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Training Log Archive: Rosstopher

In the 7 days ending Nov 1, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+m
  orienteering3 3:24:04 10.44 16.8
  biking5 3:01:00 41.0(4:25) 65.98(2:45)
  Road run2 51:00 6.5(7:51) 10.46(4:53)
  Total7 7:16:04 57.94 93.24

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Sunday Nov 1, 2009 #

orienteering 1:03:04 [3] 7.8 km (8:05 / km)

Clem's CSU meet at Rocky Woods. A really fun course, and I think the woods were pretty sweet too. I had a better run, o shoes were a big help for that. I again had one silly route choice, and some bobbles that slowed me down a bit. I was thinking that I had probably done pretty well, but I came in to find that someone had beaten my time by almost 5 minutes! yikes. I was feeling very humbled. Then I checked out his World of O page and discovered that Modestas Bacys has some very real street cred :) not used to having Lithuanian hot shots come out to CSU meets!

Saturday Oct 31, 2009 #

orienteering 1:18:00 [3] 9.0 km (8:40 / km)

trying to catch up with some backlogging, but it's already too late, so this is getting abbreviated.

Blue course at the NEOC/Jeff Shapiro Classic (Halloween-o at Hale). Course was really quite nice. I accidentally left my o-shoes sitting in front of the door, so I ran in my sneakers. This, and a silly mistake at 10, slowed me down more than I'd have liked.

we left pretty immediately to spend the day being tourists in Boston with Shawn and Mariya. I got to "drive a duck" which is to say that I turned the steering wheel on a duck tour boat in the Charles River. It was really fun :)!

Being a tourist is fun, we got clam chowder at the harbor, gelato in the north end, and lost in the streets downtown :) the full experience.

Friday Oct 30, 2009 #

biking 35:00 [3] 8.0 mi (4:22 / mi)

biking to and from work. At least I think. I can't remember, which is sad since it wasn't very long ago. I got to and from work I might have run though. I remember what we had for dinner, which was bucatini with mushrooms...frying porcini, oyster mushrooms, shitake, and portabellas are a delightful smelling bunch. all the exercise blends together but the meals really stand out :)

Our friends Shawn and Mariya drove out from Ithaca for the weekend.

Thursday Oct 29, 2009 #

Road run 31:00 [3] 4.0 mi (7:45 / mi)

Running to work. Got up pretty early in the morning, but decided to do some stuff around the house. Cleaning up the bedroom and the kitchen and doing some core work etc. So by the time I actually left the house I just had time for the short 4 mile run to work.

Road run 12:00 [3] 1.5 mi (8:00 / mi)

running late once more. Sigh, need to learn to leave enough time to make it places. Tonight we went out to dinner in honor of Sam's birthday and so I was rushing to meet the rest of the family at 6:30 at the Thai restaurant. first stop was out to my poor bike with a new tube. only took a few minutes to change it out ( that's what a tonne of practice gets you :) ) and then back across the bridge and out to Newton/Watertown. Man the BU bridge is crazy these days... they should hurry up and finish the work they're doing before a gang war starts between the bicyclists and the drivers... only one lane and no one seems to be obeying any of the rules of the road or of civility.

biking 17:00 [3] 4.5 mi (3:47 / mi)

Biking out to the restaurant. My cell phone up and died on Tuesday so I was unable to call ahead to let them know I was running late, but I got to the restaurant just after 6:30 so I was feeling pretty good. Changed out of the sexy tights and into normal clothes and then realized that no one else was there yet. Without a working phone it was hard to know if they were coming or if they had changed plans.... (now I know how Eddie feels without a phone ever). I waited around a little bit and eventually everyone showed up. Dinner was excellent and Sam is wicked spoiled with gifts from her family.

Wednesday Oct 28, 2009 #

biking 27:00 [3] 5.5 mi (4:55 / mi)

biking to work and then from work towards Harvard Square, where I was meeting friends for dinner. I was rushing because I was running late, and then was unhappy to get a flat tire (huge huge pothole in the rotary after the BU bridge) because then I was going to be even later.

Road run 8:00 [3] 1.0 mi (8:00 / mi)

So I locked up my bike and ran to Central Square and took the T the rest of the way. Ended up about 5 minutes late, but looking ridiculous in my sexy tights. On the plus side, Vietnamese food and frozen yogurt with friends more than makes up for getting a flat tire in the dark in the rain while running late :)

Tuesday Oct 27, 2009 #

biking 17:00 [3] 4.0 mi (4:15 / mi)

Bike to work. I should be running, but today I had the excuse of needing to get out to CSU training afterward.

biking 50:00 [3] 11.0 mi (4:33 / mi)

Biking from Longwood out to Cat Rock park. I bet it's almost as fast to bike as it is to drive that route during rush hour :) I arrived at 7, but didn't see anyone there, I didn't recognize the mini-van as belonging to Andy, and didn't see the maps left on top. But Mark showed up soon after.

orienteering 1:03:00 [3]

CSU night-o training, set by Mark Webb. Good attendance and kind of crummy weather. It was misting which I didn't think about until after I got started and then had to deal with wearing glasses that quickly became beaded up to the point of being useless. Also I have misplaced my battery backpack for the headlamp so it was just in my coat pocket and rhythmically banging into my thigh in a painful/annoying fashion. I probably shouldn't let little things like that spoil my mood for good orienteering, but after stopping to wipe my glasses a dozen times I was wishing that I had remembered to pack my contact lenses.

Courses were fun, but I had some difficulty anyway. Night-o is always harder than I give it credit for and I make too many mistakes. Brendan and I were together for a bit on the first course but then he got away from me on 9 when I ran over a hill without seeing it.

The second course was some of the same controls in a different order but I cut it short since Sam was picking me up and I didn't want to keep her waiting, so I did only the first section of the second map.

Monday Oct 26, 2009 #

biking 35:00 [3] 8.0 mi (4:22 / mi)

biking to and from work. We got home pretty late, rolled into bed at about midnight. Not sure what sort of black magic Sam uses to wake up at 6am after this kind of weekend, but she's got a gift. I managed to get up at 8:15 or so and mentally I wanted to go training go running and get faster, but physically and logistically biking was a better fit.

after work, Sam and I cooked dinner, and played around with quick route to get her course from Sunday and now it's already past bedtime.

Will do more thinking about orienteering tomorrow I guess, after CSU training.

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