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Training Log Archive: Samantha

In the 7 days ending Feb 23, 2008:

activity # timemileskm+m
  xc skiing3 5:20:00
  Orienteering3 4:06:07 12.74 20.5 240
  trail run2 53:00
  lifting/strength1 16:46
  Total7 10:35:53 12.74 20.5 240

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Saturday Feb 23, 2008 #

Orienteering 25:00 [1]
shoes: INOV8 Mudclaw -old

We arrived early at the meet site, so I had a chance to go run on the training map. It was a good warm up and I was glad to see how they were mapping the trees.

Orienteering 42:53 [4] 5.6 km (7:39 / km) +150m 6:45 / km
shoes: INOV8 Mudclaw -old

My first green course in many years :) I am running Varsity so that I can qualify for World University Champs this summer in Estonia. I was quite nervous before I headed out, but #1 was pretty straight forward. The course went well for me, no errors over a minute. I lost a bit over 30 seconds on #7 by running into the wrong reentrant, but I was aware that I was probably going to. And #6 came up sooner than I expected so I had to stop to figure it out for a moment. Otherwise I think I made some not so great route choices to some controls - like 5 and 10. Much to improve on, but nice to have a more or less clean race!

trail run 10:00 [1]
shoes: INOV8 Mudclaw -old

warm up before the sprint. They were running a bit ahead of schedule, so I was running strides on the road when I heard my name. I was well warmed up when I started!

Orienteering 19:43 [5] 2.9 km (6:48 / km) +90m 5:53 / km
shoes: INOV8 Mudclaw -old

Sprint course in the afternoon. I didn't have a clean race like this morning. I stopped in confusion on the way to 3 and 4, but managed to find 3 with some scanning of the grasses. On 4 I stopped on a spur which it was on, but that was more luck than anything else. The vegetation didn't seem to match up at all and I couldn't figure out what I had done. I think that when they blew the 1:15000 map up to 1:5000 the vegetation was stretched out, or something, because it didn't seem to match up quite as well as it did this morning. I figured out where I was by seeing others run by which forced me to turn my head 90 degrees and then the terrain made sense. After 4 I was pretty clean. Quite tired though, especially with all the ups and downs the course made you do.

Friday Feb 22, 2008 #


I'm so trusting! Cristina is so nice not to write anything rude!

Orienteering 54:14 [2]
shoes: INOV8 Mudclaw -old

A compass practice course on a very flat map. I had a bit of trouble going to #1, but I found it. And then I was really lost on #2. There were only white streamers out, so seeing the streamer was difficult unless you knew you were in the right spot. I think I ran right by it a couple of times. Eventually, after trying to relocate off the ditches and the golf course, Tom ran by and I flagged him down for help :) I was very close to the control, and I would have bumped into it if there was a flag, but I really had no idea. The rest of the course was ok up to 8, where I ran very far from the control before relocating. Cristina assured me no spiky things, but I pulled something very long out of my ankle part of the way through and my ankle is still sore. Super fun and interesting map!

Thursday Feb 21, 2008 #

lifting/strength 5:00 [2]
shoes: INOV8 Mudclaw -old

Plyometrics led by Tom.

Orienteering 1:05:00 [2] 7.5 km (8:40 / km)
shoes: INOV8 Mudclaw -old

Contour only course. But there wasn't much out there except contours. I thought about cutting it short, but I was making good time so I did the whole course. That was a good idea, except the terrain from 8-9 was quite crappy. My legs were bleeding and now have many holes in them. Navigation went well. I missed 1 by stopping too short, and was a bit off on 3 by going out the wrong nose, but both were resolved without too much standing around or confusion. Moving at a good pace, but trying to hold back a bit knowing that I would be running again this afternoon.

lifting/strength (strength intervals) 11:46 [2]
shoes: INOV8 Mudclaw -old

Tom's idea of a fun way to begin the afternoon training. Strength intervals, which remind me of college track, which is when I last did these. We had 6 exercises, including burpies, and between each one we had to run an interval to the bend in the road and back. I decided in the beginning that sprinting full out on the intervals was probably not a good idea considering I didn't know how I would be feeling at the end. Strength felt ok, but my stomach was a bit unhappy. Cristina and I stopped for water on the way to training this morning and picked up a bag of gummy worms and peach rings. We pretty much finished off both bags between trainings and we are blaming them for the unhappy stomachs during the afternoon.

Orienteering 39:17 [3] 4.5 km (8:44 / km)
shoes: INOV8 Mudclaw -old

The afternoon orienteering activity. A middle course simulating relay conditions. The idea is one person goes out, I assume to be chased down by others, then other go out in small groups, and then a final person goes out. I went out first, to be chased down. I think mentally I handled it rather well. I took a safe route to #1, and although I was a bit off in the beginning because the trail went further than shown on the map, I found it without problem. I also found #2 without a problem, but was standing on the top of the cliff for a bit doubting myself before I went to the bottom of the cliff where I finally saw the control. I need to remember to go all the way to the feature! Then if it's not there I can begin to doubt. Everything else went well up to #9. I ran down the wrong spur and hit a stream junction with rock that looked just like the one I was looking for. I followed the stream up but the control feature was not there. I realized I made a mistake, thought back, and knew that I had not gone far enough. Checking the map I could easily see the parallel error that I made and quickly corrected. Although I didn't spend much time relocating, I added on extra distance and this is where Eric, who started last, caught and passed me. I saw him going to 10, but then he disappeared and I wasn't even sure he went to it (he did) and then I could see him ahead of me going to 13, but he was much to far away to catch. I was moving faster than this morning because I knew that people were running behind me, but I made sure I didn't get carried away before this weekend. Also, running fast made me feel more nauseous, which was a good motivator to stay at a reasonable pace.

Wednesday Feb 20, 2008 #

trail run 43:00 [2]
shoes: Asics 1130

A run with Cristina on a trail in Tucson. Beautiful!

Tuesday Feb 19, 2008 #

xc skiing (skate) 1:00:00 [2]

The trails iced over today and the skiing was again not ideal. Hill and I tried to skate, but we left ruts on the trails where we skated yesterday so it was bumpy. Ok for the most part, but the downhills were deadly. No snow to snow plow, and then the ruts caught your skis. I only went out of control once and crashed into the snow bank on the side, which was better than landing on the icy trail. Unfortunately, my fist went through the snow bank first and punching through the snow gave me bloody knuckles.

Monday Feb 18, 2008 #

xc skiing (skate/classic) 1:20:00 [3]

Skate skiing at Beaver Brook Farm with Hill. It really warmed up today and the snow was really soft, which made it difficult to skate. I really only skated the downills, and was classic skiing (with my skate skis) on the uphills and flats. Give you an idea of how sticky the snow was! Very slow going. I was surprised that I was not sore today - neither arms nor legs!

Sunday Feb 17, 2008 #

xc skiing (skate) 3:00:00 [3]

We went up to Craftsbury and skated around there. Hill, Ross, Dad and I started out on the Grand Tour, but were making good time and so decided on add on the extension. It was a beautiful day for skiing and my skate skiing has improved since yesterday. Near the end I was doing a lot of modified skating - I'm sure there's a term for it. Where instead of pusing off with both poles at the same time, I push with one pole with each 'step'. It's what I usually do to get up steeper hills, but near the end of the three hours I was doing it on any slight uphill.

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