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Training Log Archive: smoke

In the 7 days ending Oct 24, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+m
  orienteering3 4:36:34 12.32(22:27) 19.83(13:57) 411
  Total3 4:36:34 12.32(22:27) 19.83(13:57) 411

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Sunday Oct 23, 2011 #

9 AM

orienteering warm up/down 22:49 [1] 0.85 km (26:47 / km) +9m 25:26 / km

Walk/jog to start. Stopped watch then out to road and back again, trying to get some feeling into my very cold and numb feet.

orienteering race 1:52:54 [4] 8.77 km (12:52 / km) +163m 11:47 / km

map with route

1) Left route was better, but didn't notice that. Right ankle hurt like crazy whenever I tried to move above a jog, so resigned myself to a long morning.

2) Got caught in some very slow stuff near the end of route. Decided to try and stay out of green as much as possible,...

3) so took long trail route

4) 3 to trail was a lot of briars and very slow. Mistake in the control circle, but figured it out pretty quickly and successfully ignored a couple of people to the east.

5) Should have gone straighter to trail, almost got stuck in the creek. Most of the route was just trying to keep track of the trails. Went around at end to avoid dark green. Got to correct boulder and failed to see the control. Thought I must have been at boulder to south-west, so headed off. Looked back to check where that boulder was, and saw the control. Oops!

6) Got very confused at top of hill, decided to head east and down hill to trail to relocate. But paid attention on the way down in case I was on the trail I had been aiming for. Luckily I was and spotted the control.

7) Didn't see the small trail on the map or the in the terrain at first. Spotted it on the map after passing it, and cut across.

8) Left trails for a bit and don't think it paid off. Not sue what I was thinking when I went all the way around to 8 (?)

9) Needed to pay a lot of attention in the open area to get on the right trails.

10) Left hand trail route to 10, I know some people went right but I think left was the right choice.

11) Ankle super sore by now and couldn't maintain much speed. Easy control.

12) Again paying attention to correct trail.

13) Didn't check out control description, went down to road. Regardless, should have gone east to trail instead of north.

14) Too busy berating myself for stupidity at 13 to pay much attention to where I was going. Poor route, but at least I got there without too much time lost.

15) Very little energy left, but I least I knew where to go.

Saturday Oct 22, 2011 #

10 AM

orienteering warm up/down 23:27 [1] 1.24 km (18:56 / km) +40m 16:18 / km

Checking out the model - decreased my confidence

orienteering race 1:18:43 [4] 5.29 km (14:53 / km) +161m 12:55 / km

map with route

Turned over map and first reaction was "I can't do this". So long but safe route to 1. After I left the trail, paid a lot of attention to what was mapped and what wasn't. I think this helped with the rest of the race. A beautiful face plant on trail to 1 in front of some mountain bikers.

2) should have gone below the cliffs instead of trying to scramble down them.Thinking that I am moving way too slowly, being too cautious, and need to speed up.

3) Pretty slow going, but managed to keep in right direction.

4) Pretty much straight, stopping a couple of times to verify my location, but at least moving a little faster and starting to think I can read this map.

5) Probably should have gone to the left of the swamp, but didn't even consider that route. At edge of circle, got distracted by all the lost people, and followed them instead of trusting my judgement. Lost about 4 minutes, almost all of it within the control circle.

6) Turned just a little late, cost 6 minutes because I hadn't been paying enough attention. Should have stopped and looked around about 30 seconds before I turned when I had that niggling feeling that I wasn't quite where I thought I was.

7) Wow! Open woods and clear visiblity! Whee!

8) Took an indirect but safer route. Muttering to myself about being such a wimp. Less muttering after the race when I saw some of the splits on this leg! Headed down to larger swam then crossed the creek and down to open area across the creek from the control. Could see the control from the top of the hill across the creek.

9) Long leg. Got tired of trails, so cut across at end. Cost 3-4 minutes.

10) Should have gone across the bare rock. A bit of a struggle for parts of what I was doing.

11) Should have headed more west leaving the control, but it was much more open heading further south. At least until the last 20m to the trail when I got hopelessly tangled up. Long safe trail route from there. Lots of people looking lost in the area, so maybe a wise route.

12) Just straight. No reason to do anything else.

13) Despite several people just ahead of me heading due east and going around the hill, I went straight. Still think it was the right choice.

Finished the race pretty disappointed with my speed and the number of bigger errors I had made. (Funny what counts as a big error now compared to a year or two ago.)

Friday Oct 21, 2011 #

2 PM

orienteering race 38:41 [3] 3.67 km (10:32 / km) +38m 10:01 / km


Should have worn my glasses!

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