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Training Log Archive: Rosstopher

In the 7 days ending May 7, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Road run9 4:24:53 30.18(8:47) 48.57(5:27) 226
  orienteering4 4:16:06 22.79(11:14) 36.68(6:59) 802
  Track1 23:46 2.57(9:15) 4.14(5:45) 11
  Trail run1 7:38 0.83(9:12) 1.34(5:43) 42
  Total12 9:12:23 56.37(9:48) 90.72(6:05) 1081

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Saturday May 7, 2011 #

10 AM

orienteering 45:47 [5] 4.87 mi (9:24 / mi) +113m 8:46 / mi

Red course at Estabrook. Ran pretty well, mistakes on 2 and heading to the finish where I should have been more careful or more sane, and then mistakes on 5, 6, 13 where the map was a bit funky and I wasn't good at correcting for a combination of my sloppiness and the map's flaws.

Better than last year out at this map, so perhaps I'm learning how to deal with this particular map and the challenges it presents.

orienteering 26:24 [5] 2.78 mi (9:30 / mi) +77m 8:45 / mi

Sam and Jeff were going out and running a second course after finishing the Red, and since I was bumming a ride with Jeff after the meet I decided to follow suit. I ran the Green and although I had been out in the woods already I still made some mistakes. On the way to 6 I ran through the swamp just to see what it was like (not a great choice) and on the way to 8, I got confused by a greatly expanded swamp (active beavers?) and lost some time figuring out where I was.

all in all glad that I went out again and got in another session in the morning.

orienteering 19:51 [2] 1.52 mi (13:04 / mi) +23m 12:28 / mi

Sam had organized a junior training for the NEOC juniors that were interested. She set out a set of puzzle pieces at various control locations, and the juniors had the task of finding the controls, retrieving the puzzle pieces and then working as a group to complete the puzzle. I helped set out a set of pieces, including looping back on my trail to find the one piece that I accidentally dropped as I was running through the woods.
3 PM

orienteering 56:02 [4] 3.22 mi (17:24 / mi) +83m 16:07 / mi

Playing around in Lynn woods in the rain. Test running for the US champs in October and then later exploring the map with Ed. Woods were wet and thick in places. The arena area for the middle is going to make for fantastic spectating.

Trail run 7:38 [2] 0.83 mi (9:12 / mi) +42m 7:57 / mi

Running up to the stone tower (depicted on the bulletin) to meet Ed. Too much running today and too much rain, leads to uncomfortable chafing.

After our jaunt on the map we stopped at a german/european sausage shop where Ed bought the entire meat counter and a jar of imported Nutella. The imported kind tastes and feels different (and I think better, but that's because of my formative memories eating nutella overseas).

Friday May 6, 2011 #

8 AM

Road run 30:51 [2] 4.0 mi (7:43 / mi) +18m 7:36 / mi

To work, feeling great!
6 PM

Road run 28:08 [2] 2.4 mi (11:43 / mi) +39m 11:10 / mi

Home from work. Stopped briefly to watch Em and Eric play softball in the park ( I really just wanted to pet their puppy, Luna, who was tied up at the bench) and then stopped at the store to get ingredients to make five-spice pork with buckwheat noodles and radishes (quadrupling the recipe is important with recipes that are so tasty).

Spent a couple of hours trying to organize my maps binder for this year. I hate drawing my course on my maps until after I've scanned them in, but scanning takes awhile. I am pleased by how much I've gotten out on maps this year though, hopefully I can keep abreast of all the new maps I'll be getting now that it's spring season and park-o season.

Thursday May 5, 2011 #

9 AM

Road run 32:42 [2] 3.95 mi (8:17 / mi) +8m 8:14 / mi

To work. Feeling a little sleepy. Got up at 4am to skype the international office at Oslo University. Just to check that they got all our paperwork and to confirm that we really couldn't weasel our way into their Masters program. Sigh, this just means it will be more challenging to move to Europe and orienteer next year
5 PM

Road run 31:15 [2] 4.06 mi (7:42 / mi) +112m 7:05 / mi

Home, rushing so as to not keep Sam and Alex waiting.

orienteering 20:11 [5] 2.26 mi (8:56 / mi) +59m 8:16 / mi

Park-o at Cat Rock, set by Ed. I felt really blah leading up to the meet, and really great after I finished running. Got way too far right on #2 and a little sloppy on 5 and 10 as well, but legs felt good moving through the woods, especially heading back from 10 to the finish. Afterward I picked up a few controls.

Dan and Matt both came out to run, which was great. And a group of 10 of us stopped by a Thai restaurant in Waltham for dinner afterward (Dean suggested a mexican place, but it was Cinco de Mayo and that seemed risky) . Good food, good times :)

Wednesday May 4, 2011 #

9 AM

Road run 33:12 [2] 4.19 mi (7:55 / mi) +18m 7:49 / mi

To work, but took the shuttle home. Had planned to do intervals at lunch but it started raining and I was easily swayed out of running more.

Tuesday May 3, 2011 #

8 AM

Road run 31:16 [2] 3.99 mi (7:50 / mi) +8m 7:47 / mi

To work.
7 PM

Road run 20:29 [2] 1.85 mi (11:04 / mi)

crazy day at work, busy doing a hundred things. Late leaving the lab and just planning to run up to the track to meet Sam and drive home.

mentally weary at the end of a long day.

Track 23:46 [5] 2.57 mi (9:15 / mi) +11m 9:08 / mi

Hey, they're still running intervals after all. So I jump in for the last 600,400,400 with the crew. It feels good to run hard with friends! Yay CSU. Giacomo really pushed me hard on the last 400.

Monday May 2, 2011 #

8 AM

Road run 35:24 [2] 4.16 mi (8:31 / mi) +20m 8:23 / mi

To work, slow slow slow.
6 PM

Road run 21:36 [2] 1.58 mi (13:40 / mi) +3m 13:35 / mi

To Giovanni and Katia's place for the A-meet meeting. Legs felt great, running hard. Stopped at Whole Foods to pick up some cantaloups so instead of being uncharacteristically on time, I was the traditional 5 minutes late.

Sunday May 1, 2011 #

8 AM

orienteering 1:27:51 [5] 8.14 mi (10:48 / mi) +447m 9:13 / mi

Long at West Point. A good race for me. Love the easy visibility and running speed. Will showed up and had a solid run too, he was losing time on shoe tying, but making it up by choosing better routes and executing them well too.

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