped. I ran with Dad until the halfway (I can usually pull away) and only pulled away slightly when we starting going down steep hills. Then I went braindead, starting daydreaming and missed a turn. How many times have I run this?? I looked up at the next intersection and didn't recognize it as the usual turn. So I turned around and ran back about 100m to the actual turn off and saw Dad up ahead - he had passed me. I was a bit worried about how he might worry when he got to the parking lot and didn't see me. Although I couldn't catch him, I was close enough that I was coming down the trail when he started looking around. If I can go this braindead while simply running, no wonder I can't orienteer a clean race! Smarter brain, please.

Tuesday May 31, 2011 #

6 PM

trail run 8:50 intensity: (17 @1) + (8:33 @2) 1.1 mi (8:02 / mi) +2m 7:59 / mi
ahr:149 max:156 shoes: Asics 1150

warm up

track workout 36:20 intensity: (5:15 @1) + (14:31 @2) + (8:39 @3) + (7:55 @4) 4.84 mi (7:30 / mi) +1m 7:30 / mi
ahr:164 max:189 shoes: Asics 1150

6 x 800
2 x 400

Splits just under 3:00 for 800s.

Orienteering 5:34 intensity: (56 @1) + (4:38 @2) 0.57 mi (9:46 / mi)
ahr:140 max:148 shoes: Asics 1150

cool down

Monday May 30, 2011 #

8 AM

trail run 13:04 intensity: (10 @1) + (12:54 @2) 1.05 mi (12:27 / mi) +98m 9:39 / mi
ahr:132 max:158

warm up

Orienteering 47:36 intensity: (2:30 @1) + (41:04 @2) + (3:16 @3) + (46 @4) 3.46 mi (13:45 / mi) +122m 12:24 / mi
ahr:161 max:186 shoes: Icebugs

Team Trials middle.

Sigh. What to say? I had a wide variety of success finding controls today. The beginning wasn't perfect, but I was careful and only hesitating a bit coming into the control circles. But my large mistakes were on 4, 6, and 9. On all of them I made a parallel error of sorts, although it all started differently. On 4 I ran up the wrong cliff face, reading the hills wrong. I eventually went back to the stonewall by 3 and just did it again. On 6, I left 5 not knowing where I was (and falling down a cliff face, ripping the butt of my opants). Wandered on my compass, but then hit the stonewall. Thought I would follow the reentrant down, but it didn't go where I imagined. Ended up bailing out at the trail. 9 I was too far left, but thought I was right, overshot it and relocated on the large swamp past it. At which point Ali caught me. From 12 minutes back.

All I had to do was run a decent race, and I couldn't even manage that. I'm an atrocious navigator, who manages well in simple terrain (hence why I love sprints) but can't navigate accurately to save my life... or in this case, my team trials. Extremely frustrating, especially since last fall I felt like things were finally coming together. I wasn't making large mistakes, I had good flow, good decision making, good planning. Things were making sense and I was, finally, seeing some actual forward progress in my orienteering ability. But this season has gone back to the usual - some great races interspersed with mediocre or terrible ones. I continue to be terribly inconsistent.

True, the only person to blame is myself and my training. I don't train nearly enough to expect results, and yet I am unable (or unwilling?) to give more time. Therefore, I am stuck in the middle - putting in a little time to get some good results. But not enough time to actually grow and improve.

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