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Training Log Archive: Tom O

In the 7 days ending May 29, 2018:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Map Reading1 3:05:00 7.0 11.27
  Orienteering3 3:01:52 9.32(19:31) 15.0(12:07) 51926 /33c78%
  Mountain Biking1 2:02:17 20.0(6:07) 32.19(3:48) 456
  Hiking1 1:14:10 3.12(23:45) 5.03(14:45) 156
  Weights1 45:00
  Sit-ups1 6:00
  Total7 10:14:19 39.44 63.48 113126 /33c78%

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Monday May 28, 2018 #

10 AM

Orienteering 1:18:28 [3] *** 6.9 km (11:22 / km) +315m 9:16 / km
ahr:154 max:173 spiked:12/17c

Mountain Lakes Park - Green Long course. Another nice course in good terrain. I attempted to run slowly where I could, being careful on rock and sidehilling which are the most bothersome to my foot. My run was mediocre. No big errors but enough smaller ones that I didn't feel I was executing cleanly. On the long leg 11-12 I opted for the road thinking it would be easier on my foot. If healthy, I would have gone around the swamp to the right, through the big saddle then approached from the trail north of the control.

My foot was a little sore afterwards. Hoping another week or two layoff will be sufficient to heal it up. Found 2 or 3 very small ticks on me when I got a shower after the race. Don't think they were on me too long though.

Glad I came to this event. Had a lot of fun.

Sunday May 27, 2018 #

Orienteering 46:25 [3] 4.6 km (10:05 / km)
shoes: Hoka SpeedGoat 2

Mountain Lakes - Leg 3 of a 3 pt relay team with Sergei Fedorov and Florin Tencariu. I had been unceremoniously bounced from the DVOA 7 pt "wise" men's team due to my injury (Petr was a more than apt replacement) and was not planning on running today. Richard Ebright was supposed to be running the 3rd leg on the 3 pt team but, unfortunately, this was unbeknownst to him and he did not show up. So I was reluctantly roped into service. Didn't realize I was on a 3 pt team until I received the handoff from Florin and saw that the leg distance was 4+ km, not the 2.9 I was expecting.

The start was up a road. I set off running thinking I would revert to walking when I got into the woods. But the competitive juices were flowing and my foot didn't feel too bad so tried to run slowly most of the course, avoiding the rock. Bashed my hand on the way to #2 and bled all over the map. Then was a little left going to 4 and hit 5 first. 1 min lost there.

Ok after that until the control picking at the end where I lost another 30 sec - 1 min struggling to read the map detail. Really enjoyed getting out in this wonderful terrain and contributing something to a DVOA team.

Saturday May 26, 2018 #

12 PM

Orienteering 56:59 [1] 3.5 km (16:17 / km) +204m 12:36 / km
ahr:148 max:171 spiked:14/16c shoes: Hoka SpeedGoat 2

Westmoreland Sanctuary - Walked the Green course after working start. An excellent course with beautiful woods and technicality. Lots of climb on a warm 90 deg day but less of an issue for me since I was walking. Maybe 1 min of lost time when I was a contour too high at 5 and fumbled around briefly enroute to 11. No damage done to my foot.

Friday May 25, 2018 #

Map Reading 3:00:00 [1] 7.0 mi (25:43 / mi)
shoes: Salomon Sense Ultra 12

Core Creek County Park -. First time visiting this venue. Our old map is badly outdated. Petr produced a new lidar basemap. I wanted to get out on the basemap and check it out. Circumnavigated Lake Luxembourg and saw most of the usable woods (which isn't a lot). I thought the basemap is decent - would be helpful to see aerial photos to see if that makes it easier to delineate the veg detail. This park strikes me as tailor-made for a canoe-o.

Map Reading 5:00 [1]
shoes: Salomon Sense Ultra 12

SUNY Purchase - had a quick lunch at Core Creek then hopped in the car to head up to see the Sprint. Terrible traffic getting across the GW Bridge but I still made it in time to watch the finish. Hung around to help with the easiest control pick-up ever:. 2 controls, 5 minutes.
6 PM

Hiking 1:14:10 [1] 3.12 mi (23:45 / mi) +156m 20:33 / mi
ahr:97 max:132 shoes: Salomon Sense Ultra 12

Ward Pound Ridge Reservation - Staying at the primitive tent camping area. No running water - wish they had told me. Easy enough to go down the road to the picnic area for water though.

Went out for a nice loop hike on the DH and FH trails after dinner. Carried a crude black and white topo map that the park gave me. Went off the a map at one point (intentionally).The woods are gorgeous here.

Thursday May 24, 2018 #

Weights 45:00 [3]

Sit-ups 6:00 [2]


Wednesday May 23, 2018 #

5 PM

Mountain Biking 2:02:17 [2] 20.0 mi (6:07 / mi) +456m 5:43 / mi
ahr:134 max:170

A good foot-friendly workout. From home over through White Clay Creek SP and then a loop around Fair Hill. Stuck mostly to gravel roads and wider trails but ventured onto some single track also with moderate success. Slowly getting the hang of the bike - just need to get out more. It is so much fun exploring Fair Hill on bike.

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