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Training Log Archive: arcticQn

In the 7 days ending May 24, 2010:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering1 2:42:00 8.45(19:10) 13.6(11:55) 680
  Running3 2:40:00 17.29(9:15) 27.82(5:45)
  Run/Hike1 2:03:00 10.0(12:18) 16.09(7:39)
  Core strength3 23:00
  Total5 7:48:00 35.74 57.51 680
averages - weight:50.9kg

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Monday May 24, 2010 #

(rest day)

Rest day today, ankle is a bit sore from a stupid injury yesterday (driving a stick into it while running), but otherwise I think the cooldown jog around the sprint course was a great idea for the body. Thanks Boris!
Spent the afternoon inspecting the garden and planting some things I got at the nursery on our way home from the BG yesterday. A pretty bright indigo daisy and some little white flowers in a big pot out by the front walk and another white petunia in a smaller pot next to the big one.
I think..maybe.. that summer has finally arrived? :)

Sunday May 23, 2010 #

Orienteering race 2:12:00 [4] 11.1 km (11:54 / km) +680m 9:06 / km
ahr:157 max:176

Hardly a race today, as shown by my HR, but I honestly don't think that I could've gone much faster. The hamstrings from the run friday were burning almost the entire time and every hill was such a trudge. I know it was for everyone but...
On the way to 1 I didn't even see it and was actually blindly following while trying to figure out what everyone else saw that I didn't. Finally got it about 50m in, and by that time it was too late to change my route choice. Not sure the way I went was the fastest.
Ended up running with Mom the whole way 'round, which was cool and more enjoyable for me to be able to have someone to talk to (rhetorically at the least) about routes and to complain to about the uphills!
We were off on a few controls but most were pretty decent. Fun course, with a LOT of climb.

Orienteering race 30:00 [3] 2.5 km (12:00 / km)

After finishing the 'Goat and gorging myself on soda, pizza and cookies Boris grabbed me and suggested we run the sprint. Hah, right! ..Oh, not run, jog. Jog? really? I can jog, even on belly full of pizza and coke!
So we jogged, and chatted and had a great time on this 'cool-down'!

Saturday May 22, 2010 #

(rest day)

Unplanned rest day. Legs were really pretty fatigued from the run last night!
K and I had a great little morning with coffee, bacon and pancakes and a trip to Agway to get seeds for the garden and ended up getting....... chicks! Yes, we now have the Nielsen Flock. 6 chicks that will hopefully, come fall, start popping out some fresh eggs! ;) and yes, another thing to occupy the time.....and most definitely the dog!

Friday May 21, 2010 #

6 PM

Run/Hike 2:03:00 [3] ** 10.0 mi (12:18 / mi)
ahr:145 weight:51kg

Mom and I had made plans to go on this 10mile trail run after work, meeting up at the trailhead. Around 4pm today Dad decided to join us too, so the three of us along with Loki and Cricket went for a nice jaunt through the woods on some great old Class VI roads in Landaff! Lots of cellar hole exploration, exclamations at some nice stonewalls and the 1/2mile or so that we were on an actual driveable road we saw some really nice old farms!
The trails were double-wide, totally mtn-bikeable, though a bit muddy in spots and really hilly, which I wouldn't like, but the downhills would be fantastic! Great old apple orchards on the old road back to the cars, we think the WMNF keeps them open and pruned for the deer, moose and bears. Speaking of which, we saw bear tracks (and tons of deer and moose and Loki tracks too) but the bear was most definitely going the same way we were, we saw tracks, paws about 5" wide, nearly 3/4 of the way around this 10mile loop! I swear he was getting in his once-a-week long run too..

Thursday May 20, 2010 #

6 PM

Running 46:00 [3] 8.36 km (5:30 / km)

Tempo run down the rail trail.

Core strength 10:00 [1]

Wednesday May 19, 2010 #

7 PM

Running 29:00 [2] 4.9 km (5:55 / km)

Quick easy run down County Rd east. I've felt really quite tired all day from yesterdays run (totally slept through the alarm this am!) and tonight the legs felt sluggish the entire way, even on the downhills. Amazing how you can run 1.5hrs in an orienteering race and feel great afterwards, but a 1.5hr run on the road and you feel like crap the day after.

Core strength 10:00 [1]

abs and girly pushups, stretching.

Tuesday May 18, 2010 #

6 PM

Running (Long) 1:25:00 [3] 14.56 km (5:50 / km)
ahr:150 max:170 weight:50.8kg

Was going to do the usual Tuesday hill run, but the thought wasn't so pleasant after this weekends races so instead I went out Brushwood to Rt25 and around on the rail trail to get in a good, easy, long run. Couldn't remember how long that loop was, and it ended up being longer than I was thinking and my legs are definitely tired now. Felt great most of the way, smooth and strongish and HR low for the pace etc, but an hour in, things started to fall apart. typical. hip flexors mostly. toe hurts now, not bad, but I know it's there. Overall a positive run. I need to start building the base back, especially so I can sustain the leg speed, concentration and focus on a Long course. and a long course after a middle and sprint the day before!

Core strength 3:00 [1]

Tried doing some ball crunches and pushups but my body was too tired after the long run so I quit after 2x25crunches and 1x20 girly pushups.
Oh, and I did get in 4 strides after the run which felt really good to stretch out the legs after the long short-stride shuffle. :)

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