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Training Log Archive: sten

In the 7 days ending Sep 27, 2014:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 3:22:48 13.36(15:11) 21.5(9:26)29c
  Total2 3:22:48 13.36(15:11) 21.5(9:26)29c

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Saturday Sep 27, 2014 #

12 PM

Orienteering race (bush) 2:17:48 [4] *** 15.5 km (8:53 / km)
20c shoes: Mudclaw 300

WA long distance state championship at Spice Brook. My first time on this map. Still coughing up some phlegm in the morning and during the race, but just about healthy enough to finish the course. Started off well through the first four controls, but made a meal of #5. Thought it would be easy to pick the watercourse, but must have been a bit too far down and missed it (also means the clearing I thought I found was not the one mapped). Struggled to find a landmark to relocate on and ended up losing about 12 minutes on that leg.

On the way to #11 I bumped my left knee and didn't think it was too serious but it hurt while running. That really slowed me down for the rest of the course and by the end I was limping quite badly. In the first half I was about 35-40% behind the fastest split on the legs I did right, and in the second half that was more like 60% and down to 70-80% at the end. Saw someone going around on crutches near the end and wished I had some too. Further time losses on #11 (~4 minutes) where I couldn't make sense of the vegetation mapping, and on #16 (~2 minutes) where I thought I had drifted right when in fact I was a bit too far left.

Too bad I couldn't run the second half properly. Hard to say, but may have been close to tRicky (and third spot on the WA podium) if not for the knee injury. Knee felt much better when I got home, so may be ok tomorrow. Crossed fingers.

Sunday Sep 21, 2014 #

10 AM

Orienteering race (bush) 1:05:00 [4] *** 6.0 km (10:50 / km)
9c (sick) shoes: Mudclaw 300

H1 at Marginata. Woke up not feeling well but hoped it would pass and just signed up for H1 anyway. While I was running my nose started running too and I got a bit of a headache, but legs and lungs were fine. Missed #2 by not much but took a long time wandering until I got onto the rock surface just east of the control. When I got to #2, Oliver just got there too. We went to #3 together and then I lost him. I messed up #4 too by being one gully too far and when I came back to the right gully I saw tRicky and Ian Finnie coming in. Led them into #5. tRicky overtook and got out of sight on the long uphill leg through the green, but Ian just stuck to me no matter where I went. Saw tRicky again just coming into #6 but then he was gone for good. At #7 Oliver was there again. We were pretty much together until we started diverting a bit on the way to #9. My shadow Ian jumped onto Oliver's heels, but I got to #9 first and not wanting to give away its location I exited as fast as possible.

Very happy to be running alone again on the way to #10, through the gully I was expecting and onto a little rock surface. Up and down were suddenly the other way around from what I had imagined, but I figured my brain was just playing tricks with me. Couldn't find the smaller gully I was expecting but found another rock surface bigger than expected. The boulders beyond it didn't make much sense either. Only then I stopped and realised I had made a 180 error. My first ever 180! I was all the way in the south east of the map. Not feeling the best already I was never going to finish the course in time without D getting very worried, so I abandoned the course and walked back. Great timing to have such a nav disaster just a week before the nationals. Sick in bed the rest of the day.

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