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Training Log Archive: Rosstopher

In the 7 days ending Oct 24, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+m
  orienteering3 2:46:00 12.3(13:30) 19.8(8:23)
  biking3 2:00:00 26.0(4:37) 41.84(2:52)
  Road run1 1:39:00 13.1(7:33) 21.08(4:42)
  Total6 6:25:00 51.4(7:29) 82.72(4:39)

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Saturday Oct 24, 2009 #

orienteering 1:20:00 [3] 11.3 km (7:05 / km)

US champs. More on this later (I plan on writing it up in a very official fashion for presentation to the US team, as part of a technical review process).

suffice it to say that I raced hard, and came up a little short (2:30 short) and into second place. Will was in control of his race the whole way, and that's where I need to be to perform at the next level.

very difficult terrain. two large mistakes

- on control #2 I got lost almost immediately after leaving control 1 and decided to overrun and recover on the catching feature. two minutes or so.

- on control #16 I lost concentration near the end of a long leg. I changed my route from my original plan because I thought it would be a bit faster, and then I lost contact with the map and read a small hill that came a little too early as the hill my control was behind. I was too frantic as I tried to relocate and wasted a lot of time. I regained my focus after seeing Clem running purposefully in the woods. That was all I needed to get me going. lost about 4 I guess here, maybe more, will check on my garmin as to how fast I was running the first part of the leg.

Impressed by Ian's time on this course. he tied with Schirm, which is an indication that he orienteered well in really hard terrain.

Friday Oct 23, 2009 #

orienteering 31:00 [3] 5.0 km (6:12 / km)

Rainy day model event. I was expecting something a bit more official, but I had a great time at the model. There was some nasty cold rain to contend with and my watch stopped taking splits at somepoint, but other than that...

I was really clean just overran 14 a tiny bit. The course was much easier than either of the days of competition, but I can't help but feel like I used up my good day of orienteering here :)

6 mins a k felt like I would be fast enough to win on Saturday

Thursday Oct 22, 2009 #

biking 35:00 [3] 8.0 mi (4:22 / mi)

Another easy day, but again another morning lab day. 7:45 in the morning but it feels good to finish up that project and move on to new stuff at work.

After work, went over to Vadim's house for a radio orienteering get together. Some good food, great company, and a lot of enthusiasm from Vadim to build on the nexus of CSU radio orienteering that he's already built this past year.

Our ambition is to race well at US champs ( probably June-ish) and then hopefully at the World Champs in September, our limitations are that orienteering is and should be our main focus plus our group seems pretty busy/committed already, so our plan is to fit more short (30-60 minute) trainings in over the winter, to host another competition, and to attract some new people to grow our membership.

Wednesday Oct 21, 2009 #

biking 35:00 [3] 8.0 mi (4:22 / mi)

ride to and from work. Got up early, but used the early to get to work at 7:45 for an experiment. also, the green curry that I ate last night was supposed to cure my remaining illness symptoms... not successful I'd say. And, my calves are a little grumpy about either the stairs or the toe raises. Nothing that will get in the way on Saturday, but enough that I know I need to work on those toe raises a bit more.

Tuesday Oct 20, 2009 #

orienteering 55:00 [3] 3.5 km (15:43 / km)

CSU training (ab torture style, provided by Lori). Keith, Dean, Lori, Brendan, Alex, Ed, and I attended. Clem dropped by as a groupie later on and Kelsey had made noises about maybe trying to show up.

Met up at MIT to do some orienteering core circuits. first checkpoint included running up and down 26 flights of steps, the rest of the controls had more ab work and running form drills (PG would be proud that we incorporated a few of Francois's favorite strides).

The hardest of the drills for me were the toe raises and the supermans (supermen?).

after the training, a few of us stuck around, ordered Thai food and had dinner back at Lori's place. Excellent end to a lovely evening.

biking 50:00 [3] 10.0 mi (5:00 / mi)

some random biking around. first to work, then over to the start of training. Up to Lori's house and then finally a quick ride from Alex/Ed's back home.

Monday Oct 19, 2009 #

Road run 44:00 [3] 5.7 mi (7:43 / mi)

running to work. I tried to convince Boris this weekend that I am capable of getting up early in the morning to do workouts before work. Day 1 of this plan has been a bit of a failure :)

I did not wake up early enough to do a real workout. I did get up sort of early for me, and thus I was able to get my crunches and situps in as well as an extra lap of the reservoir. We'll see what tomorrow brings on the wake-up meter :)

Road run 55:00 [3] 7.4 mi (7:26 / mi)

a crepuscular commute as I left work and wandered my way home. I went straight home except for getting lost a couple of times around the reservoir. was torn between wanting to run an extra lap and wanting to eat dinner... eventually I convinced myself that I should be taking it easy this week in preparation for the upcoming weekend (read: chili > running).


Liked this snippet from Hammer's post about the Team France conjugal visit.

"2) A lot of orienteers know where they were 30 seconds ago or where they are right now. It's better to be visualizing where you're going to be in 30-60 seconds."

I wonder if this method could be effectively added to my style of orienteering. If I had to define my style of orienteering in a few words, right now it would read something like this " run faster, figure it out when you get there".... sort of the opposite from Theirry's ideal.

Sunday Oct 18, 2009 #


A day spent at home. Weather was less than ideal, so it helped make today a rewarding rest day.

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