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Training Log Archive: Anvil

In the 7 days ending Aug 22, 2010:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering6 3:56:54 16.49(14:22) 26.54(8:56) 305
  Running2 1:12:05 8.42(8:34) 13.55(5:19) 110
  Total8 5:08:59 24.91(12:24) 40.09(7:42) 415

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Sunday Aug 22, 2010 #

11 AM

Orienteering race 2:09:19 [3] 11.1 km (11:39 / km)
shoes: Salomens

COC Long Champs - The Barrens
Can't really say much more than what's already been said. Absolute cracker, ball tearer & diabolical area.
Didn't have a great run, started off too fast and not able to simplify, so slowed right down and was doing fine navigation the whole way.
Was going OK to 6, but stuffed the 2nd long leg by a lot. Tried to be clever (which is a look that rarely suits me) and take the shortest route between a million little lakes, but since the gaps were generally 1/2 metre beaver dams, it took a very long time, I dropped 5 minutes to Eric here and were were on par at #6.
Just plodded round after that, no real mistakes but never super accurate.
Funnily enough, the area most reminded me of Venice - it's the only other area where I've had a route where I've had to exit the control and travel in the opposite direction to the next control!

Saturday Aug 21, 2010 #

11 AM

Orienteering race 16:09 [5] 2.9 km (5:34 / km) +40m 5:13 / km
shoes: Adidas Adizero

COC Sprint Champs - NRC North
Another disappointing race. Wasn't focussed at the start and lost time on the first 3 forest controls.
Well overshot #1, expecting it to be further into the forest from the road - in actual fact it was on the edge of the forest. Lost 30-40 seconds here, could here my one minute man snapping branches in the forest behind me.
Then was flustered on #2, got to the circle OK, but was on the wrong edge of the impassable fence corner, so everything seemed 90 degrees out. About 10-15 secs lost.
Finally on #3, expected it to be visible from the road (since #1 was) and overshot it a little - another 10-15 secs lost.
Then it became relatively easy urban terrain. Not overly complex, just a lot of funny shaped buildings. Thought the course setting was very good through this middle section, from #5 to #13 there was route choice on each leg and the best route was never instantly obvious - so planning ahead was important.
Unfortunately all the good stuff had been used up by #13 and we were about 1km from the finish, so it was fairly straightforward to the end. I knew from the earlier mistakes I'd be well down the results, so my heart wasn't really in it.
Would have been quite a good result without those mistakes - I was never going to do Robbie's time of around 14:30, but would have easily been low to mid 15s, which would have put me around 2nd to 5th.

It's funny, before these events I thought it was going to be my running speed that was going to let me down, but it's been the opposite.
Looking forward to seeing what happens when the training can become more structured again

Friday Aug 20, 2010 #

1 PM

Orienteering race 43:08 [3] 4.8 km (8:59 / km) +115m 8:01 / km
shoes: La Sportiva Cross Lite

Canadian Middle Champs - Spreckley's Trails
Absolutely diabolical area, probably no more 15m height variation across the map, lots of light green & little hilltops, mounds, gullies and rock all over the place. In all honestly, the type of terrain I suck most at.
#1: Get right into the middle of the circle and just don't see the rock. Frantically look around until I notice a SportIdent box poking out... I'm sure that rock was camouflaged in the same manner as that walkway over the chasm from Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.
#2: Massive balls up, couldn't see a good route, so just decide to head south and tick off features. After about a minute I've not picked up a thing, so bail to the track to the west and attack from there. Then I go in too early, waste a minute or 2 misreading ponds and marshes. Bail out again and do it right. About 3-4 minutes wasted there.
Small time losses on #6, #13, #15 and #19 misreading the detail in the circle.
Could have been straighter on a few routes as well.
Not a great run, but not quite the disaster it could have been.

Thursday Aug 19, 2010 #

2 PM

Orienteering race 25:22 [4] 2.8 km (9:04 / km) +60m 8:11 / km
shoes: La Sportiva Cross Lite

COC Relays
Ran 3rd leg as a GVOC team with the elder Rennies'.
Started a bit down, but with lots of people to run down. Went out hard, first loop was pretty pointless, especially when you see the terrain to the north of the assembly they didn't use.
Solid through to #9, had passed about 7 or 8 teams, then I shanked #10 by 3.5 minutes. Had come out on the track exactly where planned, but convinced myself I'd come out too high and had to head 100m further down.
Pop in, there's rock and detail and a control that's not mine... Must be a split, can't be far away. Run round like a loser, see 3 people I pass head by, realise I must be way off and finally find the bugger.
Attempt to run down the guys that passed me, but it's no dice, make mistakes on #13 and #15 as well.
Not a great day, am gonna take tomorrow very conservatively...

Wednesday Aug 18, 2010 #

12 PM

Orienteering race 9:08 [4] 2.14 km (4:17 / km) +15m 4:08 / km
shoes: Adidas Adizero

Prologue for the Chase Sprint.
Super easy park course. Shot off quickly and was doing well, within seconds of the leaders at the spectator control.
Unfortunately came unstuck at #8, got tangled up with some traffic and lost contact and blew 25 seconds. Intensity dropped after that and lost some seconds on later controls (who puts the on the approach side of an impassable feature).
Ended up 47 secs behind the leader, but with about 5 guys within 10 secs in front of me, perfect for a chase.....
3 PM

Orienteering race 13:48 [5] 2.8 km (4:56 / km) +75m 4:21 / km
shoes: Adidas Adizero

Except that I never caught any of them! :)
Looking at the splits for the morning race, I was running faster than all the guys in front of me. So I assume I should be able to catch them during the chase, but they all slowly pull away from me as the course goes on.
I guess that confirms that I'm not the fastest runner, but my mad sprint navigation skillz balance that out a little.
Actually I did catch one guy, but I think he may have jumped one of the impassable fences as he finished in front of me - they weren't printed properly, so technically not illegal.
Not much navigation required, but I did pick the faster route choice towards the end of the course whilst the majority of the pack took the longer option - this did enable me to get back within striking distance, but not enough to gain any places. Fun races though, chasing sprints are awesome!

Tuesday Aug 17, 2010 #

12 PM

Running 31:00 [2] 6.05 km (5:08 / km)
shoes: Salomens

Easy out and back along the river after getting into Ottawa.
Didn't feel very good at all, sluggish and slow. Hopefully just a minor thing and I'll be ready to roll tomorrow.

Monday Aug 16, 2010 #

10 AM

Running 41:05 [3] 7.5 km (5:29 / km) +110m 5:06 / km
shoes: Salomens

Lake Laurentian Trails, Sudbury, ON
Was meant to be a network of trails here, but I could see any signage or maps at the trailhead so I just ran on everything I could find.
Quite nice, eventually found a signed snowshoe trail which was quite nice, although in places it was more of a less thick corridor through vegetation.
Nice forest, lots of bare rock knolls all over the place - would be great O terrain.
Found the ski trails as I drove out and investigated - totally overgrown, glad I never found them!

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