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Training Log Archive: AliC

In the 7 days ending Feb 1, 2012:

activity # timemileskm+m
  XC skiing7 3:11:07 11.28 18.16 262
  Ski-O3 2:27:28 8.49 13.66 28631c
  Total8 5:38:35 19.77 31.82 54831c
  [1-5]8 5:38:33
averages - rhr:59

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Wednesday Feb 1, 2012 #

8 AM

XC skiing warm up/down 10:00 [1]

Loops of warm up around the allowed area before quarantine. Felt fine!
9 AM

Ski-O 14:39 [4] ***

Sprint World Cup @ Auburn Ski Club

Oooh, that's a bit painful. Was doing quite well through the beginning- in 3rd place at control #6, and then mega-mistake. Ended up on the wrong trail out of a junction and then complete confusion ensued, had to relocate by how far away I was from the road.

I immediately knew that it was a race-ending mistake, so heart sank, but then time to figure it out, and finish the gosh-darn race. So I did, although in the process, didn't give enough respect to #8 and took the blatantly wrong route choice, maybe only slightly longer distance, but 2 extra contours, no good.

A good thing- on the hardest uphill leg, only 1 second behind Tove A., race winner of both today and the long. I have the ski speed, just gotta but the ski and the o together a bit better...

Ok, so that's that, tomorrow's another day, and this stuff is fun, glad we have 4 more races!

XC skiing 8:00 [1]

Warm down, with Alex, kinda feeling sorry for myself... but snapped out of it at some point.

Tuesday Jan 31, 2012 #

10 AM

Ski-O (Middle) 55:04 intensity: (2 @0) + (3:39 @1) + (42:17 @2) + (9:06 @3) 8.49 mi (6:29 / mi) +286m 5:52 / mi
ahr:145 max:161

North American Champs Middle @ Royal Gorge

The goal of today was really to get just a smidge more map time, most importantly to not get super tired because the next 3 days are 3 World Cups in a row- yikes! So I went easy, focusing on trying to take sensible routes, experimenting with cutting quite a bit, and trying to punch more effectively than yesterday (switched SI from 4th to index finger, a bit better, still awkward with pole).

Anyways, was a fun race, although was initially freaked out by the report that the Red course was 13k. Turns out, it was, or at least I skied 13.6 k, but it did end a lot downhill of the start, so times on the course weren't totally ridiculous for a middle.

I really enjoyed the opportunities to cut, so cool to just be dashing through the woods, on a mission, and then pop out on the trail you intended to!

Felt better wrt the altitude than yesterday, and think I succeeded in not skiing too hard. I won for North Am Champs, just a bit over Sonne and then Marta, and was 3rd overall to some women that must have been putting out at least a bit more effort than I was...

XC skiing 18:49 intensity: (11:35 @1) + (7:14 @2) 1.9 mi (9:54 / mi) +88m 8:39 / mi
ahr:126 max:146

Super-slow waddle back to the lodge with Marta and Mike. Nice to meet Marta!

Monday Jan 30, 2012 #

7 AM

XC skiing 8:00 [1]

Warm up, on fast snow. Just around the stadium, as is normal in ski-o, you can't go anywhere...

Was nervous because resting morning HR was 59, which is high for me... guess the altitude matters? Will it go back down after I acclimatize more?
8 AM

Ski-O race 1:17:45 intensity: (15:00 @2) + (45:00 @3) + (17:45 @4)

Woo, 4th place in the first ski-o World Cup here at Tahoe! Really psyched!!

Behind Tove Alexandersson (SWE), Josephina Engstrom (SWE) and Polina something (RUS).

Alrighty, so the race. This was the long, at Tahoe Donner XC. 20 controls, 17k least distance. Going in, I was ranked 13th, so just barely got to start on the first women's line, way on the outside right. But I was way better at getting my map in this time, happy about that!

1 - Figured out a route, was a bit nervous if I was on the right trail leaving the 2nd little groomed area, but yep. Saw a bunch of women in front of me, decided I should move up a bit, so passed a bunch when the trail widened before turning onto a narrow little up. Long narrow up, I was pretty happy going the pace of the Norwegian in front of me, no need to bury myself at the beginning for a race at altitude!
2 - Russian woman off in the distance, checking about where I was going, more or less took her route, but comparing with Alex, would have been faster to cut more- snow was reasonably firm in this area.
3 - Stayed on wee trails til big trail, again, would have been faster to cut more.
4 - I had the further control, and took a different, probably not awesomest route, but it was safe in, so actually ended up punching just after the Russian who had been further ahead.
5 - Map change #1 in the stadium, easy to find.
6- And back up. Ugliest control, right on a bear spot that involved some rock.
7- Was catching some other gals, including Alex. Was a bit confused, because wasn't sure how they had passed me, turned out I had the longer second fork on the first lap. Was in a bit of a pack for this one, with Russian (I think Polina), and a Norweigian and Czech.
8 - Still in mini-pack, I was skiing faster on the big trail, but then kinda messed up the cut down to the control, lost maybe 10 seconds.
9 - An ugly up under the powerline, then down on narrow trails, exciting times. =)
10 - Short fork this time, around on the big trail then in.
11 - Map change #2, oops, inelegant fall not turning quick enough on the big trail at bottom of a little one going straight down. Had to extract skis from a bushy thing. But got told I was in 4th coming through control, nice!
12 - Bah, big mistake. Did not read contours enough, and decided to take the upper route which involved 1) more climb and 2) a nasty narrow-trail descent. I was trailing, actually caught up to Josephina E on the up, then trying to read my map let her go a bit on the down. She opted to take her skis off first, I tried for a bit on skis, but no go, too steep/icy!!! Probably a minute lost??
13 - Flatish ski-o, although the form lines made it look steeper than it was. Double pole times!
14 - Most nerve-wracking of the bunch, trails were a bit worrying in here but I kept going the right direction, was happy to see the first 3 ladies exiting on my way, confidence boost.
15 - Men coming at me during this one, also included jumping over a mini-stream, I might have yelped =)
16 - Loooong climb back out of Euer Valley. Kept it going, but then I for some confused reason though I was going to get to go down, but nope it was still up... ready, change mental picture! But fine into control
17 - Same as #1 on second loop, opted to come in from the bottom, I remembered it was fine to skate up.
18 - Exited from the top of the nastiness at 17, cut to big trail, into spectator, still in 4th.... ok, time to not loose it!
19 - Back up the hill, I took right route, unsure what was fastest...
20 - Nervous, little trails everywhere, kinda went off big trail corner....
21 - Flying down time!
22 - And across to the finish. Think there were decent gaps before and after me, maybe ~ 1 min? But definitely very happy! Is sneaking onto the podium in one of these races possible? Just maybe, will have to take the best routes and ski fast!
9 AM

XC skiing warm up/down 6:00 [1]

Chatted a bit with Tove and Josephina at the finish, regretting with Josephina the high route choice. Tove did something neat, cut across the downhill slope saving some distance, wonder if she had the top split on that.

And then warm-down, warm enough out I didn't need to suit up immediately.

Sunday Jan 29, 2012 #

XC skiing 1:15:00 [2]

A pre-race day! So:

1) Wax testing at the base of Northstar. B ski won.
2) Wax testing at the xc area (which is halfway up alpine mountain, bizarre and a pain to get to), B ski still won, got the wax for tomorrow!
3) Skiing up to model area, trying to keep it easy, reading map a bit.
4) 1:15000 model course. Ok, a bit confused off the start, but then things made sense.
5) 1:10000 model course. More little trails, they are *icy*! Tried to do a bigger cut that wasn't just downhill, and ate it. Right after seeing Marie-Cat extracting herself from just a few meters over... Ok, so lesson learned.
6) 1:5000 model map. Woo sprint! But much easier to read for the little trails, nice.
7) Finished on 1:15000 again, just to be more in that scale.
8) And back down to lodge.

At some point while map reading, skied over a rock and scraped up ski. Sad!

Feel pretty ready for tomorrow, hope body isn't so unhappy about the altitude, but it's a 17k shortest distance, so will be a toughie!

Saturday Jan 28, 2012 #

11 AM

XC skiing 1:05:18 intensity: (41:47 @1) + (20:33 @2) + (2:58 @3) 9.38 mi (6:58 / mi) +174m 6:35 / mi
ahr:117 max:170

Woo! On snow and at altitude! Over at Spooner Lake XC, which was actually perfect, flattish trails, and only $12 since they were embarrassed that more trails weren't open.

Skied around with Brendan for the most part, and kept it easy, no reason to bury the body before the week's racing! Felt a bit awkward on the icy-solid corduroy, haven't had skiing like that yet this year. Also definitely noticed the altitude, especially going up hill, what feels like it should be an easy pace makes the HR + respiration rate shoot on up.

Tested my red grind against my purple grind, couldn't tell any difference on the icy-ness, where it was becoming slushy I think the red was a bit better. Just on the Base Prep 99 wax-wise.

Friday Jan 27, 2012 #


En route! (Thanks Ian!)

If all goes well, should end up on some high-altitude snow by the end of the day!!!

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