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Training Log Archive: Gally

In the 1 days ending Oct 1, 2017:

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Sunday Oct 1, 2017 #

Race long 25:30:00 [3]

WT with Mrs Gally, Dee and Storm. Bit of an epic fail on my part by it actually was an enjoyable race.

Race started well having a clean first trek and bike and not far off leaders which was the goal. The trek had a couple options and normally we choose bushwacking over other options but this time we decided an a different route that had less trekking but more running. This ended up being a bad route choice as trails were slow and a trail we wanted to take ended up being private property so we had to do more bushwackiing then we anticipated. We ended up loosing a lot of time to the lead teams which was disheartening but that's AR

Rest of the trek went as planned as well as bike but we just couldn't make up any time. The paddle was next and I was nervous about this but this part went well other than trying to locate one portage. The fog was extremely thick for our canoe but I was able to navigate off the stars which was cool.

Next up was the trek which would be a challenge but looking forward to seeing if we can make up some time. The first cp went well and hit it right on but after this the gong show began. We were given a supplemental map of the area that had more detail but different declination so I wasn't comfortable using it. I decided to use the topo and Sean the supplemental but this ended up causing more issues as I kept getingt confused with the declination and scale. We took bearings to the lake to cp 16 but nothing was matching up with the map.

After what seemed like a long time we finally hit a lake and thought it was close to the cp but for some reason didn't see any lights and no one responded to us. We had planned to not swim so started going around the lake but we kept running into swamps. When we took bearings of the lake to make sure we were on the right one,, they made no sense.The compass was showing the lake to run north south, WTF. We decided to continue trekking around the lake but each time a bearing was taken it was taking us into the lake or a different direction. It felt like we were going in circles to a point where I felt like we may have missed our intended lake and we were on another one. I lost all confidence in what I was doing and for the first in a long time thought that we were lost.
It was time to relocate but I also knew this may take hours and likely would have to wait until daylight. As much as finishing completely was important, we needed to get back to the kids and not be wondering the bush all day. We decided to make the call to get our location and was impressed everyone took it well. I made the dreaded call to Bash who I think was shocked to here me and proceeded to give our location, which was a stones throw from cp 16! I actually didn't believe Bash at first because based on where she said we were and what our bearings were telling us it still didn't add up. Anyhow we went based on her intel and returned to the canoe with no issues. Fu\% me.

We later heard after the race of other !!having issues with their compass and was attributed to the magnetism in the rocks that happens in the area. This now made sense to us and explain why we were having issues which made us feel better.

Even with mishaps still enjoyed the course and we had fun as a team. Dee even brought out the tunes on the last paddle and I think Storm may have even been signing along!

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