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Training Log Archive: bill_l

In the 7 days ending Apr 11:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Terrain2 12:38:11 29.7(25:32) 47.8(15:52) 8671215.7
  Bees1 1:30:0045.0
  Cycling1 1:22:28 16.95(4:52) 27.28(3:01) 209106.7
  Total4 15:30:39 46.65 75.08 10761367.4
  [1-5]4 14:02:41

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Sunday Apr 10 #

3 PM

Bees 1:30:00 intensity: (45:00 @0) + (45:00 @1)

Saturday Apr 9 #

9 AM

Terrain race 11:51:49 intensity: (39:24 @0) + (6:38:53 @1) + (3:06:42 @2) + (56:58 @3) + (15:54 @4) + (13:58 @5) 46.27 km (15:23 / km) +824m 14:08 / km
ahr:113 max:165 shoes: Lone Peak High Top

Solo 12 hour. Wasn't sure I'd be out for the full time.

Good event, great volunteers. Tyvec maps and punch cards PLEASE!!, I'd happily pay extra for that, and for a single-piece map.

Cliff notes version:
o overall a great day in the woods
o weather was perfect for me (on the cool side)
o my route was good and nav was (mostly) solid
o body held together
o I did not consistently hit the lap button on the watch
o I started 45 minutes late - finished route choice and bailout options, prepped map in holder so no re-folding on the course.
o Missed my first control - parallel error. Jumped off road one spur too late. Was only 26 points and not worth the climb back up to get it.
o Lost my punch card, and then found it again. See between lap segments 5 - 7. Cost me an hour and 2.5 useless miles of walking.
o Re-learned - in dense veg, if you think you've gone far enough, you probably haven't. Cost me 79 points, but since I only had 8 minutes to spare at the end, bailing on it was the right choice. See segment south of lap 11. CP was on the pond just south of where I turned around.
o Played "don't eat me" with a big, unhappy dog (will always carry beef jerky henceforth)
o Finished with 8 minutes to spare.

Weather: Start - snow/sleet/sprinkles and 34f. Stayed cool most of day but no signif precip after first hour. Temp stayed in 30's and low 40's until late afternoon and then sun came out and it warmed up a little. Sun went down and it got cold fast.

Ground was soggy, most seasonal streams had water.

Clothing: UA Cold Gear compression top, light fleece, windshirt, SLOC O-shirt. Knit kevlar gloves. Compression shorts, hiking pants, O gaiters + Altra shoe-top gaiters. wright sox + phd smartwools. Lone Peak high top all-weather. Took off the wind shirt fairly early. Could have lost the fleece later in the day, but borderline, so I kept it on. Meant to take a trekking pole, but forgot it at home. Would have been nice for use deflecting thorny stuff (multiflora rose?), the stuff grows in great hairy patches on ridgetops and in some of the larger valleys.

Water and Fuel: There were several water drops on the northern part of the map, but only a single drop on the southern part (where I went). It was located such that you'd hit it early or really late.
Fortunately I'd grabbed a filter before leaving the house. Started with about a gallon in the bladder. Refilled from a small stream at the 6 hour mark. Did an ensure as I was leaving HQ, had a builder bar, 2 nutella/pbj/strawberry jam half sammies, a chicken/peas/carrots squeeze baby food pouch (can't really recommend), beef jerky, and 2 more 360 kcal ensures. And a cup of minestrone soup at the water stop (didn't need the water) towards the end of the day (lap 15).

The punch card: Had it pinned to a retractable ID Badge leash. It came undone. Realized it was missing just short of the next control. Backtracked most recent woods and decided just to press on, using the map case as a punch card. Rethought that strategy shortly after the first map-case-punch. The lost-card-leg was a massive grunt up from the last known possession, and then a long ridgetop bushwhack thru fairly thick veg and thorns. The ridge was narrow, so figured my odds were good, as long as someone else hadn't picked it up yet. Hadn't seen anyone, so again, thought my odds were good. Toughest part was locating exactly where I emerged from the woods onto the road, near the horse camp. I got lucky. Twice. I found the card AND it was at the top of the ridge.

Unfriendly big dog story: After wiffing the CP in the long, nasty-veg valley, I was doing a long road stretch which passed through some in-holdings. One of places, a beat up double-wide, with old vehicles, trash, and appliances strewn about the yard. About the time I see an empty dog house, a large dog appears. Not confined, deeply offended at my presence. Ran straight at me, teeth bared, hackles raised, super-aggressive. I stopped and waited, hoping in vain for the owner to show up. It got to within 5 feet and stopped, continuous growling and barking. It was pretty clear I wasn't getting past this dog, and it was between me and HQ. Then I remembered the beef jerky. I tossed a piece and the dog cautiously investigated. Couple more pieces and the dog was def interested. Still not letting me go by, but a plan was forming. I moved off into the grass on the 'not-his-side' of the street. It followed, so I threw another piece into the grass. It took a few seconds for dog to find. Next piece goes further away, longer to find. Meanwhile, I'm backing away from dog. A few more pieces and the dog is sufficiently distracted for me to slip away. Damn dog was still out when I drove by at 11pm. Chased the car. Running it over crossed my mind.

Thursday Apr 7 #

10 AM

Terrain 46:22 [3] 0.95 mi (48:48 / mi) +43m 42:46 / mi

Tuesday Apr 5 #

4 PM

Cycling 1:22:28 intensity: (3:34 @0) + (51:09 @1) + (27:45 @2) 16.95 mi (4:52 / mi) +209m 4:41 / mi
ahr:109 max:126 shoes: TacX NEO SmartBike

Watched most of die hard 3.

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